How to Decorate or Hide White Vinyl Fence

Looking for a way to hide that pesky vinyl fence? Look no further. This article will tell you exactly how to hide or decorate your white vinyl fence so that it doesn’t ruin the beauty of your garden.

Whether you want colorful solutions for decorative wall pieces or you just want to plant the right stuff to gradually cover the fence, there is a solution for you.

After a quick read of this article, you will have the inspiration and the ideas necessary to hide that fence in a way that perfectly matches the aesthetics of your garden. Now, onto the first solution.

How to Decorate or Hide White Vinyl Fence

Over the Panel Hooks to Hang Décor

The first solution to this problem is a classic way to decorate your fence. Simply hang up some over-the-panel hooks and hang decorations on them. Whether you choose to hang garden tools or décor, this could be a beautiful way to make your garden look more put together.

You could hang your gardening tools such as a shovel or a hoe. You could even buy a set of gardening tools just for decoration, but using your original set is also perfect. You could also use the over-the-panel hooks to hang decorations, such as a lantern. Whether it lights up or not is your choice, you could just use a decorative one.

Another way to use these hooks would be to hang a pot. Get a colorful pot and plant something in it, and then hang it on the hooks for decoration. This would be a great way to add some color to your white fence. You want to make sure you are adding color.

Decorative Lights

One way you can add do to add a decorative touch to your fence is by adding some lights. There are many ways you could go about this. For starters, you could add some garden light posts in any given size in from of the fencing in the garden. This would add some depth and bring the attention away from the bland fence.

On another hand, you could also get string light and weave them all around the top of the fences. This could be a great touch to your garden, and there are many other lights you could use as well. You could even use the over-the-panel hooks to add lanterns or any other light fixture of your choice. The options for this one really are endless, it all depends on what type of light fixture works best for what you want.

Another thing that would work is adding pot lights right in front of the fence. This could go hand in hand with adding wall pieces onto the fence, the pot lights would showcase what you add. Adding pot lights in between plants growing in front of the fence could also be a favorable look.

Plant Tall Plants

This next one could be a bit more time-consuming, but it could be your new way of covering up that pesky fence. Planting plants that grow upwards right in front of your fence so that they gradually grow to cover the fence. Purchasing plants that are already grown a bit cold help you cover up your fence in no time. This method is a more natural way to cover up the fence. This way it just looks like your plants are naturally covering the fence rather than trying to distract with décor. There are some specific plants that could do this really well, such as arborvitaes or Japanese holly.

No matter the plants you choose, just make sure to plant them close enough to cover the fence so that when they grow, they can seamlessly cover the fence. This way, you’ll have the look of a beautiful wild garden where the plants even grow overtop the fences.

Mounted Shelves

Another option for covering up your vinyl fence is mounting shelves onto the fence and placing decorations on them. This is a little bit more work than some of the other options on the list, however it may be worth it to spruce up your garden.

What you choose to put on your shelves is entirely up to you. You could put little garden statues on them. These statues could be anything, from birds to gnomes to squirrels. You could also place some gardening tools or even gloves, much like what was suggested for the hooks.

You could put anything on these shelves, it’s really up to you. Whatever would suit your garden and your style is perfect to sit on a little mounted shelf.

On another note, you could also use a hanging shelf instead of a mounted shelf. This could create a completely different vibe and might just do the trick in covering up the fence. Whatever you choose could really change up the vibe overall.


This is a more radical option and is more of a transformation of the fence rather than decorating it. If you want to change up the look of your fencing, try painting it a new color. You could use spray paint or acrylic paint and create a whole new look for your fencing by painting it a new color.

This is a bit of a project, as you will need someone willing to paint your fence. Another thing to note is that the paint may fade over time, especially if the fence is facing the sun. But, if you end up not liking the paint, you could always paint it white again or get a paint remover.

You could paint your fence and also add the décor previously mentioned to add even more vibrance to your fence. But make sure you paint the fence a color that suits your garden and doesn’t stand out too much. This one takes a bit more work than others, but it could very well be worth it to create an attractive new look for your fence.

Hanging Flowers and Birdfeeders

Another great way to add some character to a boring white fence is to add hanging objects such as flower baskets or birdfeeders. These would make a great addition to your garden and would add some life to the parts with the fence.

Adding the birdfeeder could be a great touch to your garden, and could hopefully attract some birds. Pairing this with a hanging flower basket and your garden will look much more well-rounded in no time.

You could go for some colorful flowers to act as an accent to your garden, or you could add a pretty birdfeeder. Both could be a great touch to your garden and would effectively cover up the fence.  whether you choose to go for flowers, birdfeeders or both, this could add some much-needed color to that fence.

Flat Wall Décor

This final option is yet another way to add some vibrancy and color to your fence. You could add any number of different wall décor pieces to add color and depth to your fence. For example, adding a large star shaped wall piece could add a lot to the space.

You could also add different colored wall pieces for another way to add color and life to your fence. Adding décor of different shapes and sizes (such as wall décor in the shape of a phrase, the previously mentioned star hanging piece, etc.) can really bring your fence to life rather than just having it plain.

There are so many options for this one as there are so many different wall décor pieces you could hang up, each one giving a unique touch.


Overall, there are many different ways you can add some intrigue to a plain, boring white fence. It simply just requires a little bit of work and creativity and suddenly you have a whole new garden.

You don’t need to live with a fence you don’t like, there are solutions. Simple fixes such as hanging wall pieces and flower baskets can create a whole new vibe. Whatever you choose to do with your fence is up to you, decorate however you see fit.

With these helpful tips, your garden will be brought to life instead of growing dull as a result of your fence. It will take some work, but it is very much worth it to spruce up your garden. No matter what method you choose, your garden has so much potential, a white fence is no match for these tips.

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