Honda Hrx217 Review

The Honda Hrx217 is a highly-end efficient lawnmower and is pretty easy to operate given the infinite speed levels designed to complement the grass level and consequently react to the amount of drag. They say that you get what you pay for, a fact that applies specifically well to the Honda Hrx217 given that it … Read more

best lawn mower under 200

Not everyone can afford the popular riding lawn mowers or the self-propelled mowers since you’ll need to save up a lot before you can get one for yourself. But if you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful, you’ll need a great lawn mower and the best lawn mower under $200 will definitely do the … Read more

Best Lawn Mower for Racing

Lawn mowers are machines that help to make your work of cutting grass easier, but you can also use them for racing on the dirt track. Lawn mower racing can be a great adrenaline-pumping sport and a great pastime and with the best lawn mower for racing, you can put your dreams into reality. The … Read more

How Many Hours do Riding Mowers Last

To be very, honest riding lawn mowers are major investments. I totally understand when someone frequently asks themselves how long a mower would last especially after breaking the bank to acquire it. Well, this is not a reason to panic though. This is because most manufacturers nowadays are working day in day out to provide … Read more

Best Lawn Mowers for Half Acre

With a half- acre lawn to mow, you definitely don’t need the largest sized lawn mower in the market. However, you definitely need a more compact lawn mower that will allow easy navigation.  A half-acre lawn is not very large to be honest, as it is usually pretty narrow and may have a few obstacles. … Read more