How to  Hang or Attach Things to a Vinyl Fence

Looking to spruce up your vinyl fence? Adding cute little hangings and decorations adds such a great touch to any fence. But what if you don’t know how to hang them up? You want to do what’s best for your fence, but you also want to be able to make it your own.

Look no further. Here, we will go over every way you can hang and attach things to your fence. You will find a method that works for you. Soon enough, you’ll be decorating your fence to the best of your ability!

How to Hang or Attach Things to a Vinyl Fence

Command Hooks

One of the easiest methods for hanging things in general, Command Hooks are easy to install and even easier to remove. If you aren’t too sure where you want your hangings to go, it might be wise to go with Command Hooks. This method could also be helpful to those who want to change their fence hangings regularly.

Command Hooks are, as previously mentioned, easy to attach. Simply peel off the paper on the back of a hook and stick it in your desired spot. They’re just as easy to remove; all you have to do is peel them off and re-stick them.

If applied correctly, Command Hooks shouldn’t leave any residue on your fence, so you’re free to add and remove them as you choose. These are great for hanging décor, many people use them in university dorms or bedrooms to hang coats or wall hangings.

The greatest thing about using Command Hooks on your fence is that you can put them anywhere. If you want to hang things lower, higher, to one side or the other. Any way you wish to rearrange things, these hooks will provide. Needless to say, they will work great for your fence.

Wire Hooks

Another idea that works just as well would be using wire hooks to decorate. You can take one and hang it over the top of your fence. This is another method that leaves a lot of room to the imagination because you can add and remove these hooks as much as you like.

One more plus about this method is that these wire hooks tend to be cheaper than typical Command Hooks. These are great for hanging things like flower baskets or other hanging plants. They are even easier than Command Hooks to remove and add.

The only possible downside of these ones is since they aren’t adhesive, they would have to be hung on the top of the fence. This can limit your decorating abilities when compared to the other methods. However, if you just want to hang baskets or flowers or anything else that hangs, this is a good option. It’s just something to keep in mind.

The best thing about these hooks, however, is possibly their durability. They are meant to be outside, so they would work perfectly.

Siding Hooks

Siding hooks are another great option for your fence decorating. They are quite easy to install, and they go almost completely unnoticed. All you have to do is push them into place and then you have the perfect hook.

These could also be combined with the wire hooks if you’re looking to put stuff on the top and middle of the fence. For example, you could use the wire hooks to hang something on the top of the fence. Then, you could add in a few siding hooks and slide in a couple of decorations.

The possibilities are a little more limited with these, as they need to be stuck in place near a seam of the vinyl. With that being said, they’re still a great option for attaching things to your fence. You just have to try and make them work best for you.

Drill Screws into the Fence

One other way you could go about attaching things to your fence would be to drill screws into it. This is sometimes not recommended; however, it can work. But keep in mind the consequences if you don’t succeed at drilling your fence.

You could potentially ruin your fence or leave a big gaping hole in it. So yes, drilling into a vinyl fence is very possible, and you could use the method to hang and attach things to your fence. However, it isn’t recommended to do this as a first choice. If you have tried other methods and they didn’t work, maybe go ahead and try them. Either way, just be careful not to ruin your fence.

Can You Screw into Vinyl Fence?

Yes, you can drill into a vinyl fence. Many people carry with them the misconception that vinyl is too delicate to drill into. This is completely untrue. It really isn’t any different than drilling into wood.

While this may be true, it’s still important to exercise caution when preparing to drill into a vinyl fence. Make sure you have the right screws, for instance. White aluminum screws are highly recommended when working with vinyl. Just make sure you have the proper materials and don’t jeopardize the fence.

It’s always wise to be careful when using a drill, and in this case even more.

In Conclusion

No matter what you want to hang on your fence, you’re going to want to make sure you do it the right way. Hanging things up doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to have the proper resources. Using peel-and-stick materials such as Command Hooks lead to a lot of versatility, whereas wire hooks are standard in their use.

It’s important to think about how you want to decorate your fence and what you plan on attaching to it. This way, you can more easily decipher which hooks are best for your situation. Regardless of your choice, make sure that you’re mindful when attaching the hooks, especially in the case of screwing in hooks. Always be mindful of your fence. If you do this, you’ll have a beautifully decorated fence in no time.

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