About Us

Hi, Reader of the blog. First of all I’d like to thank you reading our blogs. From wherever you found us. Be it from google, facebook or pineterest. It could be your first time or you have been here for quite some time. Trust me, I could not be more grateful!

About Me.

Hi  i am Jennifer. I learned about lawn care watching my parents work on yard while I grew up. Everything i write on Thankyourlawn is based on my own personal experience, science based facts and offcourse other reviews of other lawn care enthusiast throughout both internet and real life.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Behind each and every blog post that goes on this site, there is tremendous amount of time dedicated to research. Afterthat, we take the information and make into an article that is helpful and easy to digest. Final step would be to edit and fact check everything and finaly publish to our site.