When Does St. Augustine Grass Go Dormant?

St. Augustine grass thrives in most soils, shaded areas, and in hot climates by the seaside. Being one of the tolerant grass species, St. Augustine’s blue and green blades create a dense turf that spreads easily and quickly. However, some instances can make a St. Augustine lawn go dormant. St. Augustine grass goes dormant when … Read more

Will Bermuda Grass take over Weeds

Bermuda grass is a warm-season perennial turfgrass that grows well in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. It can actually be considered a weed, but you can cultivate it to make a smart-looking lawn, and it will overpower most weed species – though not all. Therefore if you are growing Bermuda grass, it’s good to develop … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pine Needles on Grass

Evergreen pine trees are beautiful, but the pine needles can be challenging to get rid of, especially if you have a couple of trees in your yard. Trees tend to shed off old needles from the inner part of the branches  as they age. Unfortunately, the wind doesn’t help clean up the pine needles, and … Read more

How To Keep Weeds Out Of A Playground

Home landscaping can definitely be a fun challenge, especially when the whole family is involved. Besides saving up thousands of dollars, setting up a playground on your own is a rewarding experience. However, maintenance can become more complicated than installing it; without the proper guidance, that is! One of the most common problems for playgrounds … Read more

Can You Fertilize on Top of Mulch?

The straight answer to this question is – yes, you can fertilize on top of mulch. Yet, there are some factors to consider, such as the type of fertilizer you are using and how fast your type of mulch decomposes.  As well, timing is crucial when you apply fertilizer to different kinds of mulch – … Read more

How to keep Grass from Growing Under Fence

Having your lawn maintained and looking neat is every homeowner’s dream, but what’s daunting is discovering that you have grass growing under your fence.  It’s more frustrating when your lawnmower can’t reach this grass.  Keeping grass from growing under the fence may require you to use a weed eater or treat the vegetation with a … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pampas Grass

Did you know that pampas grass grows between 6-10 feet tall and can quickly spread and get out of control? Pampas grass is considered ornamental in some areas due to its low maintenance and ability to grow where other plants cannot.  Homeowners use this grass to hide ugly fences, mark property lines, or act as … Read more

What Temperature Is Too Cold to Water Grass?

As fall approaches, temperatures start to drop, and you might be wondering, is it too cold to water my grass? Indeed, if it’s too cold, your lawn will end up freezing, which can damage it or even kill it sometimes. Yet grass is quite the resilient plant species, and it can bounce back from freezing … Read more