Grass Clippings as Mulch – Pros and Cons

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden requires a fair amount of time and effort, including deciding which mulch to use. If you’ve recently started dabbling in the world of garden care, you may have noticed that people seem to be pretty divided on whether or not grass clippings make for good mulch. In this article, … Read more

Does Mulch Decompose?

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Should You Apply Milorganite Before Rain?

With spring rolling around soon, you may be starting the process of getting your lawn ready for this year. That includes fertilizer, and not just deciding on which kind, but also when to apply it. If you’ve already decided on the tried and true Milorganite but are still unsure about exactly when to use it, … Read more

How to Keep Mulch from Blowing Away

Keeping the mulch in place in your garden is the key to having a well-kept garden. Weather like wind, rain, and foot traffic can cause the mulch to drift away from your garden beds, especially the loose-textured mulch. During strong winds and heavy rains, some type of mulch has a hard time staying in place. … Read more

How deep does grass roots grow?

Establishing a beautiful, lush green turf takes a lot of work and patience. Seeding, watering, fertilizing, and weeding is part of the process and a great way of promoting healthy lawn growth. However, all that work may be for nothing if your grass doesn’t have deep roots. Without deep roots your grass can easily get … Read more

How Long Does it Take Granular Fertilizer to Work

Adding fertilizer to your lawn or garden is a process that is precise depending on whether you’re planting grass, veggies, or fruits. Fertilizer helps your lawn and plants to grow big and strong and gives them a boost of important nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. The decomposition rate will vary if you’re using an … Read more

How to Raise PH in Soil with Baking Soda

It’s important to have the right pH levels in your soil to have healthy plants. The level of acidity or alkalinity in your garden can affect the availability of essential nutrients your plants need to grow healthy. That’s why it’s important to know your garden’s soil pH levels before planting anything. Most plants do well … Read more