How Much Water Per Gallon of Soil

Plants are made up of 90% water, but how much water should you use per gallon of soil? That’s one of the questions most people struggle with. Underwatering your plants could stunt growth, and excessive watering could result in fertilizer leaching and destroying your plants. You need to maintain the right water supply, but this … Read more

Do Oak Trees Make Soil Acidic?

A beautiful tree with equally stunning leaves, oak trees add magnificence to any area they grow in. If you’re lucky enough to have one on your property, you’ve probably admired its beauty; despite all the leaves it does tend to drop.  While it’s well worth it to have to rake up the leaves, you may … Read more

How To Sterilize Soil So Nothing Will Grow

Like many gardening enthusiasts, you probably spend a fair amount of time tending to all the various things that you’re currently growing. Whether edible, just for decoration, or a mix of both, your garden is a wonderful reflection of all the time and effort you’ve awarded it with.  However, what isn’t an accurate reflection are … Read more

Grass Clippings as Mulch – Pros and Cons

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden requires a fair amount of time and effort, including deciding which mulch to use. If you’ve recently started dabbling in the world of garden care, you may have noticed that people seem to be pretty divided on whether or not grass clippings make for good mulch. In this article, … Read more

Does Mulch Decompose?

If you’re someone who enjoys the process of growing and maintaining a beautiful yard or garden, chances are you’re familiar with mulch and all the benefits it brings. Maybe you’ve already gone through the process of selecting and spreading your chosen mulch and are now wondering what comes next. If you’re curious about all the … Read more

Should You Apply Milorganite Before Rain?

With spring rolling around soon, you may be starting the process of getting your lawn ready for this year. That includes fertilizer, and not just deciding on which kind, but also when to apply it. If you’ve already decided on the tried and true Milorganite but are still unsure about exactly when to use it, … Read more

How to Keep Mulch from Blowing Away

Keeping the mulch in place in your garden is the key to having a well-kept garden. Weather like wind, rain, and foot traffic can cause the mulch to drift away from your garden beds, especially the loose-textured mulch. During strong winds and heavy rains, some type of mulch has a hard time staying in place. … Read more