Is Well Water Bad For Plants

For plant-lovers hoping to avoid steep municipal water fees, using a well to water your plants can be an excellent option. Nevertheless, watering your plants with well water is not as easy as it sounds. Well water can often carry large quantities of minerals and other contaminants from the environment that can impose severe damage … Read more

How Long Can You Store Rainwater For Plants?

Switching to using rainwater for your plants is both an eco-friendly and also cost-effective idea. Not only that, but rainwater is also much better for your plants compared to tap water, which has additives that make it safe for human consumption, although not ideal for plants. If you’re considering making the switch from tap to … Read more

How Long does Avid Stay in Plants?

The same way you have a food chain in an animal eco-system is the same with a plant eco-system. Some insects and pests can cause serious damage to the plants while others the plants can’t do without. So the avid broad-spectrum insecticide helps to destroy all the predators in the plant ecosystem. Most gardeners use … Read more