Why Are There So Many Birds in My Yard?

Like any animal within the animal kingdom, birds like food and a place to stay. For instance, if your yard is filled with trees, insects, and fruits, you’ll see more of them. By attracting so many birds to your yard, you’ll have a natural insect repellent in exchange for fewer plants and crops.

Why Are There So Many Birds in My Yard?

The reason why your yard is filled with birds is that your garden provides shelter for them. Having plants and trees will attract birds because they can find food via plants while building their nests on tree branches. If birds are a major concern, consider removing some of the foliage in your yard. 

Different types of plants attract different types of birds. For instance, grow daylilies, glossy abelia, and burning brush if you want to attract hummingbirds. To attract bluebirds, grow cranberry bushes and winterberries. Redbirds can be attracted via white milo and sunflower seeds. 

Reasons Why There Are So Many Worms In My Yard

Worms are attracted to yards with healthy soil and organic materials. Soil with natural pH levels and proper nutrients will bring more worms to your yard. They also enjoy moist soil, so you’re less likely to find worms in your yard if there is a drought. 

If you’ve ever worked on a construction project, you’ll notice an increase in worms because you’re disrupting their natural habitat. While worms might appear annoying at first, it is a sign that you have organic and sustainable soil. 

Unless you’re experiencing an infestation of worms, there’s no reason to remove them. The best way to get worms out of your yard is through birds. Birds view them as a food source and will fly around and eat them if they spot them in your yard. 

Since worms are an essential part of our ecosystem, there are no products available that can get rid of them. Another way to clear your garden of worms is to make sure you’re not overwatering it. This will create a good environment for your yard while the bird’s aid in population control. 

What Attracts Birds To Your Yard?

Shaded Areas

Unlike insects (who tend to fly around lightbulbs), lights can scare birds away. Birds like to live in dark areas as it allows them to care for their offspring while having a place to hide. They also like dark areas because they can get proper rest and a place to land after flying throughout the day.

Turning off backyard lights can aid millions of birds during bird migration season. Light pollution causes birds to nest early and migrate early. This leads to the adult birds breeding earlier while the offspring has a limited supply of food. 


While termites can be dangerous, they will attract birds to your garden. In termite swarming season, a myriad of termites will swarm new areas to create a new colony. Thousands of birds will fly around to catch termites during the swarming day. 

If there is a termite colony in your backyard, birds will visit in an attempt to obtain food. This is a good thing because, without birds, the termites can cause damage to the trees and wood lying around your yard. 


Food is a quick way to have a flock of birds in your yard. If your yard has multiple food sources available, try removing them to reduce the number of birds within the area. Larvae, earthworms, and insects are attractive food sources for them, and you can expect more birds if they are present.

Having frequent bird visits in your garden is a natural way of pest control. Some people tend to create bird feeders to attract birds. However, this can hinder their ability to look for food in the wild. 

Are many birds good or bad thing in my yard?

Birds can be a great addition to your yard. They reduce the number of pests and insects around the area. For bird watchers, having birds in your yard makes it easier for you to view them and enjoy their company. 

In fact, hummingbirds and other small birds aid in pollinating your plants. Finches and sparrows will eat weed seeds scattered around the garden for weed control. This can be a great way to reduce the weeds in your garden, allowing your grass and plants to grow faster. 

However, too many birds can be a bad idea if you are trying to grow crops. If you’re trying to grow berries, birds will fly and eat them without hesitation. So try to repel birds if they threaten your farming process. 

Birds can be very annoying if not managed properly. For example, a large flock of birds can be loud and disrupt your daily activities. Watch out for woodpeckers because they can harm your house or wooden structures in your yard. 

On the other hand, birds are an important piece of our ecology. So having a few birds in the yard is a great form of pest control and keeping your grass in good condition. 


How To Keep Birds Away From Your Yard

Use Insecticides

If you reduce the number of food sources and insects, fewer birds will live in your yard. Insecticides can be used to remove larvae and insects. The only drawback is that insecticides can disrupt the ecological balance within your garden. 

Sonic Bird Repellers

Birds hate loud sounds as they will repel them from your yard. Sonic bird repellers work by making loud sounds in a certain direction. Aim the repeller in the bird’s direction and press the push-liver button to use them. 

As a result, birds will fly away from your yard. In some cases, they might remember the sound and stop flocking to your yard in the long term. 

Balloons and Dolls

Hang up snake dolls, owls, or scarecrows to scare away birds. Make sure to place them in different areas of your yard to prevent them from sneaking in. 

Birds are animals who navigate via eyesight. And owls and snakes are their natural predators, and even a decoy will make them leave your yard. This is a great option if you want a cheap and cost-effective way to repel birds from your yard. 

Bird Repellent Tape 

Bird repellent tape can be used to get birds out of your yard. The tapes reflect sunlight and have a shiny appearance. When used, the birds will be confused by the reflection and avoid entering the area. 


To conclude, birds will come to your yard if you have excessive plants and trees lying around. Birds are a great way to reduce insects, but they will make it difficult to grow your own crops. Bring in a natural predator, use a few bird traps, or use a decoy to scare them off.


Why Are There So Many Blackbirds In My Yard?

Like any bird species, blackbirds are attracted to food and shelter. You’ll find multiple blackbirds in your yard because they fly as a group to search for food. During the winter season, the blackbirds will move in a large groups, having over 5,000 of them flying at once. 

If you don’t want them in your yard, cut off their food supply. This could mean removing plants or fruits that they are attracted to. You’ll have a reduced chance of blackbirds invading the area by doing this. 

Why Are There So Many Dead Birds In My Yard?

If you’re noticing a flock of dead birds in your yard, it could be due to window collisions, diseases, or natural predators. Birds can crash onto your window in the daytime because they see the tree’s reflection. During the night, the chances of them dying are reduced, but they can still collide with a window due to the light reflection. 

To avoid this problem, create vertical markings with a 4-inch gap. The horizontal markings should have a 2-inch gap and be drawn outside the windows. Alternatively, you can use A.B.C. bird tape, decals, screens, or zen curtains to prevent the birds from crashing into your windows. 

Why Are There So Many Dead Baby Birds in My Yard?

Dead baby birds can indicate that they were born in bad living conditions. If they are born too early, they won’t have a sufficient food source to help them grow. Because of this, they can die prematurely. 

Adult birds raise their offspring during seasons where food is abundant. However, they can migrate and breed early due to light pollution. Once the baby birds are hatched, the lack of food can lead to severe problems. 

Other factors such as climate change and massive urbanization can affect the baby birds’ mortality rate. They can also die due to severe illness. If you see a dead baby bird in your yard, it’s best to wear safety gear to remove them because it might be infected. 

To remove them, wear hand gloves and a protective mask. After the process, sanitize the equipment to prevent it from being infected.

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