How to Keep Grass from Growing Under Fence

Having your lawn maintained and looking neat is every homeowner’s dream, but what’s daunting is discovering that you have grass growing under your fence.  It’s more frustrating when your lawnmower can’t reach this grass.  Keeping grass from growing under the fence may require you to use a weed eater or treat the vegetation with a … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pampas Grass

Did you know that pampas grass grows between 6-10 feet tall and can quickly spread and get out of control? Pampas grass is considered ornamental in some areas due to its low maintenance and ability to grow where other plants cannot.  Homeowners use this grass to hide ugly fences, mark property lines, or act as … Read more

What Temperature Is Too Cold to Water Grass?

As fall approaches, temperatures start to drop, and you might be wondering, is it too cold to water my grass? Indeed, if it’s too cold, your lawn will end up freezing, which can damage it or even kill it sometimes. Yet grass is quite the resilient plant species, and it can bounce back from freezing … Read more

Can You Pour Concrete Over Grass?

Deciding on new landscaping ideas for your property is always fun and exciting, but it also comes with more planning, and little bumps in the road along the way than most probably wish for.  Unfortunately, most of the time, it isn’t as simple as just deciding on an idea and executing it on the same … Read more

How to Kill Weeds in Dormant Bermuda

Anyone who has Bermuda grass in their lawn knows what it looks like when it goes dormant. The name suggests a warm, inviting, tropical climate, which is exactly where it’s known to thrive. But in the colder months and seasons, first-timers may panic when they start to notice all their grass appearing, well, dead. After … Read more

Simazine vs Atrazine

Both simazine and atrazine are herbicides, and both belong to the tirazene class of nitrogen-containing compounds. Crops are sprayed with either. Yet despite their similar names and chemistry, the two herbicides have some differences. To provide a good idea of what distinguishes the two, this comparison will explain the herbicides’ main properties and uses as … Read more

Does Milorganite Smell

Since it is made of processed sewage, whether Milorganite smells is a reasonable question to ask before choosing it as a fertilizer. Such origins also raise adjacent questions about Milorganite’s safety and usage standards. This review will answer these queries so you can make an informed decision about how/when to use the product. It will … Read more

How To Dry Up A Wet Yard

It is the rainy season here, which means it is also the season for muddy foot- and dog prints all over the house. With two kids and a dog, our home is not the tidiest of houses. During the rainy season, however, it gets even worse. Even if we, by some miracle, manage to prevent … Read more

What Weeds Does Atrazine Kill?

Herbicides have been the subject of much controversy in the past few decades, particularly after the release of Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbot’s documentary The Corporation, which set its sights for most of its runtime on the agrochemical company Monsanto’s lack of ethics. At the center of the controversy lies Atrazine, a widely used herbicide … Read more