How to Cut Grass Around Above Ground Pool (Step by Step)

If you thought a pool was a good idea, only to realize how much work setting it up was, you’re in good company. Many people buy above-ground pools, only to realize how hard they are to maintain. If you’re among them, this article will teach you how to mow around your pool—and how to make it so that you never have to mow around it again.

Steps to Cut Grass Around an Above-Ground Pool

Are you ready to start cutting grass? We have steps, but before you start, please be sure that you have done Step 0.

Step 1: Make Sure the Grass Beneath Your Pool Is Dead.

Before you buy your pool, you must make sure your pool will not be resting on your lawn. You should only build your pool after you have cleared a plot for it. Concrete is best, but almost anything is preferable to grass. Grass will die, rot, and lead to an unpleasant, manure-like smell beneath your new pool.

The main exception to “anything is better than grass” is mulch. Do not put mulch around your pool. It has similar risks as grass, but the rotting mulch will also acidify the soil. Rubber mulch is fine. Rocks are considered the best material as a border for your pool.

Step 2: Mow VERY CAREFULLY Around Your Pool

You can mow around your above-ground pool, but you must be very careful. Mow so that your clippings (and any other debris) do not fly into the pool. Grass clippings can introduce chemicals and algae into your pool, so mow with a bag and remove any stray clippings after mowing.

Many above-ground pool owners do not mow around their pools at all. They use other methods of weed and grass removal and have replaced the grass with something else entirely.

Step 3: Trim the Grass Around Your Pool’s Edge with Hand Shears.

Next, trim the grass around your pool using hand shears. Do not use a weed whacker; it will damage your pool. Even if you mow, chances are you will miss plant life hiding around the very edge of your pool, so you will need to rim or hand-pick them regardless.

Step 4: Hand-Pick Any Stray Weeds or Grasses

You do not want any green around your pool, so it’s time to get down and dirty. The next step is to pick out any weeds by hand. Even the best trim job won’t get everything.

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Step 5: Use Herbicide

Another option is to destroy whatever plants remain via chemicals. Use whichever herbicide you prefer to eliminate any spots of green that remain. If you want to regrow your lawn, avoid harsh herbicides and use something like vinegar or lemon juice to kill the plants instead.

Step 6: Use Weed Blocker

Possibly an alternative to the herbicide, you can also use a weed blocker/barrier to kill any remaining grass or weeds around your pool. Cut slits in the fabric so that it fits around your pool’s frame perfectly, and staple it down so that it hugs the area.

Step 7: Put Stones Around Your Pool.

Whether you want a pebbly edge or a stone walkway, stones are an excellent way to decorate the area around your pool while also inhibiting grass growth. Your border should be 6”–12.” Combine with weed blocker for best results.

If you like, you can also add decorative plants to the border of stones. Do not choose anything that will send debris into your pool!


Many people do not recognize how much maintenance an above-ground pool requires. For example, you must remove all the grass beneath your pool before you buy it! Fewer people still realize how hard it is to mow around a pool. You have to be very careful when you mow. Make sure that your lawnmower won’t spew grass clippings into the pool water, and remove any nearby clippings, just in case.

Mowing around an above-ground pool can be such a hassle that most pool owners won’t mow at all. They will instead use methods such as hand shears to trim grass and weeds down, as well as herbicides or weed cloth to kill any remaining plant life. After that, stones (either pebbles or larger decorative rocks) are preferred around the edge of the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put an Above-Ground Pool Directly on Grass?

The short answer is “no.” The grass beneath it will die. When the grass beneath a pool dies, it smells like feces. It is best to pave over the area where you want to put your pool. At least make sure the grass is thoroughly dead.

What Do You Put Around the Edge of an Above-Ground Pool?

Even if you can’t have real grass around the edge of your above-ground pool, you can still give it decorative edging. Try rocks and potted plants.

Do I Have to Remove Grass for an Above-Ground Pool?

Yes. Kill and rake the grass beneath where you want to put your pool. If you do not, the grass beneath your pool will die and begin to decompose. For best results, pave over the area for your future pool.

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