How to Landscape Around an Above Ground Pool

If you’ve got an above-ground pool, chances are you’ve struggled with how to landscape the surrounding area of your pool. It can be hard to determine what’s best for your yard with something so big in the middle of it. Whether to go for rocks bordering the pool or simply leave landscaping fabric, we will be covering all the different ways you can landscape around your above ground pool.

Landscaping around a pool of any kind can be difficult, but managing the space around an above-ground pool has that extra layer of difficulty. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have no idea how you could customize the space around your pool without sacrificing the overall look of your yard, let this article serve as a style guide for all the possible ways you could landscape the surrounding area of your pool.

Landscaping Fabric

Now, it can sometimes look alright to simply have grass surrounding your pool, but if you want to take it a step farther, use landscape fabric. Placing some landscape fabric in the surrounding area of your pool and then planting something small around it can really spruce up your yard.

Even just placing the fabric can do a lot, you don’t even have to plant anything. Simply placing down some landscape fabric around your pool will make everything look a bit more put together, as the fabric prevents most weeds from growing.

If you would prefer not to plant anything over the landscape fabric, there are other options that may suit you. After placing some of the fabric, you could place mulch, rocks, or any other ground cover. They will be free of weeds and remain to look pristine as a result of placing the fabric. This is a simple way you can spruce up the area around your above-ground pool.

Ground Cover

We discussed a bit in the last section the use of ground covers such as mulch or rocks to cover up some of the plain grass around your pool. In this section, we will explore the other ways you can use ground cover to shake things up.

You could make a border of rocks, mulch, or any other ground cover of your choosing around the pool. Whether you decide to make a larger border or a smaller border is up to you. However, if you choose to expand by creating a larger border, this would be a great opportunity to plant some stuff around your pool.

There are many possible ways you could use ground cover to decorate the area around your pool. For example, if you have mulch elsewhere in your yard, it could look really put together if you added some around the pool.


Another great option for spicing up the area around an above-ground pool is to add some lights. Whether you go for installing pot lights or garden lights, this can add some much-needed depth to your landscaping job.

Going hand in hand with the previous option, you could add a perimeter of mulch and plant something. Then, you could add in a few pot lights or garden lights to bring everything together. This could be a really great look for your yard, and you could also add lights throughout the whole yard to further bring everything together.

Gardening Around Your Pool

We have discussed briefly the idea of adding some plants in the surrounding area of the pool. But what if you went the extra mile and did some gardening around your pool?

You could make a border around the perimeter out of mulch and landscape fabric and plant some plants a little farther out. This could be a really great touch for your yard as a whole. Whatever you choose to plant, make sure that it’s a decent distance from the edge of the pool, you need to make sure the plants won’t get splashed or trampled.

Building Around Your Pool

Another great way to create a space around your pool that suits your landscaping job is to create a path of stone slaps or wood around the pool. This could stretch around the entire perimeter of the pool or could also just be surrounding the front patch.

Wherever you decide to put it, your path could end up leading to the ladder of your pool, or alternatively, you could build a set of stairs against the pool. This idea requires quite a bit more work, but building beautiful wooden stairs for your pool could really tie together your yard, especially if it suits your back deck.

This idea could go in any direction you want it to. You could add some stone slabs leading up to your pool’s stairs or ladder. You could also build stairs and attach them to the pool, whatever you do is completely up to you.

Building a Deck Around Your Pool

This is by far the most elaborate idea. It could potentially be very pricey and is more of a commitment than some of the other methods on this list. However, it may be the right thing for your pool. The idea is that you could build a deck around the circumference of your pool.

This one is more of a project than the others, but if you have the means to make it happen, it could be a perfect way to tie in your pool with the overall vibe of your yard. Building a deck with stairs that makes it level with the pool makes for a more convenient way to get in and out of the pool, and plus you can also add some chairs or towels and hang out right outside your pool!

This is a bigger commitment, but it could turn out really great. If you think this could be the right move for your pool, go for it. It’s been done before, and it looks so stunning. Getting inspiration from others for this especially can be really helpful, as there are many different styles you could go for.

Pinterest Some Ideas

When all else fails and you have no idea how to landscape your yard with an above-ground pool, go to the internet for answers. If you’re here reading this article, chances are you’ve already tried this. However, after reading this article it may be beneficial to take a quick scan through Pinterest or a similar site. There is plenty of yard inspiration there, and you can really see the ideas listed here come to life in pictures.

Overall, taking a look at what others have done in a similar situation could be helpful for you if you have no idea how anything would look. Seeing the ideas that you might have come to life can really help when it comes to landscaping. When in doubt, check the internet for ideas.

In Conclusion

As we have discussed, there are many different ways to incorporate an above-ground pool in your landscaping plans, some more complicated than others. Overall, it’s completely up to you what you choose to do with your yard.

However, it can be very beneficial to see what others are doing with their pools to get ideas for yours. Some landscaping jobs are bigger than others, and if you decide to go big and build yourself a patio or deck, it can be a very big commitment.

With that being said, it’s important you make sure you’re choosing the right thing for you that is both stylish and practical. Hopefully this article can serve as a guide for how to landscape around your above-ground pool, maybe you even learned something.

Regardless of what you decide to do, your landscaping job will be sure to look even better than ever. Don’t just install your pool and call it a day. With these tips, you can accessorize perfectly to compliment your landscaping job.

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