How to Kill Weeds Around a Pool

Do you have some weeds growing around your pool? It can be frustrating having weeds ruin your perfect lawn, especially by the pool. It’s difficult to tell what the best thing to use is, more so when dealing with the area closest to your pool.

If you’re having any one of these problems, you aren’t alone. Today, we will be going over different home remedies and alternatives to chemicals you can use for the weeds closest to your pool. No need to keep worrying about how your pool looks with weeds, there is a solution.

Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Around Pool

One of the first solutions for this problem you may think of would involve harsh chemicals, like weed killers. However, when it comes to the weeds closest to your pool, it’s best not to add any unnecessary chemicals and go for other methods instead. So, onto the home remedies then!


A great alternative to using harsh chemicals on your weeds is using mulch. Smothering your weeds with mulch will both kill them and prevent them from regrowing. So, if you have weeds around the perimeter of your pool, consider placing a line of mulch and see how it smothers the weeds.

An extra step you could do for this one is ripping out the weeds and then placing the mulch. This will make for a nice and fresh surface for the mulch which will prevent future weeds from growing. However, there are some other, more hands-on ways we could go about this.


The ultimate weed killer is vinegar. Whether you mix it with water or dish soap, spraying vinegar on your weeds is a great way to kill them fast while only using natural chemicals. This is a great alternative to commercial weed killers, especially for areas closer to your pool.

Next time you find weeds along the edge of your pool, get a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. Spray each weed thoroughly and just like that, you’ve killed all the weeds in your yard! This is perfect for around the pool, as it would be harmful to add other unnatural chemicals to this area.

Dish Soap

As mentioned earlier, dish soap can be the perfect thing to add to a vinegar-based mixture to kill weeds. But did you know that you can also use dish soap on its own to get rid of your weeds? Yes, it works. And, it’s almost as effective on its own as vinegar can be.

This method is most effective when combined with the latter, as vinegar and dish soap can work together to break down the weeds easily. However, if you only have dish soap on hand, feel free to use it on its own as it can be very effective in killing weeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now onto some frequently asked questions, we might have when it comes to using chemicals around your pool. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s best to avoid when it comes to the weeds by your pool.

Does Pool Shock Kill Weeds?

Yes, yes it does. Believe it or not, you can actually kill weeds using chlorine. This is a great thing for those of you who have weeds near your pool. Since the chlorine is already in the pool, you don’t have to worry about adding extra chemicals to the area by using chlorine.

So yes, pool shock can be used to kill weeds. If you’re looking for a method that doesn’t involve chemicals, however, this may not be the option for you. While chlorine is used in pool maintenance, putting it on your lawn is a whole other thing, and it may have some harsh effects.

Will Roundup Hurt a Vinyl Pool?

Yes, roundup can be very damaging to a vinyl pool. Do not use roundup around a pool, the chemicals are too acidic for your pool’s lining. If you want to use roundup on your lawn, try an alternative for the area surrounding your pool.

It’s always wise to double-check whether certain chemicals are safe around your pool, you wouldn’t want to damage the pool by trying to kill weeds.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to kill weeds. However, when it comes to the area around your pool, you want to make sure you aren’t going to cause damage to the pool. Using home remedies such as vinegar and dish soap can be equally as effective as harsh chemicals.

No matter what you choose to use to get rid of those nasty weeds, make sure it’s right for you and your pool. Don’t do damage to your pool’s lining with harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for alternatives to roundup or other harsh chemicals, the options are here. Once again, just do what’s right for you.

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