Best Lawn Mower Belts 2021 – Buying Guide and Review

Admit it, whether you’re sitting on a riding mower or pushing one, there’s something immensely satisfying about it. Especially with riding mowers, sitting atop your vehicle like royalty, passing judgment on the peasant grass below. And, when you’re finished, you return indoors, knowing that your lawn has never looked better. There’s also something incredibly relaxing … Read more

Does Grass Grow at Night?

Grass is truly an interesting and essential plant for our earth to have life as we know it.  Without grass, the planet would be a vast dust bowl, and we’d experience Star Wars-like dust storms like never seen before. Furthermore, without grass, it would be impossible to feed all the livestock that humans rely on.  … Read more

How Much Atrazine per Gallon of Water

Atrazine is an effective herbicide widely used on crops to control weeds. It’s also used on lawns to prevent annual weeds. Learning how to use the herbicide is essential as the manufacturer recommends specific dilution rates for atrazine to be effective. But how much atrazine per gallon of water is necessary? According to the manufacturer, … Read more

When To Cut Grass After Overseeding

Without doubt, timing is everything when it comes to having a perfectly balanced lawn that is beautiful to look at. This includes the duration of time that you should allow your lawn to breathe after you overseed it. Overseeding is one of the most important aspects that you should consider if you intend to have … Read more

How long After Weed Killer can I Plant Grass Seed

There’s nothing better than spending your summertime playing with your kids and enjoying the sun on your beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, the emergence of weeds can change your lawn’s appearance. Different weed killers have different waiting times after applying the weed killer. That’s why it’s always good to be cautious when sowing seeds after using a … Read more

Annual Ryegrass vs Perennial Ryegrass

Ryegrasses are known to be the most widely grown cool-season grasses because of their beautiful lush turf and can also be used as pasture and turfgrass. These two ryegrasses share many characteristics, but their adaptations give them different roles on your lawn. Unlike perennial that grows during the spring and fall, annual only grow for … Read more