Should You Mow Your Lawn Once a Month?

Keeping up with lawn work can be a daunting task, especially when nobody tells you how often you should be mowing your lawn. Take a moment and think to yourself; do you know how often you should be mowing your lawn?

Today we will answer exactly that. We will be discussing the proper maintenance of your lawn and what you need to do to maintain good lawn health. So, how often do you really need to mow your lawn?

Can You Mow Your Lawn Once a Month?

Now, onto the big question at hand: should you mow your lawn once a month? The answer varies, actually. If you maintain a thing or two and your grass is growing at a slow and steady rate, you can get away with mowing your lawn once a month.

However, most lawn owners recommend you mow your lawn once a week – why is that? This is because the average lawn needs much more maintenance. If you follow a few rules and regulations in regard to your lawn, you may find that once a week is much too frequent.

With that being said, most lawns grow too fast to wait one month. Keeping this in mind, we can take a look at the things we can do to slow our grasses growth and take care of our lawn. So, what do you need to do to mow your lawn once a month?

You Can Mow Your Lawn Once a Month If…

If you want to be able to leave your lawn uncut for a few weeks rather than a few days, there are a few things you need to do. Taking care of your lawn properly and ensuring steady growth will help you to need to mow your lawn less and less often. Here’s what you need to know:

If You Have Non-Tropical Grass

One of the most important factors we must consider when looking at grass growth is what kind of grass it is. The general public has lawns of a non-tropical variety, but it’s still good to know this bit of information. So, if you’re expecting tropical grass to grow slowly and steadily, you may be out of luck.

You Bag Your Lawn Clippings

If you bag your lawn clippings you have a better chance of slowing your overall grass growth. And the good news is there’s a use for the clippings as well! If you pick up and bag your lawn clippings not only, will you be preventing more grass from growing faster, you will be able to use the clippings as a fertilizer or mulch. Just mix them in with some other materials and you have the perfect fertilizer.

You Make Time for Deep Watering

You may be wondering; what is deep watering? Well, deep watering is when instead of watering your lawn for a little bit every day, you water it once a week for a longer period of time. This can work to help slow the growth of your grass without sacrificing its quality of it. Consider making this a part of your lawn care routine for slower growing grass.

You Fertilize Lightly

This one may be a bit surprising to some, but if you’re someone who regularly fertilizes your lawn, you may want to stop this. Fertilizing your lawn will give you fresher and healthier-looking grass, but it will also speed up the growing process. This is exactly why you may want to slow down on the fertilizer. Using just a bit or not at all will suffice.

Now that we have clearly established the different factors in slowing lawn growth, we can better understand how it may only be necessary for some to mow once a month. But how often is recommended for the average lawn? Will you damage your lawn if you mow too frequently or not often enough?

How Often is it Recommended to Mow Your Lawn?

So, how often is best? It definitely depends on your lawn care routine and the speed at which your lawn grows, but the average answer is one week. Mowing your lawn once a week or up to ten days is the stretch of time recommended for most lawns.

However, as we have discussed, this can vary based on your lawncare routine. There are measures you can take for better lawn health as well as delayed grass growth. If you want your grass to grow slower, it may take a bit of work. But overall, depending on your grass and your lawn care routine, things vary.

As we have discussed a bit already, there are many different measures one can take to maintain good grass health. So, what should you be doing as a lawn owner to maintain your lawn?

How To Care for Your Lawn

There are many different opinions on what’s best for your lawn. What’s important is that you do what you think is right for you and your lawn. With that being said, there are a few things that are recommended for better grass health. Here they are:

Water Deeply

As we have discussed earlier, watering your lawn deeply can greatly affect its overall health. How do we do this? Watering your lawn for an extended period of time once a week as opposed to once daily for a shorter time can be really beneficial for your lawn. Try and make this a part of your lawn care routine and see what happens.

Mow Higher

Another thing you can do to improve the health of your lawn is to mow higher. Leave your grass a bit longer, do this by mowing less often and raising the blade of your mower. Doing this will ensure your grass is healthy. The longer the blades are, the more resistant to stress or pressure they are. This means they will be stronger and healthier.

There are many more things that you can do to improve the health of your lawn. Cutting back on toxic weed killers, using less fertilizer, etc. These are just some of the ways you can hope to improve your grasses health.

In Conclusion

Overall, we learned a lot about the health and maintenance of your lawns. It’s important to know that lawn care isn’t just about mowing. It’s about fertilizer, watering, and how often you do all of these things. All of these factors greatly affect the wellbeing of your lawn.

If you want your grass to grow slower, there are a few solutions that will also make your grass healthier. You can choose how often you wish to mow your lawn; it is completely up to you. However, depending on your grass health, you may need to cut less or more often.

Taking care of your lawn should be easy. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the proper language and maintenance tricks so that you can have the lawn of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be a losing battle.

Remembering to take care of your lawn by fertilizing, watering and mowing the appropriate amount can save you countless hours of yard work. There are so many different options for lawn care. Just remember to keep up a routine when it comes to mowing your lawn. Listen to your lawn, mow it when it really needs it.

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