How to Kill Weeds in Dormant Bermuda

Anyone who has Bermuda grass in their lawn knows what it looks like when it goes dormant. The name suggests a warm, inviting, tropical climate, which is exactly where it’s known to thrive. But in the colder months and seasons, first-timers may panic when they start to notice all their grass appearing, well, dead. After … Read more

Grass Clippings as Mulch – Pros and Cons

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden requires a fair amount of time and effort, including deciding which mulch to use. If you’ve recently started dabbling in the world of garden care, you may have noticed that people seem to be pretty divided on whether or not grass clippings make for good mulch. In this article, … Read more

Does Mulch Decompose?

If you’re someone who enjoys the process of growing and maintaining a beautiful yard or garden, chances are you’re familiar with mulch and all the benefits it brings. Maybe you’ve already gone through the process of selecting and spreading your chosen mulch and are now wondering what comes next. If you’re curious about all the … Read more

How to kill Weeds in Winter

Winter is upon us, and it’s been a fairly brutal one, with the Northeast suffering near-blizzards and even Texas – a state known for its typically arid climate – suffered power outages and water shortages. With such freezing temperatures, one would assume that gardens were safe to leave dormant. But those with a green thumb … Read more

how to Kill Horsetail Weeds

How To Kill Horsetail Weeds If you have horsetail weeds invading your lawn, then you’ll know how annoyingly difficult it is to remove them. They’re deep-rooted and grow rapidly – in some cases overnight! There is a solution… You’ll need to use a weed-killer that has halosulfuron-methyl or 2,4 D Amine in it. These substances … Read more

How to Get Whipworms Out of Your Yard

According to Statista, over 89 million Americans own dogs. Over the years, nearly every president has had or got a Presidential dog while in office. There’s a reason one of the most famous political speeches of all time is the moment Nixon went on television to appear innocent, but most of all human, next to … Read more

How Fast Do Weeds Grow?

Weeds are usually highly adapted to their environment and typically have the benefit of well-established root systems. Moreover, weeds compete and steal vital nutrients that other flowers and plants need to grow at their best. So how fast do weeds grow? The straight answer is very fast – but more specifically, a whopping one to … Read more

Simazine vs Atrazine

Both simazine and atrazine are herbicides, and both belong to the tirazene class of nitrogen-containing compounds. Crops are sprayed with either. Yet despite their similar names and chemistry, the two herbicides have some differences. To provide a good idea of what distinguishes the two, this comparison will explain the herbicides’ main properties and uses as … Read more

Does Milorganite Smell

Since it is made of processed sewage, whether Milorganite smells is a reasonable question to ask before choosing it as a fertilizer. Such origins also raise adjacent questions about Milorganite’s safety and usage standards. This review will answer these queries so you can make an informed decision about how/when to use the product. It will … Read more

How To Dry Up A Wet Yard

It is the rainy season here, which means it is also the season for muddy foot- and dog prints all over the house. With two kids and a dog, our home is not the tidiest of houses. During the rainy season, however, it gets even worse. Even if we, by some miracle, manage to prevent … Read more