Best Lawn Mower for Racing

Lawn mowers are machines that help to make your work of cutting grass easier, but you can also use them for racing on the dirt track. Lawn mower racing can be a great adrenaline-pumping sport and a great pastime and with the best lawn mower for racing, you can put your dreams into reality.

The right lawn mower for racing will only require a few adjustments and upgrades. With a great engine, high wheels, and excellent tire treads, you can be set to start racing. The best mower should be well designed and comfortable to accommodate any additions you might need. However, it can be challenging to find the racing mower that will suit your needs, but with the right information, you can be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ariens IKON-X FR691 riding mower

This is a powerful zero turn mower that is quiet and highly fuel-efficient which makes it great at racing. It has padded seats and arm rests that can easily reach the padded controls levers. You can select the height for the seat that is most comfortable with you. The padded parts that come into contact with your body provide extra protection, especially on bumpy tracks. It’s spacious and has been reinforced with a strong tubular steel frame that can handle the strenuous demands that come with racing. This mower uses a 3600 RPM Kawasaki FR691 series V-twin engine with 23.0 HP.

The engine is a 726cc 4-cycle with an automatic compression release and an internally vented carburetor and uses an electric spark ignition that prevents unignited gas from building up. It has a deck that uses a 4-point dual arm deck hanging system that gives it stability and allows for even cuts. This mower is compatible with different replacement parts.


  • Comfortable and easy to control
  • Has a durable tubular steel frame
  • Navigates easily around corners and obstacles
  • Powerful mower


  • Not as fuel-efficient as other zero turn mowers


A powerful and quiet lawn mower with a very sturdy tubular steel frame, 23 HP V-twin engines, and comfortably padded seats that make it ideal for a racing mower.

Husqvarna YTH18542 Briggs & Stratton hydraulic riding mower

This lawn mower has an 18.5 horsepower single cylinder engine and a wide range of speeds for more controlled and powerful performance. It uses a hydrostatic transmission that is controlled by the hydraulic pump which allows you to drive with any gear you want and moves in any direction without removing your hands from the wheel. You use the foot pedal to control the mower and this gives you better control of the various speeds. The anti-vibration system ensures you have a smooth ride while the advanced debris management system keeps your engine clean.

Although this lawn mower is great at racing, it still does a great job of cutting grass. Its 16-inch turning radius allows you to navigate around obstacles and flowerbeds and mow in tight spaces. The air induction technology allows air to move from the top and bottom of the deck which helps to deliver superior cuts and improve grass lifting. Apart from that, the reverse operating system uses a simple on and off switch that allows you to easily back up.


  • Adjustable seats for better comfort and ease of use
  • Uses a foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission
  • The anti-vibration system gives you a smooth ride
  • The seats, arm rest, and controls are well padded


  • The engine is powered by gas


A very comfortable lawn mower that uses an advanced air induction system to keep your engine free of debris to give you a smooth ride. You can drive it using the foot pedal and use the reverse gear to back up.

Craftsman Z560 24HP Briggs & Stratton zero turn riding lawn mower

This zero turn riding mower uses a 24HP V-twin engine with an electric fuel management that allows the mower to start consistently. It has an advanced debris management system that keeps debris and grass away from the engine which enhances your engine’s maintenance for long-lasting and reliable performance. The supportive high back seat provides extreme comfort and helps to reduce back pain and avoid lower back cramps from seating on the mower for a long time regardless of if you’re mowing your lawn or racing.

The dual levers make it very easy to operate the mower and allows it to turn smoothly with better stability. The engine uses the dual hydro-gear and patented Ready-start technology to ensure your mower is reliable and operates smoothly and efficiently. Apart from being good at racing, this mower can also cut your grass when moving forward or in reverse with the help of its durable 11-inch front and 20 inch rear wheels. 


  • It can mow both forward and backward
  • A very comfortable cushioned high back seat
  • Can instantly change direction
  • Excellent mower on flat terrain


  • Has no braking mechanism


A very comfortable racing mower with a very reliable and powerful engine that can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Husqvarna Z254F Kohler engine Z-turn mower

This is a very easy to use and comfortable lawn mower that comes with a high back seat, amazing suspension, and padded controls which means you don’t feel the vibrations regardless of the terrain. It has a 54-inch cutting deck and runs on a 747cc 26 HP V-twin engine which makes this mower an excellent candidate for off-track racing. It has a cutting edge design that helps to improve its performance and patented engine design that uses a filtration system to increase its fuel capacity for fuel, air, and oil which helps to prevent your mower’s engine from choking when you start it at any throttle position.

The best thing about this engine is that it can maintain its speed even in rough terrain or on the race track. With a cutting height adjustment and hydrostatic trannies plus a great construction for harsh conditions are all the essentials you need in a mower to take care of your lawn and also use it on the tracks.


  • Durable and sturdy steel frame
  • A wide cutting deck for bigger lawn coverage
  • A comfortable high back seat
  • The cushioning helps to reduce vibrations


  • Not very efficient in fuel consumption


A very comfortable lawn mower build with a heavy-duty steel frame that can withstand bumps and hits and a very powerful engine with an excellent filtration system.

Features to look for in a lawn mower for racing

There are a few factors you need to consider before buying the best lawn mower for racing.

Easy to control

Ease of control is an important factor to consider when operating a racing mower on any kind of track. This mostly has to do with the position of both the steering wheel and transmission. They should be strategically placed to help you achieve complete control of your lawn mower.


Different lawn mower models in the market have varying limitations on speed and most of their engines have been designed to run on a single-speed of about 3650 RMP so you should consider getting one that can reach high speeds with at least an engine with 12 horsepower so that you’re at an advantage when it comes to high-speed performance. However, it might be difficult for you to find such a model, so it would be easier to make some modifications to your engine to more than 20 horsepower with speeds of about 6500 RMP.

Tire treads

For tire treads, you want a mower with the right grip, especially when you’re racing on dirt tracks. This will make it easier to race and guarantee you high performance. The 3 types of treads you should consider include all-terrain treads, turf treads, and ribbed treads.

The all-terrain and ribbed treads are designed with patterns that will allow the tires to easily roll over different loose surfaces like mud, sand, and dirt. The turf treads are designed to provide excellent traction on the slick grass and slippery surfaces and protecting the turf from any damage. Ribbed treads have an advantage over the other treads in that they’re designed with a pattern that allows for lateral stability and this helps to keep the tires from sliding sideways. However, all-terrain treads are the best option when it comes to racing because they provide more traction.

Size and built

  • Before you buy a lawn mower for racing, you’ll need to determine the lawn mower racing category you want to participate in. The group 3 racing lawn mowers provide more than enough power despite being a small ride.

How to Prepare your Lawn Mower for Racing

Whether you enter in the amateur or professional category of lawn mower racing, you’ll need to modify your mower so you can race. Apart from the cost of buying the mower, the modification process can be expensive if done by a professional. However, you can reduce the cost by doing the upgrades yourself. Always wear safety gear to protect yourself and get a mower with a safety tether switch that will automatically shut the engine off in case you can’t control it.

  • Find the parts you need

Building a racing mower is like building a car so you’ll need to look for all the parts you need to build your mower. You’ll need an engine, steering wheels, transmission, centrifugal clutch, axles and hangers, sprockets, wheel systems, electrical components, high endurance engine upgrades, and a gas lever. Golf cart and go-kart parts will be very helpful in upgrading your mower into a racing machine.

  • Build a strong frame

The existing frame of a lawn mower can’t take the high-speed load so you’ll need to weld in some metal pieces to the existing mainframe of the mower to make it stronger for racing purposes. The shape of the frame will depend on the wheels you want to use but don’t put too much distance between the mower and the ground, about 4 feet off the ground, to make it easier for you to drive.

  • Install the steering wheel

A direct steering system will connect the front wheels to your steering wheel which will give you an easier time when driving and help you steer accurately even at high speeds.

  • Install internal components

Start with the transmission then the brakes. You can either use the hydraulic or mechanical brake system, but the hydraulic brakes are the best for racing mowers and easier to install. Then weld the deck to the frame including the battery and electrical system. You can now make the puke tank that will hold your engine and prevent your racing mower from leaking oil on the race track. For your comfort and safety, you’ll need to install your seat like those used in schools but without the legs and covered with foam. Finally, before re-assembling everything, paint the frame with attractive color, then assemble it back together. Also, don’t forget to get large wheels with deep treads suitable for off-road.


Just like there are different categories in a race car driving, so does lawn mower racing and each category depends on the size of your lawn mower and its engine and if it’s modified or not. So before you buy the best lawn mower for racing, you’ll need to decide the category you’ll be participating in. The Ariens IKON-X FR691 riding mower has a strong frame, cushioned seats, and shock-absorbers that ensure you’re well protected and comfortable while racing. You can use your lawn mower for both mowing your lawn and enjoy racing it on the racing track.

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