How to Keep Your Yard Signs from Blowing away ( 11 Simple Tips)

Your yard sign is trying to say something, whether it is “beware of dog,” “keep off grass,” or “I support this political candidate.” But for whatever reason, the hardware that came with your sign is not doing its job. The slightest breeze blows your sign over. Not only is your message lost, but it could be dangerous if the wind blows your sign onto someone’s windshield. Here are a few ways to keep your yard signs from blowing over. 

Tips to Keep Your Yard Signs from Blowing away

Pick the Right Material

This may be “too little, too late” for some readers, but some materials blow away more easily than others. Flimsy plastic and cardboard are the most likely to blow away. Thicker plastic, wood, and metal are all more solid choices. They may require extra work. Whatever material you use should have a solid base.

Check Your Sign

In the case of yard signs mounted on stakes, one of the first things you should do is make sure the sign is firmly in the ground. If your soil is dry or cracked, or you did not put your sign in deeply enough, now is an excellent time to check. It is not worth re-bending H-stakes until they are straight again; once the stakes are bent, they will stay that way.

Don’t Aim High

For optimal visibility and wind resistance, keep your yard sign 12–18 inches above the ground. People can see your message from 200 feet away at that height. Adjusting your sign’s height may be enough to prevent the wind from knocking it down, and placing it higher will not help you spread your message. Keep your sign around 12” high for both maximum visibility and a decreased chance of getting blown over.

Poke It Full of Holes

Poking holes in your sign may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes, the best thing is to let the wind blow through your sign. Poke a few innocuous holes in your sign so that the air pressure is allowed to dissipate. Pins, thumbtacks, and hole punches can all suffice depending on the material. Many large banners have holes in them for a similar reason.

Mount Your Sign

If you can, mount your yard sign to something sturdy and stationary like a gate, railing, or tree. This may require punching a few holes in it; depending on how sturdy your sign is, this could be more or less difficult. Tacks may work, but more likely than not, something like a nail gun will be required. Heavy-duty staples will also work if your sign is not made of metal. One nail or staple in each corner should be sufficient.

Tie Your Sign

Tying your sign to something is another way to make sure it won’t blow away. Tie your sign to a sturdy tree, fence, or gate and it will not get far. String, wire ties, and twine will all work for tying your sign. You can use fishing twine to keep yard sign stakes straight.

Yard signs that are not on stakes allow for a little more freedom. As with mounting, you may need to puncture holes in the corner of your sign, but it will be worth it. Zip ties are recommended, especially if mounting a sign on a wire gate.

Frame Your Sign

Anything that makes your sign heavier will make it harder to blow down. Getting a sturdy, preferably metal frame for it may be a lot of work, but it does not damage the sign at all. It will also keep the sign looking good while weighing it down. (This will not stop people from stealing it.) Be sure that the frame has a strong base.

Add Materials

Suppose your sign is plastic and keeps getting blown down. One thing you can do is cut a sheet of metal or wood and stick your sign on that tougher, heavier backing. Make sure to use something heavy and sturdy if you want to modify your sign like this. You may need power tools for metal signs. Be sure to adjust any mounting accordingly!

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

If the problem is that your sign blows off the stake, taping the sign to the wires may be the solution. Tape the top of each area around the stake to keep the sign from sliding up and off. If your yard sign is flexible enough, you can tape it to something else as a form of mounting. Keep in mind that duct tape is not very resistant to weather; this is a short-term fix.

Up Your Stakes

If wire stakes are proving problematic, it may be time to consider different types of stakes. Wood and rebar can both be used instead of wire stakes. Look for DIY tutorials on how to make your own stakes and for any necessary materials (you may need nails for a wooden stake, for example). Caveat: people may try to steal your yard signs just for these fancier stakes.

Double Your Stakes

Most yard signs, political or not, come with one set of wire H-stakes. Readers of this article know that is not always sufficient. If you have another set of stakes or some spare wire of a similar thickness, you can make a “tripod” by crossing two sets of stakes into a triangle. Stick the extra H-stake between your original posts and fold up the extra “leg.” Triangles are very stable shapes; this arrangement may look awkward, but it is architecturally sound. At the very least, this prevents the wind from blowing your sign backward.


When the wind is your enemy, you must get creative. The goal is to make your sign as hard for the wind to carry as possible. There are so many ways to do this that we could not cover them all.

However, it is hard to find guides on this topic that are not about preventing someone stealing your yard sign. We hope this guide has helped you find ways to make sure that your yard sign is not gone with the wind.

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