Ecoscraps vs Milorganite

Whether you have a new or established lawn, having the right fertilizer can lead to great results. We’ve created this review to compare the strengths and weaknesses of Ecoscraps and Milorganite to see which one works best for your lawn. 

Throughout this comparison review, we’ll explain: 

  • Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer
  • Milorganite 0605 Garden Care Organic Fertilizer
  • F.A.Q.

Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer


The Ecoscraps Fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer that is created out of bone meal, recycling materials, and organic material. It works by fertilizing feeds and greens to create beautiful gardens and lawns. Due to its versatility, it can be used to fertilize vegetables, trees, and plants within landscaped areas.

This fertilizer covers up to 2,500 square feet, which is great for small to large-sized lawns. The bag weighs 45 lbs, so you’ll have more than enough fertilizer to spread evenly across your garden.

On the back of the bag, you’ll notice that Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer has a 4-2-0 NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) build. To explain, this means that it contains 4% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 0% potassium. This is a smaller NPK build than non-organic fertilizers, making it less intensive on your current lawn. 

Another highlight feature is that it’s environmentally friendly. The organic matter and recycled materials work together to create granules that break down and nurture your lawn. Since there are no harmful chemicals included, you’ll don’t have to run the risk of burning your lawn. 

To use the Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer, start by determining the square foot area of your lawn/garden. To do this, measure the length and width and then multiply them to find the square area. Divide your lawn’s square foot area by 2,500 square feet to find out how many fertilizer bags you’ll need. 

Next, you’ll want to check the spreader settings to find the correct application setting based on your lawn type. For example, if you have a fresh lawn, it will take approximately 6 passes to ensure that it’s ingrained in the soil. However, established lawns will take 2-4 passes. Most of the time, you’ll be able to correctly apply the fertilizer within 2-6 passes through the lawn. 

Apply the Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer when the grass is dry. During this step, you’ll want to cover the lawn completely while avoiding overlaps, streaks, and skips. You can reduce nutrient runoff by sweeping excess fertilizer placed on the sidewalk back onto the lawn. Avoid using this fertilizer in areas of flooding or excess water as it will reduce its efficiency. 

Overall, you should use the Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer if you want a non-intrusive solution to your lawn. Although it is organic, you’ll have to keep it away from pets and children for their safety. On average, wait at least 2-3 weeks to see results and experience a greener and healthier garden!


  • Organic Material
  • Covers 2,500 feet
  • Easy to Apply on Lawn 


  • Requires respirator when applying

Milorganite 0605 Garden Care Organic Fertilizer

The Milorganite 0605 Garden Care Organic Fertilizer offers 5 pounds of fertilizer designed to enhance your lawn. It contains 15 growth elements that help create healthy turf and aid in plant growth. For a less bulky yet effective solution, this is the right product for you. 

One of its main features lies in its 6-4-0 NPK rating. It contains 6% nitrogen, 4% phosphorous, and 0% potassium. While it does have more nitrogen and phosphorus than the Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer, it makes up for its lower weight count. 

On average, it’s best to apply the Milorganite at least once a month. This will give your lawn enough time to absorb the nutrients of the fertilizer and use it for its growth process. You cannot kill your grass with this product because its organic material only thickens the grass size.

Since it is an organic fertilizer, you can use the Milorganite Fertilizer any time of the year. It contains 4% iron which is used to make the grass greener by boosting its color pigmentation. If you have a large golf course or a small lawn, this is the best fertilizer for its size.

When using this product, it prevents rodents from invading your flower beds. Not only does it revitalize your turf, but also it keeps rodents, rabbits, and other critters away from it. As a result, your plants will be able to grow safely without being bitten or destroyed. 

The Milorganite 0605 uses biosolids, which improve the soil through microbes. The microbes absorb dirt from sewer waste and obtain the nutrients from it. On the updated Milorganite bags, it will show “slow-release” nitrogen because of the semi-artificial process of creating it. 

When using the Milorganite 0605, it automatically compels the user to water the grass as much as possible. Failure to do so will lead to yellowish patches on your grass. For the best results, continue to water your grass once every 1-2 days to ensure it grows properly. 

For lawn owners who have dying brown lawns, the Milorganite 0605 is the right solution for you. Make sure you use a spreader to ensure that it’s applied evenly throughout your lawn. Through the use of this fertilizer, you’ll have a reliable and effective tool for bringing your garden to life. 


  • Great fertilizer for gardening
  • Keeps small rodents away from your grass
  • Can be used on Golf Courses


  • Will require more bags for larger lawns
  • Destroys knockout roses and smaller flowers

Conclusion – Which is Better?

Which fertilizer is better? If you have a larger lawn, go for the Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer. As we stated earlier, it has enough to cover over 2,500 square feet. In comparison, the Milorganite 0605 is a 5 pound bag, which is good for small lawns or spot treatment. 

But if you want a smaller, more effective solution go for the Milorganite 0605. It has over 15 growth elements that work together to grow your lawn. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have a reliable fertilizer that’s in long-term growth. 


Are Ecoscraps safe for dogs?

No. It’s best to use Ecoscraps Slow-Release Fertilizer away from dogs. That way, you reduce the chances of it irritating your dog’s fur and causing them to get sick. 

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