Will Spray Paint Kill Grass?

Spray paint is a great way to add some creative flair to your lawn. However, you can kill your grass if you don’t have the correct spraying strategy/ In this article, we’ll explain how utilizing spray paint gives your grass the chance to grow healthy and strong.

Will Spray Paint Kill Grass?

While spray paint does have a set of chemicals inside it, it won’t damage your grass if used in moderation. However, if you empty an entire can on a small patch of grass, then you’ll kill that small piece of grass.

If you’re planning on spray painting your lawn, make sure you know where you’re spraying beforehand. This saves you time and prevents you from wasting spray paint. Once you’ve found a targeted area, grab your spray can and allow the can to do its magic.

What Will Spray Paint Do to a Lawn

Spray paint will add a color finish to your lawn. Some sports use spray paint to track the yards and distance from one location to another. When adding spray paint onto your lawn, make sure that you know what color you’re spraying and a plan to remove the spray-painted grass later on.

The main reason why people spray paint their lawns is to give them that “green” appearance. For example, lawns with green grass have more aesthetic value than brown lawns. If you’re experiencing a drought and the water is scarce, spraying your lawn is the only way to keep its appearance.

How to Get Spray Paint Off of Grass

First, you’ll want to mow your lawn first. Usually, spray paints won’t cover grass more than an inch of grass. When mowing your lawn, it will reduce the appearance of the spray paint, and it won’t have any lasting residue.

If you notice any paint clippings, wrap them up and discard them. This prevents the paint from breaking down the same way as usual grass clippings.

Paint Remover

Using Paint remover is a great way to remove spray paint from your grass. The chemicals within the product will need more treatment and application and are not always the best choice to remove paint from your lawn.

Further, using paint remover or acetone will lead to discoloration if applied on the grass during a sunny day.

Is Spray Painting Grass Illegal

For the most part, spray painting grass is not illegal. However, different rules and regulations can be based on where you live. For example, if you live within an HOA, they can legally prevent you from changing your lawn color. Most of the time, failure to comply with the rules results in a small fine or warning.

The legality behind spraying paint on your grass depends on your state’s jurisdiction. For instance, the state of California spray paint can be illegal for users under 18. Meanwhile, adults can legally buy spray painting tools and accessories from their local hardware store.

What Tools Should I Use When Spray Painting Grass?

Having the right materials will make the grass spray painting a lot easier. Here are some tools you’ll need:

Googles and Mask

You’ll want to wear a mask or a respirator to protect yourself from the spray can’s fumes. Having both will ensure that you keep the paint away from your nose, eyes, and mouth.

Hand Pump Sprayer – a sprayer, just like the one you use to apply for pesticides, can apply to spray paint.

Old Clothing

You can use old clothing when spray painting grass. The reasoning behind it is that you’ll receive some sort of paint on your clothes. As a result, make sure you wear old clothing to protect your skin during the operation.

How Long Does Spray Paint Last On Grass?

On average, you can expect the spray paint to last for 2 months on the grass. After that, the paint will start to lose its color unless another layer is added. Always check on your grass spray paint area to see if another coating layer can be added.

Can You Add a Spray Paint on An Artificial Lawn?

While most people use their spray paint to change the color of grass, it can be used for artificial lawns. The only difference is that artificial lawns can accept spray paint because it doesn’t harm the grass.

Even though it’s less common for your artificial lawn to lose color, you can respray it to bring back its vibrancy. It is possible in these scenarios where grass spray paint is a good solution.

Before adding the spray paint, give a look at the lawn before doing so. You’ll find which piece of grass is losing its color and what forms of grass don’t need any spray treatment.

How to Apply Spray Paint on Your Grass

Paint Out a Test Spot

Having a test spot allows you to safely apply paint to a smaller patch of grass without destroying your lawn. You’ll have to reapply the spray to create a darker green lawn. If you don’t feel like your grass area has the right coverage, reapply the paint again.

Spray Often

You should spray 6-8 inches away from the grass in a sweeping motion. In areas connected to driveways and other areas, you don’t want to paint, pour some of the mixtures inside a spray bottle for improved accuracy.

Avoid Stripping

When applying spray paint, you’ll want to spray in an orbital pattern. This gives the paint a more natural look and prevents it from stripping.

Clean Up The Area

When you’re done spray painting, clean out the sprayer until the water is clear. Also, clean out dry concrete and other surfaces to ensure that your paint remains dry.

Dry Your Grass Completely

Look at your spray can to check out the manufacturer’s recommended drying time. You’ll be able to resume your yard in 30 minutes. Or you can wait for 24 hours if you’re more patient. The smell will be automatically removed, so you don’t have to take any precautions when you’re painting indoors.


Spray paint won’t kill your grass unless you’re using it excessively. When applying the spray paint, you’ll have to make sure that it’s on a choice plot of grass for optimal security. By doing so, you’ll have a beautiful lawn that has a cool spray painting underneath it!

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