Why Does My Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rains?

Your yard is a beautiful section of your property where flowers and plants can grow. As time progresses, it will start to release an odorous smell. If left unattended, it will create a long-lasting sewer smell that can be difficult to remove. 

Fortunately, this guide was made to help you keep those sewer smells out. It takes a few hours to eliminate the smell with bleach and other products. 

By the end, you’ll have enough tips and techniques to aid in keeping your lawn in excellent condition. 

Reasons Why Your Yard Smells Like Sewage After Rains?

After it rains, you’ll notice that certain areas in your yard smell different. Here are some reasons why your yard smells like sewage after it rains:

What if I have a Septic Tank?

When it rains, it creates atmospheric pressure changes, making the air too heavy. Because of this, the methane gasses that come through the tank won’t flow as quickly as they would. Instead, they’ll stay on the ground and create a foul smell. 

Cold temperatures will create downdrafts from the vent stacks. If this occurs, you’ll notice a change in indoor smells throughout the day. If the tank odor subsides as the temperature increases, the downdrafts are the main cause of the sewer smell. 

Clogged Drains

When you smell the sewage smell at home after the rain, it’s most likely because of a clogged drain or cracked pipe. If there are trees in your yard, they are the main reason why your home smells like a sewer. Also, the tree roots can damage the septic tank. 

Once the drains back up, clogged drains are made of biological material (i.e., hair, cleaning material, and food scraps). If the sink is clogged, the rain pressure will force the smell of everything in the backup to spread throughout your home. 

What Is Sewer Gas?

As its name suggests, sewer gas comes from your sewage system. It’s a combination of waste and the smell of your household products. The gas is made out of both toxic and non-toxic gases. 

As a result, the mixture can make some bad smells such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other gasses. If your house smells like a sewer after a rainstorm, chances are there are some plumbing issues underneath it. 

Water Traps

A water trap is an important piece of plumbing in your house that stops the sewage gas from entering your home. Each room in your house includes a drain that has a water trap. This includes laundry drains, sinks, and toilets. Once the water trap breaks down, this is the main reason behind a sewage smell around your yard. 

How Can I Fix It 

You can fix the water trap yourself if you’re a DIY type. A few videos online will steer you in the right direction. 

But for the majority of us, it’s better to seek out a professional plumber. In most areas, the plumber will give us a free estimate. Once you establish a connection with a plumber, they can come to your home, diagnose the issue, and give you an estimate for repairs. 


Wax Ring

The wax ring is used to create a seal between the drain pipe and the toilet. Once the seal is broken, the toilet will have a sewer-esque smell. As a result, the sewer gas will leak through the sewage pipes once the wax ring is broken. 

How Can I Fix It?

After the wax ring breaks, you’ll have to replace it. To do so, drain and remove the toilet to access the ring. The wax ring is often broken and needs to be removed from the toilet flange. You should use vinegar or cleaner to clean your area around the toilet flange before obtaining a new wax ring.

How Do I Get Rid of Sewer Smell In My Yard?

If you’ve experienced a major backup of sewage into your home or lawn, you cannot fully cover the smell with products.

To neutralize the smell, lol the bacteria via disinfectants and remove the additional doors afterward. 

For the disinfection process, buy bleach (the product must have sodium hypochlorite). Make sure you wear the correct PPE (goggles, mask, gloves) throughout this process, and begin to disinfect the area with your bleach/water solution. 

Allow your disinfection area to dry, which can take 24 hours or more through a dry basement.

Then pour out your cleaning product in a spray bottle and slowly go around the area. The sewage smell will be neutralized for 8-12 hours within a day. 

When doing this technique, the smell isn’t fully gone.

It will eliminate the odor, but some smells might take time to be removed. But all of the bleach and sewer smells can be eliminated in a night.

Clean The Drains

Clogged drains are the leading cause of plumbing traps inside your home. From toys, hair, and all sorts of objects, you’ll be surprised how a lot of things can get stuck into your drains. To avoid this, take away the drain stoppers, clean the debris inside them, and then place it aside. 

If you’re using a pipe waste cleaner, stick it down the drain and place the debris inside. You can repeat the process a few times until the drain is completely clean of debris. When you’re done, flush your drain with around 4-5 gallons of water and change the stopper. 

Keep the Water in the Sewer Trap

After you’ve found the location of the plumbing traps in your house, you’ll have to make sure they are at the right water level and prevent dried-out water barriers if you notice any fixtures that you’ll rarely use, place a few tablespoons of vegetable oil to slow down the evaporation process. 


Knowing how to get rid of that sewer smell will save you thousands in repair. Start by finding where the scent is located and start to disinfect it. By removing the smell quickly, you’ll preserve the value of your lawn and prevent it from smelling too bad.

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