What To Put Under Grill On Grass?

Like any aspect of cooking, grilling can be dangerous if you’re not aware or careful. One accidental knocking over the grill and your lawn will turn into an inferno. Fortunately, items are designed to protect your food and grill from burning the grass. 

This article will explain what items you can place under the grill on grass. That way, you’ll have the information needed to protect your BBQ grill and lawn. By the end, you’ll have the confidence needed to ensure that your grill and backyard are saved.

What to Put Under Grill On Grass

When you own a grill, it’s important to keep your grass protected. You can use artificial grass, grill covers, and grill mats to ensure that the grill doesn’t cause a potential fire hazard. We’ll explain each category here: 

Artificial Grass

If you want to have the classic grilling experience, try using artificial grass. Still, you have to make sure you’re safe while using it. 

Make sure the grill is placed on a flat surface when in use. That way, the flames can’t cook unevenly, and you accidentally cause a structure to get on fire.   

It is important to protect the area around your grass and underneath it. Place your grill on top of stacks of bricks or paving slabs, and it will protect the artificial grass.

Why should you use artificial grass? Because if you’re planning on grilling with natural grass, you’re going to have a more difficult process. Instead of having fun grilling and enjoying your friends and family, you’ll have to spend that time tending your lawns. 

Grill Cover

The grill cover will ensure that the flame stays inside the grill when the food is being cooked. This reduces the chances of the fire reaching the grass and burning it. Avoid lighting the grill when the lid is closed because you’ll increase the gas buildup. 

Grill Mats

The grill mat is the most important piece of equipment you can place under your grill. Crafted out of Teflon, grill mats are easy to clean, heat resistant, and require fewer oils. You can use reusable grill mats to help prepare your favorite foods and keep the grill clean. 

Grill mats have a thick surface that helps with even heating. This gives you more moisture and a better flavor. They come in different thickness types, and the only difference is that the thicker grilling match won’t leave cook marks on the food while the thinner mats will.  

Silicone Grill Mats

Silicone grill mats have a rubber-like and colorless substance that is oil and moisture resistant. Use this grill mat to cook meat at a lower temperature. Since it is not toxic, the FDA approves silicone grill mats. 

Teflon Grill Mats

Teflon grill mats are the most expensive but have the best heat conduction. They ensure that the temperature remains even throughout the mat’s surface when in use. Most Teflon grill mats have safety warning levels, and the high-end mats are free from dangerous acids. 

Whichever one you choose, make sure that it fits the size of your grill. That way, you can keep your food cooking properly while reducing the chance of fires. 


Can I Put Charcoal Grill On Grass?

Yes, but always stay safe when doing so. Charcoal burns faster than propane, and you could risk a fire hazard if you leave it unattended. Before using it, place it on top of a flat surface. That way, the grass won’t be affected by the high heat coming from the grill. 

Can You Put a Portable BBQ On Grass?

You can place a portable BBQ on grass, but you’ll have to follow a few safety rules. For example, the grill must be placed on paving slabs or bricks. Avoid placing it near glass or wood furniture. 

If you’re going to use a portable BBQ, make sure that it’s fully cooled once you’re done cooking. You should allow the BBQ to cool for 20-60 minutes to prevent a fire. Next, pour water on top of the BBQ to ensure that it’s fully cooled off. 

How Do I Stop My Lawn From Burning On The BBQ?

Remember, your BBQ is cooking food at high heat. This means that your lawn is burning because you’ve exposed it to the fire. When BBQing, always look around and analyze the situation. 

Look at your surroundings and make sure there’s enough distance from the grill and any structures, houses, and anything else you don’t want to get caught in the fire. 

Also, make sure that the fire pit is leveled. You don’t want to accidentally tip over the grill while cooking. So make sure you place it at a leveled spot before turning the BBQ on.  

Can I Use A Grill Under A Covered Patio?

For safety reasons, you should not grill under a covered patio. The grill smoke won’t kill you, but you’ll have your entire area smelling like char. Also, charcoal is prone to burn faster than propane, increasing its chance of fire. 

You could grill under a covered patio via propane grill, but it’s not a good idea. For example, the burning gas might put a strain on the ceiling. Also, there might be local rules, ordinances, and regulations that could prevent the grill from working under a covered patio. 

Even if the area is properly ventilated, you’ll still run the risk of a grease fire. Unless your house has an awning, there’s no need to have a grill underneath it. 

Where Should I Put My Grill In My Backyard? 

Always place your grill 10 feet away from any buildings or structures nearby. The grill is cooking food at high heat and could cause a large fire if it comes into contact with a house. 

The grill also needs to have a stable, flat platform or base to optimize safety. For example, you could place a slab of cement that gives the chef standing room and is wide for the grill. Doing this prevents coals from causing fires if they drop to the ground. 

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