Tenacity vs. Prodiamine

Are you having trouble removing weeds in your lawn? Fortunately, the Tenacity Turf Herbicide and Prodiamine are both suited to solve this problem. But which one is better? 

Throughout this comparison review, we’ll go over:

  • Tenacity Review
  • Quali-Pro Prodiamine
  • F.A.Q.

Tenacity Review

The Tenacity Turf Herbicide is useful in removing excessive weeds in your garden. It is designed to handle up to 46 different grass species such as chickweed, clover, wild carrot, and foxtail. Because of its versatility, it will keep your lawn clean regardless of the season. 

One of its main features is its Mesotrione 40% active ingredient. When in use, the Mesotrine acts as a selective herbicide, killing off the weeds by stopping their photosynthesis process. This ingredient allows it to work as a pre-and post-emergent herbicide, giving your lawn a full layer of protection. 

You’ll like the Tenacity Turf Herbicide if you want something that’s simple yet effective. One 8 oz. bottle of Tenacity can cover over 2 acres of land. It also comes with a syringe which helps when doing spot treatments on the lawn. 

For pre-emergent applications, place at least 4-8 oz per acre of Tenacity with 30 gal of water. However, don’t go beyond 5 fl. oz for mixed strands that have 50% fine fescue/ryegrass. To get the most out of this herbicide, try to apply it before the seed germination phase. 

Also, the Tenacity Turf Herbicide can be used for post-emergent applications as well. After applying the herbicide, reapply it 2-3 weeks later to optimize weed control. That way, you’ll have control over your lawn through its accurate removal process. 

However, you don’t want to use the Tenacity Turf Herbicide excessively. An excessive amount of this herbicide can lead to discoloration or burn in your yard. It might lead to temporary whitening of the yard foliage. These symptoms will only last for a few days after applying Tenacity and will stay on the grass for up to 2 weeks.

The Tenacity Turf Herbicide is a systemic herbicide. This means that it works by getting absorbed by the plant’s system and killing it over time. As a result, it affects the plant’s roots preventing the weeds from growing back to their normal size. 

After applying Tenacity Turf Herbicide on your lawn, you might not see any results in a few weeks. For spot treating, apply 1 ½ surfactant and ½ tsp of Tenacity. This is useful for smaller lawns where minimal treatment is needed. 

Get the Tenacity Turf Herbicide if you’re focused on maintaining your lawn. It doesn’t matter if the weeds are fully grown and are beginning to sprout; the Mesotrione 40% will stop them from ruining the appearance of your garden. For those wanting to get an affordable solution for their lawn, this is the right product for you. 


  • Fast Removal Time (2-3 weeks)
  • Covers 2 acres in one bottle
  • Can be used for Spot Treatments


  • Can Discolor the Lawn
  • Certain species won’t be affected

Quali-Pro Prodiamine Reviews

The Quali-Pro Prodiamine is a pre-emergent herbicide that specializes in broadleaf weed control. When in use, it reduces and stops the growth of impediment pests. For those wanting a herbicide that’s effective in lawn management, this is the right choice.

Users like the Quali-Pro Prodiamine because of its versatility. For example, you can use this herbicide on golf courses, trees, turf, and landscape. It can be used to kill grass species such as goosegrass, knotweed, and spurge.

When using the Quali-Pro Prodiamine, use a low-pressure sprayer. This will help with spreading the herbicide evenly and clearing hidden weeds underneath the soil. Make sure to wear nitrile gloves when spraying or mixing to protect yourself from the herbicide’s chemicals.

The Quali-Pro Prodiamine is great for removing crabgrass. To do so, it needs to be activated at least 1 ½ weeks before seed germination. If you wait until it emerges, then it will be too late because the weeds will drop pods that will remain in the soil until next season.

If you’re planning on using Prodiamine for turfgrass, use 1-2 tbsp per 1000 squ. ft. Depending on the application rates, wait at least 3-8 months before reapplying this herbicide on your lawn. That way, you prevent the lawn from experiencing discoloration. 

Its low volatility and solubility are more reasons why Prodiamine is a great herbicide. Because of these features, the plants stay in the weed germination zone. This herbicide cuts off the plant’s growth process, allowing you to keep your lawn clean. 

Also, the Prodiamine is safe for common turf grasses such as fescue, bermudagrass, and St. Augustine. In addition, you can mix this herbicide with iron solutions and fertilizers. Thus, giving you more control over your lawn as it can be used with virtually any herbicide.

To mix Prodiamine, start by adding 1/4th of the spray tank with water. Next, use the agitation system and make sure that it works properly. Keep a vigorous agitation level before and during the application to optimize the spray suspension. You can add spray colorant to help improve your application accuracy by reducing overlaps and swath skips. 

Overall, get the Prodiamine if you want to kill off lawn weeds early. It acts as a pre-emergent, but it can also remove up to 36 different grass species. So, try this herbicide if you’re attempting to kill unnecessary weeds before the next season. 


  • Can be mixed with other fertilizers and herbicides
  • Clears up to 36 grass species
  • Low volatility and solubility


  • Not used for Post Emergent Lawn Care
  • Doesn’t kill the weeds entirely


Which herbicide is better? Go for Tenacity if you’re looking for an all-around solution. It can work as a pre-emergent and a post-emergent, giving you the ability to apply it on your lawn and achieve results quickly. 

Use Prodiamine if you’re able to plan the germination stage in advance. Plus, it can also be mixed with other herbicides! Regardless of which product you choose, you’ll have an effective solution for lawn management and maintenance. 


Can You Mix Prodiamine and Tenacity?

  • Yes, you can mix prodiamine and tenacity, but it might not produce the results you’re looking for.  

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