Newspaper As Mulch: Pros and Cons

We can use many different kinds of mulch for various landscaping purposes. Using just the materials in our environment, we find ourselves with quite a few available options. However, the possibilities become even greater when we factor in artificial means. Using newspaper for mulch might be the next big thing when it comes to gardening. So, why should you use this mulch in your garden? Here are the benefits and disadvantages of using newspapers as mulch.

Newspaper As Mulch?

Yes, newspaper mulch. You can use scraps of a newspaper as mulch in your garden. But how does it work? Lay down a layer a few pages thick and water it lightly. Cover this with topsoil and then plant! It’s as simple as that. So, what are the benefits of choosing this method as opposed to other methods of mulching?


When thinking about what type of mulch is best to use in your garden, it’s important to think about what benefits you want to see. Depending on what you need your mulch to do, there will be options for you. Now, onto the pros of using a newspaper as mulch!

Easy To Use

Newspaper mulch is very easy and simple to use. All you have to do is place a few layers of the paper and water it and you have mulched your soil. This easy-to-use method is perfect for those who already spend so long on their garden and don’t want to spend extra time mulching.

Keeps the Weeds Down

One of the best things about this method of mulching is how effective it is in treating weeds. When using a newspaper as mulch, your garden will be almost completely free of weeds. If your goal with mulch is to get rid of weeds, here’s your best bet. This mulch drowns out all the weeds.

Fertilizes Your Soil

Another great benefit of using this method of mulching is that it fertilizes your soil really well. The newspaper will go deep into the roots of your plants, cooling them with stored water. On top of this, they fertilize the soil with efficiency. A great choice for those looking for a solid fertilizer.

Less Water Needed

Because the newspaper soaks up water and holds it very well, the soil underneath it needs much less watering to survive. With the water saved inside the newspaper, your plants will thrive as it cools the roots and soaks into the soil. No need to worry about how frequently you’re watering when your mulch already saves the water anyway.


Now that we have properly established some of the benefits of using a newspaper as mulch, we can dive into the cons. While there are a lot of pros to using this type of mulch, there will always be cons to look out for. Here are some of the potential risk factors of using this type of mulch.

Suffocating Plants

When you’re using a newspaper as mulch, you’re going to want to keep in mind how much you use. Using too many layers of paper could result in suffocating the plants. This could be done pretty easily, as the paper holds a lot of water. Always be mindful of how much you’re using and the state of your plants.

Impede Water/Air Flow

On top of the risk of suffocating your plants, you need to keep in mind that the newspaper mulch can become very dense with water. With this happening, there is a potential that the mulch could impede air flow or leave too much water in the soil. This could result in your plants not getting enough air or water. On the other hand, this could also lead to your plants becoming soggy or drowning.

There are Better Options

Depending on what you’re looking for your mulch to do, there may be other options that suit your needs better. Newspaper mulch is by no means the best and only way of mulching. This is why it’s important to research to figure out what works best for you. Newspaper may not be the right choice for you, depending on your garden’s needs.

So, now that we have established both the good and the bad of using newspaper as mulch, let’s answer a simple question: is it good mulch?

Does Newspaper Make Good Mulch?

Now to answer this question: does newspaper make good mulch? Newspaper makes a really good mulch, especially for suppressing weeds. Using this method of mulching is perfect for those who want to lessen the number of weeds in their garden as well as those who wish to water their garden less.

With using newspaper as mulch, the water stays in the paper and gets soaked up more gradually by the soil. Newspaper brings a lot of natural and welcomed nutrients and vitamins to your soil. If your soil is looking a bit unhealthy, consider using newspaper as mulch.

So, why should you use newspaper as mulch? Because it suppresses weeds and gives your plants sufficient nutrients and hydration. You should use it because it’s cheap and easy to use, not to mention good for your soil.

In Conclusion

Overall, we can see that using a newspaper as mulch is a great way to nurture your plant’s soil. It can help hydrate your soil and provides much-needed nutrients as well as fertilizing the soil. These are just some of the many benefits of using newspaper as mulch.

However, like anything, there are some downsides. Always be mindful of the amount of water you’re putting in the areas that have newspaper mulch. Be careful that you aren’t drowning your plants and make sure the air flow is healthy.

If you keep in mind the potential risks of using newspaper mulch, you should be well on your way to using it effectively in your garden if you so choose. Newspaper is great for fertilizing and makes a great weed suppressant. It’s really no wonder so many more are recommending newspapers as mulch. Healthy, cheap and effective, it truly has it all.

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