Jonathan Green vs. Scotts

Are you looking for fertilizer to save the plants in your garden? Look no further! We’ll compare the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer and the Scotts Turf Builder to see which one is better. Here we explain:

  • Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer Review
  •  Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass Review
  • Conclusion

Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer Review

The Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer is essential for gardeners wanting to improve their soil quality. It works on hard-packed soils by loosening them and reducing their hard texture. Get this if you have acidic soil that requires correction. 

One of its main benefits is that it adjusts the pH balance of the soil. It does not act as a fertilizer. Instead, it works by adding nitrogen to the soil so that the plants can grow on it. With the use of this product, it will energize your soil’s nutrient level for optimal health and growth. 

Most of the time, our gardens reduce in quality because they aren’t receiving the proper nutrients. Another benefit is that it contains the nutrients needed to renovate your garden. For example, it activates the microscopic ecosystem inside the soil. It creates a space where air and water can flow through the soil and corrects the pH balance. After balancing the soil, it helps the roots obtain more fertilizer. 

Users like the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer because it is straightforward and easy to use. We suggest not using this product during the summer season because the soil is under stress during that time. 

While the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer is pet-friendly, spraying the fertilizer around them is not recommended. After applying, do not place your pets around the area to prevent dust from entering the house for a day. 

After using this product, you’ll notice that your grass is green and thicker. Additionally, the soil will become soft, and the weeds will be eliminated. Your grass will be able to absorb more water and enhance your lawn. 

Don’t expect this fertilizer to work overnight. The Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer takes weeks/months to rebalance the pH values of the soil successfully. Be patient with this fertilizer, as you’ll start to see results at least 2-3 months after applying. 

In addition, the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer includes over 5,000 sq ft coverage. This is enough for small to large-sized backyards. And for spot treating, this is more than enough!

Plus, it adds calcium to your soil. This calcium gives your plants the nutrients needed to grow quickly and effectively. Thus, using the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer is perfect for getting your garden back in good condition if it has been previously damaged. 

For those wanting to maximize their garden’s growth, get the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer. It enhances biological activity by releasing the trapped nutrients within the soil. Through microbe stimulation, it will keep your garden fresh and healthy for the long term. 


  • Provides Calcium and Natural Nutrients to Soil


  • Longer time to show results

 Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass Review

The Scotts Turf Builder is essential for those wanting to bring their garden to life. It gives your lawn a quick start by aiding its blade and root development. Get this is if you want a reliable fertilizer that will keep your plants and grass healthy. 

One of the reasons why it’s so powerful lies in its 24-25-4 fertilizer ratio. This allows your grass not only to grow but it has enough nitrogen to aid in photosynthesis. 

You don’t have to worry about the Scotts Turf Builder damaging or reducing your grass quality. It’s safe for any grass type, whether you’re creating a new lawn, planting fresher grass, or reseeding your existing lawn. Due to its versatility and safety, it will aid your lawn in growth without introducing it to any harmful chemicals. 

How to use the Scotts Turf Builder? First, avoid applying it when there is heavy rain or water nearby. Place it during a dry, sunny day to ensure that it is ingrained with the soil and help it grow over time. 

Set a spreader to the appropriate setting to achieve the best results. When using the Scotts Turf Builder, make sure you follow the color-coded map, so your lawn gets the right amount of fertilizer. 

Next, fill the spreader and apply it directly over your lawn or seeded area. This will aid in root development, allowing your plants to grow and sprout faster. To prevent your lawn products from storms, blow or sweep stray particles on the lawn. Return any unused fertilizer back to the container. 

The Scotts Turf Builder doesn’t require any watering in. However, it is important to know that watering is important to your lawn’s success. For optimal results, keep the soil moist until the seedlings are around 2 inches high. 

Have a large lawn? No problem! The Scotts Turf Builder has a 14,000 square foot coverage area. This gives it enough space to complete a garden or backyard and offers 9,000 more coverage than the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer. Thus, making it a great choice for those wanting to maximize the growth in their garden. 

The Scotts Turf Builder comes with a pre-emergent weed control feature. This keeps your plants safe by removing unnecessary weeds that appear on your lawn. Thus, giving you complete control over the biological development of your backyard. 


  • Extensive sq. ft coverage
  • Compatible With All Grass Types
  • Vegetable Safe


  • Doesn’t work with drop spreader

Conclusion – Which One Should You Go For?

When comparing the two fertilizers, it boils down to preference. Use the Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer if you have a smaller garden that needs spot touching. If you have a larger backyard, the Scotts Turf Builder is worth your money. 

Either way, you’re getting a reliable piece of lawn equipment that will help it grow over the long term. In conclusion, determine what your garden needs and the size of your garden to find out which fertilizer will work best for you. 

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