How to Trim Grass Around Aluminum Fence

Many homeowners choose to enclose their lawns with aluminum fencing. These fences help to protect property, keep pets and children safe inside, and add aesthetic appeal to the property.

In general, they make life better and easier for the homeowner. However, when caring for lawn, aluminum fences can sometimes be intimidating if you don’t have experience trimming around them.

This article will break down everything you need to know to keep both your lawn and your aluminum fence in top shape with little hassle.

How to Trim Grass Around Aluminum Fence

The Tools You Will Need

Whether you cut your grass with a push or riding mower, it is not going to be able to get a good trim around aluminum fence posts. Luckily, most mower blades have guards that protect them from damage, and aluminum fences are sturdy enough to withstand a little bump with a mower. That doesn’t mean you should intentionally get too close to the fence though. Once you have finished mowing the center of the lawn, you will need to pull out a string trimmer, often called a weed whacker or weed eater, to get a good trim around the perimeter fence.

Getting Started

There are some things to keep in mind when using a weed whacker to trim around an aluminum fence. In general, six inches is a good length for your string. If you find that your trimmer is not cutting you will need to pull out more string. Moving in the direction that your particular trimmer rotates will help to get a more effective trim. This means that if your trimmer spins clockwise, you will move along the fence from left to right. If it rotates counterclockwise, you will get a better trim moving right to left. It can be helpful to position the trimmer down when moving along the fence line.

Getting a Close Trim

Once you have gotten started, it may take a little bit of trial and error to determine just how close you can get to the fence posts in order to get a close trim without breaking the line too often. Keep in mind that thinner string is likely to break more easily if it hits the fence. To get a good trim, you will need to work along both sides of the fence, getting as close to it as possible without trying to go through it. Move the trimmer gently side to side but avoid swinging it. Again, after just a little bit of practice, you will get a good feel for this. 

Additional Tips

Other considerations when trimming near a fence line are the speed used and the material of the string. Most standard trimmers use hardened monofilament nylon for the string. This material is going to be your best bet when trimming around an aluminum fence. Most weed whackers also give the user some control over the trimmer speed. Throttling down, or adjusting to a lower speed, may help to get a closer trim while maintaining the quality of your fence.

Will String Trimmer Damage Aluminum Fence?

The short answer is no. When using a standard trimmer with nylon string it is very unlikely that you will do any damage to your fence, particularly if you follow the tips in this article and exercise a little bit of care. In the battle of nylon versus aluminum, aluminum wins every time. You will break your string before you break your fence. Of course, it is always a good idea to use care when trimming around your fence for the best results. Over time, very careless trimming could leave your fence looking less than its absolute best.

Clear debris before you start to trim, go slowly, and keep focused on the job at hand. Use two hands, one on the trigger and the other on the handle for best control. Likewise, it is good practice to wear gloves, sturdy footwear, and safety glasses anytime you use a weed whacker. This will keep you safe, your trimmer string in good shape for as long as possible, and your fence in top quality.

Final Thoughts

Aluminum fencing is a great choice to enhance your yard. It is very possible to keep your yard looking neat and trim even with an aluminum fence. There is no need to let the fear of damaging your fence keep you from getting a good trim around it. Follow the tips in this article to keep your lawn looking great and to avoid the hassle of having to restring your trimmer frequently. Finally, always use caution and basic protective gear when using a weed whacker to keep yourself safe. A little bit of practice using these tips will have you trimming confidently around your fence in no time.

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