How to Remove Grass Stains From Concrete (Step by Step)

Need some help removing those pesky grass stains off your concrete? You aren’t alone. Removing grass stains from concrete can seem like a big task, especially if you have a larger area to work with. But don’t worry, we’ve got the solution right here.

In this article, we will be going over the step-by-step process of sprucing up your concrete and removing the grass stains. Say goodbye to the old and stained concrete.

Want to find out how to get rid of those stains? Keep on reading. Enjoy an easy-to-read step-by-step guide on how exactly to approach this bothersome household chore. Worry no more, there’s a solution, and it’s right here.

Steps to Remove Grass Stains From Concrete

Step 1) Sweep Away Loose Grass and Dirt

Before we get started on removing the stains, we want to make sure we have a clean area to work with. That’s why the first thing you’re going to want to do is to sweep away any dirt or stray pieces of grass. This way, we will have a perfectly clean surface to work with for removing the real problem: the stains.

This is an important step because if you don’t have a clean surface, it’ll be harder to locate the stains. But once you have made sure there are no bits of grass or dirt lying around, you can get started on the actual process of getting rid of those stains. In the next step, we will do just that.

Step 2) Combine Detergent and Water in a Bucket

Now that we have a cleaner surface to work with, it’s time to mix up the solution we will be using to try and rid the stains. The solution you’re going to want to make is a mix of dishwashing detergent and water, but you can also add baking soda if you’d like.

Only use a small amount of detergent, around 1/8th of a cup for a gallon of water. You don’t have to make a giant bucket of the solution, but mix up a decent amount, as we will be using a lot of soap and water for this process. Mix it together well in a bucket or bin, and make sure that it’s got a good amount of strong detergent. And just like that, you’ll be ready to go and get started scrubbing!

Step 3) Pour Some of the Water on the Concrete

Once you’ve properly cleaned the area and prepared the mixture, pour a small amount on the surface of the concrete and let it soak in. Do not use all of it at once, we want to use it in small increments as we scrub off the stains.

Make sure you use enough that the entire area is wet, but not so much that it’s spilling everywhere. We want to conserve some of it for later. So, for just starting out, cover the surface in a light layer of your mixture and get ready for step four.

Step 4) Scrub

After spreading the mixture of detergent and water evenly across the surface, we can begin to scrub away the stains. Grab a scrub brush, press down and scrub harshly across the pavement. It’s important that you apply decent pressure as you scrub, but not so much that it damages the scrub brush.

Take your time scrubbing off the stains and really getting the surface cleaned up. This should be the longest part of the process, as you’ll be scrubbing hard to try and get those stains out. So, you may be wondering, what happens when the concrete runs dry again?

Step 5) Rinse and Repeat

If you were wondering what to do when you’re scrubbing and you start to run out of water, look no further. In step five, we will add more of our solution as needed and scrub even more to get some of the deeper stains. Take your time with this, and if you use up all your soapy water and still have stains, make a new batch. Keep going until you are satisfied with the look of your concrete.

And just like that, you’ve cleaned up your concrete and gotten rid of those ugly grass stains!

In Summary

When something like the process of removing grass stains is broken down into simple steps like this, it can be extra helpful in guiding you. If you follow these steps, soon your concrete will look good as new and free of grass stains.

The task of removing those pesky stains from your concrete can be really difficult to get a handle on, especially if you have a lot of areas to work with. Hopefully, with this step-by-step process serving as a guide, you can get the job done easily. Don’t let yard work and household chores like this one hold you back, there’s always an easy way to approach things.

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