How to Protect Yard From Golf Balls

Perhaps you live in a neighborhood that’s next to a local golf club. While golfing can be a relaxing sport, it is not relaxing when a golf ball knocks over or damages one of your plants. Coming up with a way to protect them is essential to your yard’s survival. 

But How to Protect yard from golf balls? We plan on answering this question throughout this article. We’ll give you a few tips and techniques to protect your yard from becoming an impromptu golf course. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have the tools needed to protect your yard. Golf balls can be annoying to some homeowners, and we want to solve that nuisance for you. That being said, let’s get started!

What Windows Should I Use?

Let’s face it; a golf ball is going to hit your windows most of the time. This means that you’ll have to buy windows and equipment that reduces the impact. Get windows based on the architecture of your house, and make sure that they are durable enough for extensive usage. 

Since windows come in different sizes and forms, it’s important to get golf ball-resistant ones. This will help protect your yard, but hurricane impact windows are designed to stay safe. In rare scenarios, you will see a hurricane impact window crack. 

The best thing you can do if you live near the golf course is to buy a pair of hurricane impact windows. However, hurricane impact windows are expensive, and we don’t recommend shelling out a lot of money for them just yet. Only install them when you deem it’s necessary. 

You can get hurricane impact windows for one area of your house that gets pummeled by golfballs. That way, you can keep that area fully protected while preventing any unexpected golf ball damage.  

How to Protect Windows from Golf Balls

Use Golf Ball Screens

Golf ball screens are your first line of defense against golf balls. As its name suggests, it creates a protective screen on your windows to protect them from golf balls. This reduces the chance the golf balls can hit the delicate glass that’s on your windows. 

The screens are placed a few inches away from your actual windows. That’s because the screens absorb the golf ball’s impact, preventing it from causing damage. However, a golf ball flying at full force can break through the screen break your windows. 

Because of this, some builders create an additional window frame for enhanced protection. In addition, golf screens provide UV and sunlight protection due to their dark appearance. 


Alternatively, you can use Plexiglass to protect your yard. You can screw plexiglass sheets on your existing window frames. This will create a permanent solution for the most dangerous golf balls.

However, plexiglass does have one issue. It collects water in the small gaps between the window and the plexiglass when it rains. It’s so subtle that you won’t notice any water until the window shows that it’s damaged. If you need help, you can hire an experienced professional to install the plexiglass on your windows to avoid this. 

Before installing plexiglass, create tiny holes so the air can reach the window panels. By doing this, the air will dry off the moisture that gets trapped inside. This prevents accumulation and allows your windows to be safe from golf balls. 

Awning and Shutters

Unlike basketballs and footballs, golf ball curves out from their source before hitting a window. Since golf balls tend to fall from above, awning and shutters can dramatically reduce damage. 

Since the awning must be placed above the window, it’s limited compared to exterior shutters. However, exterior shutters can be used during the daytime when the golf activity is at its peak. Then, you can remove them during the night to allow a breeze to enter the room. 


You could also use netting as a way to protect your yard. In order for it to work, you must have a property that is placed in a certain way. Check the dimensions of your yard and see if it can use this setup. 

In addition, you can use trees to help keep the net in place. Use multiple trees to ensure that the nets are hanging properly. 

There are some pros and cons when installing netting in your yard. On the negative aspect, the netting tends to have a problem with the view. When installing a netting system for your yard, it can block the view of the golf course. 

However, netting is a great option if you have children and pets in your yard. With a net, you’ll feel more confident at letting the children play while golfers are around. If you’re feeling creative, you can have a netting system that can be raised and lowered to ensure you get the best view possible.

Roll Down Panels

If you want a temporary solution, roll-down panels are effective. The panel is protected through a robust vinyl polyester screen. You can pull down the panels at any given time in your yard if there is a risk of golf balls around the area. 

Roll-down panels are a great option if you live in a neighborhood with seasonal golf players. Instead of removing screens periodically, you can roll down the panels when necessary. 

This gives you the ability to roll down the panels when there is a local golf event. You can roll them back up again when the golf courses are empty. Plus, you don’t have to apply it to every window on your property. 

Some windows in your home will be a hotspot for golf balls. These are the ones you can focus on adding roll-down panels for added protection. You can decide where you’ll want to install the roll-down panels, and you can pull them down as required. 

What Should I Do If My Window Is Cracked?

Since most modern windows have some impact resistance, they’ll be If a golf ball has cracked your window, you should replace them immediately. Window cracks reduce the durability of your windows. 

Even if the crack is too small to allow water or air to pass by, there’s a possibility that your window will get hit again. Multiple golf balls on one window can lead to glass shards lying around your house. 

Alternatively, having cracked windows is a sign that you must upgrade them. While it might cost more in installation costs, you’ll rest assured that your property is safe from golf ball attacks.

Ignore the “Not Liable” Claims

Some golf clubs tend to have a “Not Liable” policy. They will put up signs that say they are not liable to golf ball damage. In fact, they’ll even tell their staff to state that they’re not responsible if you attempt to complain about the damage. 

Anyone engaged in a golfing activity that can potentially harm you or your property, they must prevent the damage from happening. If not, you have the right to tell them to pay for your repair bills.


To conclude, it is important to keep your yard safe from golf balls. Since they can ruin your windows or garden equipment, try to add a few screens or panels to the most affected areas. That way, you can protect your property and keep it safe from nearby golfing tournaments.

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