How to Mow Over Stepping Stones (Step by step)

Mowing over stepping stones is difficult, and it can be hard to think of a solution sometimes. That’s what this article is here for. Today, we will be going over the process step-by-step, so the next time your lawn needs tending to, you don’t have to worry about the stepping stones on your lawn.

How to Mow Over Stepping Stones

Step 1: Clear Area of Debris

The first thing you’re going to want to do is clear the area around the stones of any debris. If your yard is decently messy, it may be wise to circle around your entire yard and clear any sticks or rocks out of the way.

Just check around the stepping stones and get rid of anything that could get caught in your lawnmower’s blades. You don’t want any extra problems to deal with, so this is a great first step to take. Once you’ve done this, we can move on to the next stage.

Step 2: Mow the Bulk of Your Lawn

Now that we’ve cleared away any debris that may have gotten in our way, we can move on to mowing the lawn. Mow your lawn exactly as normal, avoiding the area of the stepping stones for now.

Work your way around your lawn until the only section that’s left is the area with the stepping stones. Save the entire area around your stepping stones for last, as they are going to be the most time consuming.

Step 3: Mow Over Stepping Stones

Yes, you heard that right. Next, we are going to mow over the stones. It is perfectly safe to mow over any stepping stones that are flat and even surfaces. So now, take a moment to mow around and over top of each stone, making sure you get as much trimmed as you can.

Make sure that you keep the mower’s wheels on the ground and be careful not to go over any area that is raised. Simply go over the perimeter of the stones, careful not to bring the wheels off the ground. Some of the areas closest to the stones may be a little neglected at this time. That’s what the next step comes in for.

Step 4: Fine Tuning

Once you’ve done mowing the entire line as well as overtop the stepping stones, it’s time to do some finer work. Grab a weed whacker or other gardening tool and trim the grass that you couldn’t get with your lawn mower, the area closest to the stones. Make sure everything is even and looks alright.

Since you can’t go completely over the stepping stones with your mower, this step just ensures that everything is evenly cut and taken care of. This step isn’t necessary for some. If you appeared to get everything perfectly mowed in the previous step, feel free to skip this one.

And just like that, you’ve mowed over the stepping stones in your lawn! Your lawn is all tidy and freshly cut.

So, now let’s answer the big question of this article; can you mow over stepping stones?

Can You Mow Over Stepping Stones?

So, can you really mow over stepping stones? Or do you have to be extra inconvenienced by having to go around them?

Yes, you can mow over stepping stones. However, it’s important to note that you must not go over any raised area of stone. Only mow over the perimeter, keeping your wheels on the level ground.

If the stepping stones are raised above ground level in any area, do not go over this area. Otherwise, you are perfectly okay to go over the stepping stones on your lawn. Although generally, it is okay to go over stepping stones, it’s important to note that you should not try to go over an area that is too raised above ground level. This could be detrimental to your lawn mower. Only go around the perimeter of your stepping stones, or if you’re more comfortable use a weed whacker around them instead.


Overall, yes, you can go over stepping stones with a lawn mower. However, do not simply just go straight over the stones on your lawn. Making sure that you keep the wheels of your mower on the level ground as well as avoiding mowing straight over the stones will help prevent any potential issues.

Remember to take extra care when mowing over stepping stones, make sure you don’t steer your mower onto a raised stone surface, as this could potentially damage your mower. If you follow the steps listed here, you should be more than capable of mowing over the stepping stones in your yard. With these steps and some extra caution, you’ll be well on your way to mowing over stepping stones.

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