How to Cut Grass Around Rocks

Do you have a lawn with an area full of rocks that makes mowing your lawn confusing? Or maybe you mow lawns for a living and you don’t know what to do when you encounter this. Whatever your situation may be, don’t let rocks get in the way of mowing your lawn.

This is exactly why you’re here: you don’t want rocks to get in your way. In this guide, you’ll know exactly how to mow around a lawn with rocks and how to protect yourself. Here is your complete guide to mowing around these pesky things.

How Do You Cut Grass Around Rocks?

Now, the big question. How do you cut the grass around rocks? Well in this guide, we will find out just that. No more worrying about what you should do, here are the steps:

Step 1: Make Sure the Lawn is Clear

The first thing you’re going to want to do is clear your lawn. Make sure that there aren’t any stray rocks wandering around your yard and clear out any debris. This way we can be sure that we won’t be hitting any rocks.

In doing this, make sure that the space around the rocks you’re trying to avoid is clear as well. This is the most likely spot for loose rocks to be, so be sure to check and clean up as needed. Once you have done this, you can safely move on to the next step.

Step 2: Mow the Bulk of Your Lawn

Now that you have been assured there are no rocks on the lawn, you can move on to mowing your lawn. Just mow the lawn as normal, avoiding the area around the rocks. We’ll take care of the area around the rocks later, for now just mow all the other areas as normal.

Mow across your lawn vertically until you’ve reached the area where the rocks are. Once you have successfully mowed the rest of the lawn, all that’s left is the area surrounding the rocks.

Step 3: Set the Blades High

Once you have finished mowing the rest of the lawn, it’s time to do the more technical work around the rocks. Change your blades to be higher so their cutting higher up. This way, you will avoid the pesky rocks with ease as you make your way along their border.

It’s important to make sure you are exercising caution from this point on, however. Although the blades have been changed to aim higher, there is still a chance you could hit a rock that would then projectile. Always be careful when dealing with rocks and mowing.

Step 4: Mow Towards the Edge of The Rock Area

Now that we have properly adjusted the blade height, we can go ahead and slowly mow toward the rocks. Making sure that you aren’t touching any of the rocks with the mower, slowly go up and down horizontally avoiding the rocks with care.

Once you have gotten as close as you can without touching the rocks, you have succeeded. Just make sure after you’re done that you didn’t accidentally push more rocks onto your lawn.

Step 5: Touch Up the Area with a Weedwhacker

No more lawn mowers, it’s time for some fine-tuning. Now that we have successfully mowed as much as we can of the area, go in with a weedwhacker or garden scissors and trim the grass closest to the rocks if necessary.

This is not a necessary step, however, it is important for those of us who can’t get close enough to cut all the grass. But once you have done this we can continue on.

Can You Mow Over Rocks?

Now to answer the most pressing question: can you mow over rocks? The answer is no. No, you cannot mow over rocks. If you attempt to move over a rock, it will projectile toward you and you are at risk of being harmed.

There is absolutely no reason why you should mow over rocks. Anything that is loose on the ground when you’re mowing your lawn could hit you or someone else when it enters the mower. It is completely unsafe to try and mow over rocks.

There are, however some exceptions to this rule. If you have stepping stones or larger rocks that are in the ground, this is typically much easier to go over. Stepping stones are easy to mow over, you just have to set your blade a bit higher and make sure the stone isn’t raised above the ground.

But overall, just always be careful when you encounter a yard with rocks. You don’t want any of them to hit you on their way out of the mower, so try your best to avoid them.

If you plan on mowing around a rocky area, the steps in this article are here to help. However, there is one more thing that could help keep you a bit safer.

Wearing eye protection and covering up any exposed skin could be an extra layer of protection you commit to when mowing around these rocks. If you’re really nervous about your eyes getting hit, wear protective gear! It’s always good to be safe.


Overall, always be careful when it comes to mowing a lawn with rocks surrounding it. You always want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep yourself and others safe. When mowing your lawn, it is always good to be aware of your surroundings and maintain focus.

However, when it comes to mowing around rocks, this is even more important. Always be sure you aren’t mowing too close over a rock, and when it comes to stepping stones be cautious. If you do this and follow the steps laid out for you here, you’ll be sure to get any lawn mowed, no matter the rocks.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you know exactly how to mow around rocks. No more cutting corners, it’s time to cut your lawn. Do it the right way once and for all with these steps.

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