How early is too early to mow

I’m pretty sure you love mowing your lawn as much as I do but you still aren’t sure of the best time to mow your lawn. To be honest we all have busy schedules throughout the day however, not every hour during the day is ideal for mowing.

There are a number of us who work the normal 9- 5 day job, so would usually prefer to mow their lawns either very early in the morning or in the evening after work. Although it is also important that you know mowing your lawn very early in the morning may cause more harm than good to you. Yes that’s right! This is because most lawn mowers are really loud and tend to make a lot of noise whenever you use them to cut the grass on your lawn.

It is not ideal to mow your lawn before 8 am because firstly lawn mowers are very loud machines. Therefore this can be a cause of nuisance to your neighbours which may attract you trouble and a lot of noise complaints. In addition to this, the grass is also normally still dump early in the morning which will hinder you from getting a perfect cut from your lawn mower.

What to consider in order to know how early is too early to mow

  • State regulations

Did you know that there are regulations that have been implemented in various states concerning landscapers? Some states allow you to mow your lawn from as early as 7 am and some extend this time line to 9 am. Well, the whole point of these regulations is to ensure the interests of your neighbours are also catered for. Therefore, you may actually be compelled to pay a fine to the state if you keep on disturbing the peace of your neighbours with your noisy mower every morning. So you should be careful and adhere to the laws of your state in order to keep yourself out of trouble.

  • Condition of the grass

Grass is usually wet during early mornings due to the mowing dew. Now, it is not advisable to cut the grass on your lawn when it is dump because you won’t be able to get a precise cut. Wet grass is also bad for your lawn mower as the clippings may clog the cutting deck of your lawn mower and prevent it from operating efficiently. Therefore, it is not ideal to mow your lawn before 8 am.

Time of the day

Whether it is ideal to mow

6 am- 8 am ( Early morning)

It is not the best time to mow because the grass will still be dump due to morning dew.

8am- 10 am (Mid- morning)

This is the best time to mow your lawn because the grass will have dried up. You are assured of a perfect cut at this time of day.

10 am- 2 am (Midday)

Mowing at this time will weaken your grass as it will be receiving a lot of heat from the sun which makes it lose its moisture.

2pm- 4 pm (Mid- afternoon) 

There may still be a little strain on your grass.

4pm- 6pm (Late afternoon)

This is another good time to mow your lawn because of the temperature drops.


It isn’t ideal to mow at this time because you may expose your grass to fungi.


We have clearly seen that mowing your lawn very early in the morning is not a good time to mow your lawn. Therefore, you should always mow your lawn any time after 8 am in order to get a perfect cut and also to always be at peace with your neighbours.


What other time will be ideal to mow my lawn apart from morning hours?

It is also okay to mow your lawn in the evening between 4- 6 pm.

What time is my grass likely to dry up from morning dew?

Grass usually dries up by around 8 am in the morning making it a good time for you to mow.

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