Gorilla Cart vs Wheelbarrow – Which is Better?

If you love gardening, you know how it can be time-consuming. A lot of hard work and sweat goes into a garden before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. One of the most important gardening tools you should have is a wheelbarrow or gorilla cart to make your work easier around your garden.

A wheelbarrow is one of the oldest gardening tools that is used to haul heavy loads of debris or gardening materials from one corner of your garden to the other.

You can save a lot of time and finish your job easily and quickly and without too much strain if you’re using the right wheelbarrow.

However, a wheelbarrow can injure you and cause a lot of damage to your back if you’re hauling heavy loads and you don’t use it properly.

However, the gorilla cart is more comfortable to use for carrying heavy loads easily and effortlessly and you don’t have to worry about stability since it uses four wheels and a pull handle to steer.

Gorilla cart

There’s nothing better than having a reliable gardening cart, especially when you’re gardening, mowing, or doing some yard work.

They’re ergonomic and come with highly functional features that will make work around your house better and easier.

With so many gorilla carts in the market, there are a few factors you should keep in mind like the cart design and structure, how you use the cart and the type of cart you want to use.

Gorilla carts have four heavy-duty wheels with a deep poly bed and a steel frame basin that is capable of carrying at least 600 pounds, but you can choose from the various sizes available depending on your needs.

A cart with large ridged tires is better for pulling the cart effortlessly across rough terrain without putting too much strain on your back.

Here are some things to consider.

Bed construction material

The material used to construct the bed of your gorilla cart will determine how strong it is and how much weight it can carry. A cart bed is mostly made of steel, polyethylene, or plastic.

Steel is the most durable and robust material that is long-lasting and able to handle heavy loads, but it requires to be cleaned properly after use as it’s prone to rust.

Polyethylene is great for different weather and carrying small loads while plastic is lightweight, easy to carry, but for medium loads.


Garden carts have lightweight plastic tires that require less maintenance but can only carry light to medium loads over smooth and flat surfaces and don’t get punctured.

Pneumatic tires are used in carts that carry heavy loads over rough and flat surfaces but can be punctured. 

Carrying capacity

Choose a garden cart that matches your gardening chores or it will become useless.

If you’re only carrying small bags of compost and a few tools, a small cart will do, but for heavy-duty loads get a spacious cart to accommodate everything.


A wheelbarrow just like a garden cart is an easy way of transporting gardening essential around your yard.

The size, weight, and shape will vary with the wheelbarrow and the work intended.

Unlike the gorilla cart that has four wheels, the wheelbarrow is a single wheel cart with 2 supporting legs and 2 handles at the rear to help you push it.

Wheelbarrows are either made of steel, plastic, or aluminum.

You will mostly find steel wheelbarrows in construction sites and large gardens since their basin are better equipped to handle heavy-duty work.

Some people prefer plastic wheelbarrows since they don’t rust and are lighter and easy to maneuver. 

Here are a few features to consider


The basin is either made of metal or plastic and although metal is stronger it’s prone to rust while plastic is lightweight and waterproof, and even more resistant to things like animal waste.

Number of wheels

You can get a single or dual-wheel wheelbarrow that is easier to handle and has a better stability. 


You should consider the weight you’re going to carry on your wheelbarrow and choose the right one to carry your desired loads.


You should also consider the space where you’re going to be using it. If it’s a narrow space, you should get a wheelbarrow that’s not bulky, but if it’s a big space you can get a bigger one.

Differences Between Gorilla Cart and Wheelbarrow


While both gorilla carts and wheelbarrows basically perform the same functions, they have very different designs. A wheelbarrow has one or two wheels and sloping sides.

The two handles behind it make it easy to control and maneuver. It’s also very handy when you’re carrying loose materials to dump like soil or gravel.

However, a gorilla cart has flat bottoms and straight sides, 2-4 large wheels, and a handle for pulling. It’s more stable than a wheelbarrow and can carry more.


A gorilla cart has a lower center of gravity which makes it more stable, but when you’re pushing a wheelbarrow from behind you have more control and it’s easier to maneuver it.

A wheelbarrow with one wheel is easier to turn and can handle tight spots well, but can lose balance when carrying a heavy load.

However, a garden cart is pulled which limits its maneuverability, but its multiple wheels give it better stability and its large wheels can handle rough terrain.


The surface terrain you’re going to be using these two garden tolls will matter a lot. Is it a rocky, uneven, or hilly area? A cart will handle better bumpy and rough terrain but can be tricky when handling a hilly area.

A wheelbarrow is easier to control on any terrain but it will be difficult to control on rocky terrain.


Both weight and cubic footage are different for both garden tools.

Types of wheelbarrows

Type of wheelbarrow


Stainless steel

Sturdy and durable, can be used in a wide range of jobs, come in a variety of designs, not prone to rust


Lightweight and easily portable, cheaper, doesn’t rust


Biodegradable, not prone to rust or corrosion


Flexible and foldable, easy to load and offload, lighter and easy to maneuver


Smaller than full-sized wheelbarrows, made of wood, perfect for planting flowers


Gorilla carts and wheelbarrows are important gardening tools that help to simplify your work around your garden.

A gorilla cart is better since you can easily move it around than a wheelbarrow and it’s sturdier because you don’t have to lift it.

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