Best Shovel For Gravel 2023 – Buying Guide and Review

Shoveling gravel can be a daunting task. When you have the right shovel, it can make your gardening and landscaping life easier. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide to help you get a high-quality shovel for your next gardening project. 

These are the best shovels for gravel in the market, so you’re getting a powerful lawn tool when you purchase one of them. If you’re still stuck, look at the Things to Consider When Buying a Shovel section to determine what shovel you’re looking for.  By the end of this article, you’ll have the proper information to make a conscious buying decision. 

List of the best shovels for Gravels

Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel, 48 in.Handle

First on our list is the 1 Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel. This shovel weighs 3.67 lbs, making it easy and lightweight to carry. You can use the shovel for gravel, trenches, and organizing dirt throughout your lawn when in use. 

One of its highlight features is its sturdiness. The handle is made out of fiberglass, which feels comfortable when the user grips on it. With its iron front tip, it has enough leverage to pick up a sufficient amount of dirt each time it’s in use. 

The shovel has ergonomic power handles that are designed to meet the highest performance. In addition, the shovel’s blade can withstand being in contact with stones, giving it more long-term usage. This is better than competing brands with weaker blades that bend when placed near rocks. 

Overall, you should consider the Nupla-72-016 if you want the best shovel for gravel. Not only is it good for leveling your backyard, but it is durable enough to last for extended usage for up to 6+ months. For gardeners who need intensive lawn maintenance, this is the right shovel for you.  


  • Ergonomic Power Handles
  • Lightweight
  • Polypropylene Outer Jacket


  • Handles appear unfinished
  • Weak Back Section 


The Martha Stewart MTS-MDS1 is ranked second on this list. Its highlight feature lies in its 8-inch shovel blade. The blade can easily cut through soil and dirt, making it a useful tool in anyone’s garden. 

Also, it helps the user have proper form when digging, which helps reduce injuries in the long term. For example, the MTS-MDS1 gives you an optimal amount of leverage and better lifting when cutting off small roots and sods. Because of this, you’ll get the most utility when it’s in use. 

This high-quality shovel is crafted out of impact-resistant and heat-treated steel. Why is this important? Because it gives your shovel the power needed to dig through deeper areas while still giving you the most coverage. 

Because of its lightweight design, the MTS-MDS1 is great for shoveling gravel in tight spots and spreading mulch. It only weighs 2.44 pounds, making it easy for anyone to start using. If you want an affordable yet reliable shovel, this is a great option. 


  • Easy Dirt Lifting
  • Good for Shoveling Tight Areas
  • Penetrates Soil With Minimal Effort


  • Nails fall apart when in use
  • Breaks easily

Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

The Bon LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is great for those needing a tough shovel at a reasonable price. For instance, it has a sharp edge that reduces the labor needed to pick up the dirt. Because of this, it allows you to level your yard quickly without exerting too much energy on your end. 

Like many shovels, it contains a fiberglass handle. This one is unique because it has a non-slip grip, which ensures that the shovel remains in your hand. Due to this increased comfort, you’ll be able to improve your lawn with ease.

However, it does have a few minor issues that prevent it from becoming higher on this list. Some consumers stated that the shovel was too lightweight, making it bend if you’re shoveling rough terrain. Try to use this shovel for light applications to optimize its longevity.

Still, the Bond LH015 is good if you’re on a budget. While it is unable to be used for clay soil, it can be used for beach, camping, and gardening. With coated paint that’s rust-resistant, you can ensure that the metal won’t rip off after extensive activity. 


  • Durable
  • Sharpened Edges
  • Non-Slip Grip


  • Small blade handle
  • Doesn’t work in winter environments

CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel High Carbon Steel

Need a shovel that’s more portable? The Co-Z Mini Folding Shovel is a compact military-grade shovel weighing in at 28 oz. It comes with a nylon carrying case for better storage, allowing you to take the shovel anywhere. 

Plus, it does feature a thick cutting blade. The shovel can attach and effectively dig through gravel with its reinforced blade. This shovel is a great tool for campers, gardens, backyards, and lawns. 

This shovel was designed to improve your digging volume. And it is extremely versatile, as it can be used as a  beach shovel or a trowel for car camping. If your car is ever stuck in the mud, you can rely on the CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel to help you dig it out.

You should get the CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel if you want the best shovel for gravel. It has a high-carbon steel material, giving you the enhanced durability needed for all-purpose shoveling. You can use the shovel as a crowbar, hoe, and saw, which is great for professional or DIY gardeners. 


  • Survival Shovel 
  • Increased Digging Volume
  • Thick Cutting Blade


  • Cheap Plastic
  • Too Small for Large Lawns


Last on our list is the TABOR TOOLS Shovel. This shovel features rust-resistant coated paint. If you want a shovel with better foot placement, its forward turned-step will keep your feet secure. 

Consider getting the TABOOR TOOLS Shovel if you need to dig through tight spaces. It has a compact design, making it a great choice for working in garden boxes and camping. You can safely store the shovel when you’re done because of this small size. 

We also like the shovel’s round point nose and corrosion-resistant steel blade. The D-grip feature helps with controlling the material when shoveling. Use the smaller head of the shovel if you have to dig planting holes. 

For a long-lasting shovel, you can’t go wrong with the TABOOR TOOLS shovel. It only weighs 1.8 pounds, making it easy for quick storage. By getting this shovel, you’ll be able to enhance your lawn’s appearance and remove any roots lying underground. 


  • Compact Design
  • D-Handle Included
  • Tempered Steelhead


  • Blade bending
  • Detached Handle

Things to Consider When Buying a Shovel

Blade Construction Type

Forged Shovels

Forged shovels are crafted out of steel smelted at high pressure. As a result, it creates the thickest and strongest blade. During the forging process, varying the steel thickness aids in the stamping process. 

Because of this, forged shovels have increased blade thickness in important stress areas. Then it thins towards the edge to enhance the soil cutting performance. 

Open Back Shovels

Open back shovels are the most affordable blade. The blade is stamped and forged into shape and is good if you need a simple shovel for your backyard. 

Closed Back Shovels

These shovels have a closed back because of the additional welded plate. This plate improves the strength of the shovel, and it has a smooth surface that stops additional weight because of soil buildup. 

Should I Get A High Lift or Low Lift Shovel?

When shoveling, the answer lies in your personal preferences and what you’re trying to accomplish. Use a high lift shovel to help with cleaning out trenches and spreading materials. Because of its higher angle, you’ll be able to stand upright when spreading or scooping. 

Low lift shovels include spades and caprock shovels. Use this shovel if you need a vertical digging area to dig a plant area, redefine your landscape edges, and dig straight down. 

Blade Handle Type

The quality of your blade’s handle will determine how well you can grip it. Here are the most common types available: 

  • Steel

Steel shovels have the highest durability but have increased weight. The oval shape of the handles makes a good end cap, which has rubber grips for better control. This blade also has the D-Grip option, so you won’t have to worry about your shovel slipping from your hands when it’s in use.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is more durable than wood because it is constructed out of thick walls. It has a tapered adapter that helps with creating a strong blade to handle the connection. Plus, this shovel is UV resistant, giving you more time to work on your garden during the summer. 

  • Wood

Wooden shovels have a traditional design and offer a D-Grip, unlike other blade types. Use wooden shovels if you want a simple shovel that provides maximum handle strength and socket/handle connection. 

  • Composite:

While composite shovels are more durable than wood, but still share the same contour and feel. It is mixed with fiberglass material, giving it more weather resistance and a better-riveted connection. 


To conclude, the best shovel for gravel is up to your personal preference. Buy the Nupla-72-016 if you want a great all-around shovel. You can purchase the MTS-MDS1   if you require something for garden-related maintenance. 

For a cheap yet effective shovel, get the Bond LHO15. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have a superior tool in maintaining, landscaping and customizing your garden. 

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