Can You Mow Over Dog Poop

Any dog owner knows the hassle of having to clean up all the dog poop in their yard before mowing the lawn. This extra chore can be time-consuming and frustrating. Because of this, many homeowners are wondering if it would be possible to simply mow their lawn over the dog poop. If you are part of this group of homeowners, be sure to read on as we answer all your questions.

Can You Mow Your Lawn Over Dog Poop?

The answer to this question is unfortunately, no. Mowing your lawn over dog poop can actually be quite dangerous and cause a number of problems. For starters, the blades on your lawn mower can become caked with dog feces which can lead to rusting and other damage. Additionally, if you have an old or weak lawn mower, the weight of the feces could potentially break the blades. Finally, any fecal matter that is left behind on your grass could attract pests like flies or rats.

However, we will suggest alternatives to mowing your lawn over dog poop that can make the chore a little easier later in this article!

What Happens if You Mow Over Dog Poop?

As we mentioned before, mowing your lawn over dog poop can be harmful and counter-productive for a number of reasons. Below, we cover the main effects of mowing over dog poop and why it is not worth doing it.

You May Ruin Your Blades

The first and most obvious consequence of mowing your lawn over dog poop is the possibility of ruining your blades. If you have an expensive or high-quality lawn mower, this is definitely something you will want to avoid. Even if your lawn mower isn’t super expensive, no one wants to deal with replacing their blades more often than necessary!

Feces Can Attract Pests

Another downside to leaving dog feces on your lawn is that it can attract all sorts of pests. Flies are attracted to feces and could potentially lay eggs in the grass near where the feces are located. Additionally, rats and other rodents are also known to be attracted to areas where there is a lot of fecal matter present. This could lead to infestations in and around your home which are definitely not fun to deal with. In addition to this, if you mow over dog poop, flies and pests will become interested in your lawn mower which can cause an infestation in your shed or wherever you store your lawn mower.


Although it may not seem like a big deal, rust is actually a very serious problem that can cause extensive damage to your lawn mower. Repeatedly mowing over dog poop can increase the amount of rust on your blades which will eventually lead to the blades breaking. Additionally, the feces can also get caught in the bearings of your lawn mower which can cause them to seize up and break.

The Smell will be Horrible

Finally, if we are being honest, the smell of dog feces is not pleasant. If you mow over dog poop, your lawn mower will likely end up smelling like feces which can be quite difficult to get rid of. Not to mention, if you have guests over, the last thing you want is for your yard to smell like dog poop! As such, even if it might seem faster and easier to simply mow over dog poop, we would advise against it.

How to Fix Dead Grass from Dog Poop

Now that we have covered all the reasons why you should not mow your lawn over dog poop, we will provide some tips on how to fix dead grass caused by dog feces.

Step #1: Remove the Feces First

The first and most important tip is to remove the feces from your lawn before doing anything else. This may seem like an obvious step, but it is important to make sure that all the feces are removed before moving on to the next steps. If you have a lot of dog poop to deal with, we would suggest using a shovel or rake to remove as much as possible. Once you have removed as much as you can, be sure to dispose of it in a plastic bag or another container so that it does not end up back on your lawn.

Step #2: Run the Hose

Although some will recommend disinfecting the area with bleach, we would advise against this as it can damage your grass. Instead, simply run the hose over the area for a few minutes to remove any remaining feces or bacteria.

Step #3: Use Grass Seed

Once you have removed all the feces and disinfected the area, you will need to replant grass seed in order to fix the dead patches of grass. Be sure to choose a grass seed that is appropriate for your climate and soil type. Once you have chosen the right seed, simply follow the instructions on the package and be sure to water regularly. With a little time and patience, your lawn will be looking good as new!

How Do You Keep Dogs from Popping on Your Lawn?

Now that we have covered how to fix dead grass caused by dog feces, you may be wondering how to keep dogs from pooping on your lawn in the first place. Although it may not be possible to completely stop all dogs from using your lawn as their personal bathroom, there are a few things you can do to deter them.

Some of the most efficient solutions are to fence in your yard, use Citronella spray, or to train your dog to go potty in a specific area. Fencing in your yard is probably the most effective solution as it will completely prevent dogs from being able to access your lawn. This way, you can avoid having other dogs use your lawn as their personal bathroom.

Here is good video on how to dispose of dog poop properly. 


Q: Can dog poop mess up a lawn mower?

A: Yes, dog poop can damage your lawn mower in a number of ways. These include creating rust, clogging up the bearings, and causing the blades to break. Additionally, the smell of dog feces can be difficult to get rid of.

Q: How often should you pick up dog poop?

A: It is best to pick up dog poop as soon as possible. However, if you cannot do this, be sure to remove it at least once a week.

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