Best Fungicide for Lawn Rust 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Let’s face it, having lawn rust can lead to a destroyed lawn if you’re not careful. Fungicide will appear to grow, further damaging your plants and crops. Fortunately, we’ve made this guide to help you. 

This article reviews the best fungicide for lawn rust. We’ll give you a clear view of their pros and cons, so you’ll get a full glimpse of how each one works. By the end, you’ll have enough information needed to get the right fungicide product for your lawn. 

The buying guide was made to help shoppers who are still indecisive on choosing fungicide. We’ll explain certain aspects to look for to ensure you make a conscious buying decision. 

Propiconazole 14.3 Select Honor Guard Broad Spectrum Fungicide 

The Propiconazole Fungicide features preventative and curative control, allowing you to get more rust removed in one session. You’ll want to get this if you want your fungicide to be removed and prevented from making a reappearance. 

Users like the Propiconazole because of its broad spectrum of fungicide and weeds removal. For example, it has 14.3% Propionazle, which works by stopping the fungal growth rate when it’s at an early stage. This keeps it at a minimal level, allowing it not to grow into a complete nuisance on your lawn. 

Plus, it contains a systemic fungicide that’s equipped to deal with a variety of turfgrass issues. It can handle lawn issues such as zoysia patch, powdery mildew, and gray leaf spot. Thus, this is a tool that aids in stopping lawn rust from ruining your garden or backyard. 


  • Versatile
  • Effective Lawn Fungicide
  • 14.3% Propinconazole 


  • No Mixing Label

Scotts Grub  ERX1 

Next on our list is the Scotts Grub ERX1. This fungicide can be used during the spring or early summer to prevent lawn rust for up to 4 months. Getting this fungicide ensures that you’ll have a clean and healthy lawn after one application. 

You’ll also like its improvement over its Scotts Grub ERX1. It its 25% more effective, meaning that it won’t take long before all of the rust and lawn fungus is removed altogether. It can kill off Japanese Beetle and other roach incidents in your backyard when used annually. You’ll like this fungicide if you have a lot of insects that need to vacate from your lawn immediately. 

The Scotts Grub ERX1 is an all-purpose fungicide that gets the job done. It removes lawn rust within 2-4 weeks of usage, so take time before it on your lawn. After some patience, you’ll notice a cleaner lawn that is now free from long-term mildew and rust. 


  • 25% More Effective Than Predecessor
  • Effective at Killing: White Grub 
  • Organic Fungicide 


  • Can take up to 4 weeks to experience results. 

Bonide 150 Infuse 

The Bondie 150 Infuse is a powerful tool for getting your lawn back in good condition. One of its highlight features is its easy application. Simply connect the fungicide towards a spray, and it will work its magic at removing pests and other ailments from your backyard. 

Also, it cannot become washed away, which is a sign of its durability. It has the ability to last for up to 1 month after application. While this isn’t as long as some of the higher-ranked fungicide, it’s perfect for short-term lawn care and management. 

Check up the Bondye 150 Infuse if you’re seeking a fungicide that’s simple to use and has full-lawn coverage. In addition, it can be used as a lawn growth stimulator, as it can be used to help newly planted lawns have the proper nutrients they need while protecting them for the long term. So, first-time lawn owners could use this product and get a lot of utility out of it. 


  • Kills multiple lawn infections
  • Simple Application Process
  • Growth Simulator


  •  Fungus still spreads on light applications 

Spectracide Immunex Fungus Plus Insect Control For Lawns,

As its name suggests, spectracide immunex provides a dual-layer of protection when applied to your yard. In fact, it can kill over 20 insects upon first contact!

But you’ll have to apply it multiple times in order to achieve its desired effect. Its fungus control is superb, as it can have to go through over 2,500 squ feet of land in one go. Get this if you require a quick tool in protecting your lawn. 

The Spectracide Immunex can also become rainproof within 1 hour. This ensures that the product can stay powerful at removing fungus, which can grow faster during rain-heavy climates. With its flip-tip sprayer, you can apply it evenly. As a result, its features make it a useful lawn tool if you want a portable fungicide to work on your lawn. 


  • Rain Resistant
  • 2,500 squ. Ft Lawn Spread
  • Quick Flip Sprayer 


  • Sometimes faulty mechanism

Dow AgroSciences

 This fungicide includes yard protection from over 15 different fungal diseases. Because of this feature alone, you can rest assured that your Fungicide will handle both lawn rust and stop insect infestations from becoming a significant problem. 

When in use, you’ll notice its versatility. You can use the Dow AgroSciences for residential and commercial turf. So, you’ll have a systemic yet reliable fungicide where it will find weeds such as  Anthracnose or Dollar Spot, giving you a safe and more pleasant yard after a few applications. 

Make sure to apply the Dow Agro Sciences on a 10-14 day schedule. Due to its two-week turnaround is a great tool for beginners and professional lawn tenders. Mainly, this is an optimal choice for those wanting the most lawn protection and promotion in plant growth. 


  • Strong against 15 fungal diseases
  • Improves Brown Patch Lawns
  • Best used on a 7-14 day application rate


  • Spray nozzle doesn’t work.

Buying Guide

When searching for a Fungicide for your lawn, you’ll want to ensure that it’s exactly suited for the lawn problem you’re facing. If you’re dealing with  a lawn problem, you can find more information on how to best help your lawn or what to find in a good fungicide in this section: 

Lawn Spread

The Lawn Spread measures how many square feet your Fungicide can apply throughout your lawn. For example, if the bag labels 5,000 square feet, then it can be used for a medium-sized lawn. 

But, you should plan to go for a larger lawn spread if you’re doing this for a commercial lawn. Expect to have a few more layers of the fungicide and over 10,000 squ. Ft if you’re trying to clear out a large yard.

Lawn Seasons

The seasons will affect how often you should apply the fungicide and how your lawn will react. Here’s how you can get the right fungicide based on what season or climate you’re facing. 

  • Spring

Spring is where you’ll see the most growth in your yard. However, this is a time when you should do a few spring cleaning sessions. This keeps your yard fresh and prepares it for the hotter summer seasons.

  • Summer

In the summer, pesticides and garden threats are more prevalent and active in your garden. Yard killers such as Rust and Red Thread are more likely to occur. Through using some of the fungicides on this list, you’ll be completely fine. 

  • Fall

During the fall, you’ll have to prepare your lawn for the further seasons. The fungus can stay dormant or hibernating in this phase. So you’ll want to have a fungicide that goes deep within the root. 

Application Method

Different lawn fungicides have different timing procedures in order for them to work correctly. For example, it could take 7-days for the lawn to fully ingrain the fungicide within its soil. 

This time will vary from product to product, so always check before purchasing. The best fungicide for rust will have a  different time frame than the spray but eliminate the rust once that time frame is completed. 

Organic vs. Inorganic Fungicide

Both organic and inorganic solutions are a good way to get the rust out of your lawn. However, if you have to make a decision, it will depend on the severity of the lawn. For instance, organic fungicide is used when you want to keep your surrounding plants intact. 

But, there are some whose lawns are plagued by multiple ailments (mold, mildew, constant pests, etc.). That’s when inorganic fungicide works really well. If you have enough time to let know about the issue of your lawn, you could use organic for long-term relief and inorganic fungicide for a quick way to protect your lawn. 


We believe that a lawn is only as good as the fungicide used to clean it. Use the Scotts Grub ERX1 if you want an organic way to remove rust. But for those who need extra chemical strength, the Propiconazole 14.3 is the best in its type. 

While it uses 14.3% Propicanazole, it effectively keeps the more severe lawn rust problems at bay. In conclusion, No matter which one you choose from this list, you’ll feel rest assured that your lawn will be in good condition and ready to grow with no strings attached. 

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