Should I Bag my Grass Clippings if I Have Weeds

Most homeowners put a lot of effort into maintaining a beautiful lawn, but it can be challenging, especially when you have weeds. Mowing regularly will help you maintain your lawn, but this will also produce grass clippings that need to go somewhere. Should I bad my grass clippings if a have weeds? The answer is … Read more

How soon after spraying weeds can I mow? (Find Out Here)

Most homeowners spread weed killer and fertilizer on their lawns during spring. Weed and feed is a combination of herbicides that kill weeds and pesticides that simultaneously help to improve the health of your lawn. Most herbicides you use on your lawn grasses go to work quickly and halt the growth of weeds immediately, but … Read more

Does Boiling Water Kill Weeds

There has always been a war going on between gardeners and weeds for decades. Each battle involving a different strategy from home remedies to professional applications trying to find a way to eradicate the ever invasive weed. Over the years we’ve learned a few tricks that help in keeping weeds away apart from pulling, spraying, … Read more

Do Weeds Die in Winter

Weed invasion in your flowerbed, vegetable garden, or lawn is nothing new to most gardeners. While manual and cultural practices like proper tilling, fertilization, and irrigation can be effective in controlling weeds, some gardeners opt to spray weed killer. Battling weeds all-year-round can be tiring, but can weeds die in winter? The cold weather can … Read more