Best Safety Glasses For Lawn Care – 2023 Buying and Reviews

Let’s face it, having a pair of safety glasses can make or break your lawn maintenance experience. The right pair of glasses will make clearing your lawn a breeze, while the wrong pair can spell disaster. We created this post to help you get the Best Safety Glasses For Lawn Care.

This article will explain the top 5 Best Safety Glasses For Lawn Care. Here, we’ll explain the glasses based on their pros and cons to help you better understand how they work. That way, you can make a conscious buying decision.

We even included a Buying Guide to help you understand the mechanics behind a good pair of safety glasses. By looking at the glasses frame lenses, lens technology, and prescription safety lenses, you’ll get a pair of safety glasses that’s worth your money.

List of the best safety glasses for lawn care

ROCK SAFE Safety Glasses

The ROCK SAFE Safety Glasses provide optimal protection in areas with high UV Rays. The glasses’ black protective covering keeps your eyes safe from such ailments, allowing you to protect your eyes while keeping unwanted debris away.

Users also like the ROCKSAFE’s Air Cool Design. This allows the glasses to have airflow through via its Glasses Template. As a result, the user has increased comfort and control when they place the glasses on their face.

Mainly, check out the Rock safe Safety glasses if you want something that offers a full view of protection. It has a 200• angle vision which helps with adding more coverage and more user safety.


  • 8 Glasses Included
  • Ergonomic Design
  • UV RAY Protection


  • Limited Protection


The 3M SAFETY GLASSES, Virtua CSS, is ranked #2 in our list. It has a dust defense feature, a foam gasket that keeps your eyes safe from small particles such as dust, grass, and other ailments. With its additional cushioning, it gives you more safety and control when it’s in use.

Fog protection is a common ailment that can make lawn care a tedious operation. The 3M Safety Glasses has an anti-fog feature that aids in humid environments. Because of this, it’s a great pair of glasses that can be used in harsh rain environments while still providing a high-quality level of eye care.

Basically, you should get the 3M Safety Glasses due to their corded ear control. This ensures that your ears remain locked, attached, and untangled while in use. It can also be added as a lanyard, giving you more control when carrying it outside your lawn. 


  • Fog Resistant
  • Corded Ear Plug
  • 20 Pack of Glasses


  • Less Ergonomic Utility

No Cry Safety Glasses

The No-Cry Safety Glasses feature a polycarbonate wraparound construction which protects your eyes from tearing up while it’s in use. It protects your eyes from peripheral and direct threats, making it a great option if you want optimum safety out of your glasses.

Another main feature lies in its Scratch resistance. This feature allows for the user to wear the glasses continuously without getting their vision reduced by scratches. That way, these glasses have more long-term utility, making them useful for extensive lawn projects that require multiple applications.

Check out the No Cry Safety sunglasses if you want something that’s customizable. It has a nose and side pieces that allow the user to configure them to their required size. Because of this, you’ll have a pair of glasses that will offer maximum protection and enhanced comfort.


  • Glare Resistant
  • UV Radiation Resistance
  • Customizable Fit


  • Thin plastic frame

3M Solus Eye Protection

The 3M Solus Eye Protection glasses feature a polycarbonate lens that can handle 99.9% of the present UV Rays. So, you’ll like this if you want a simple yet effective form of eye protection.

Plus, it meets the ANSI Z87 High Impact Requirements. This means that glasses are durable enough to be used for lawn work, construction, or any labor-intensive activity. As a result, you’ll have complete control when operating your lawn, as the glasses work to keep you safe from harm.

The 3M Safety Glasses Solus 100 is a durable yet portable pair of lawn glasses. With their padded temples and soft nose bridge, the glasses will remain comfortable when placed across your face. Get this if you require anti-fog glasses, easy to clean and useful for medium-sized lawn care.


  • Impact Resistance
  • Removable Foam Gasket
  • Anti-Fog Coating


  • Cheap Plastic

Hex Armor LT250 Glasses

The Hex Armor LT250 glasses have the ability to protect your lens from unnecessary scratches and help keep your lawn under control. Extended use can keep your eyes safe from metal and dust while still being safe for your daily operations.

To increase the life cycle of the glasses, you’ll have to use a microfiber cloth. Rub the cloth gently across the glasses. This will ensure they are cleaned while still retaining your natural vision when using them. So always try to take care of these glasses to ensure they work properly in the long term.

However, these glasses aren’t suited for areas with quick hot to cold transitions. To prepare for this, always ensure that your lawn is cleaned beforehand. That way, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy these glasses without having to replace them during the next season.


  • Scratch Resistant
  • Permanent Anti Fog Interior Lens
  • Contoured Nose Bridge


  • Low Durability

Jackson Safety V30

The Jackson Safety V30  glasses contain an anti-scratch covering, which protects them from long-term wear and tear. Buy this if you want a pair of stylish black eyeglasses when you’re trying to get your lawn in good condition.

Another reason why the Jackson V30 is so popular is because of its reduced glare. This feature allows you to have more on-the-job precision and better vision. Thus, making it a good choice for those wanting to have more accuracy and fewer issues when operating lawn equipment with these glasses.

On the other hand, the Jackson Safety V30 has a slippery nose piece, which prevents it from resting comfortably when in use. Before making a purchase, make sure that the glasses fit well based on your comfort requirements; that way, you’ll have a safe and effective lawn care experience.


  • Enhanced Sunlight Protection
  • Reduces Glare
  • Polycarbonate Material


  • Melted Rubbers


Next on our list is the DEWALT-DPG82. These glasses have a high-impact polycarbonate lens. This helps the glasses stay protected from bumps and hits, allowing you to fully work on your lawn without any interference.

The built-in ventilation is another reason why these glasses are so popular. This feature allows for extra fog control and ventilation, allowing your eyes to remain safe when working extensively on your lawn. Due to its fog control, you won’t have to experience eye fatigue when working in harsh environments.

Get the DEWALT-DPG82 if you want a pair of sturdy safety glasses for lawn care. These robust pair of glasses will ensure that you’ll remain safe while protecting yourself from outside elements (i.e., rain, dirt, sand, etc.). That way, you’ll save more time on cleaning your lawn and less time on getting dirt from your eyes.


  • Built-in Ventilation
  • Fog Control
  • Dirt Removal


  • Bulky Appearance

Buying Guide

Still confused? Keep reading this section to find out ways to get the most out of your glasses.

  • Frame Lenses

The size of your frame lenses will determine how much protection you’ll receive. Here are the most common frame lenses available:

  • Glass

Glass frame lenses are known for their optical clarity and scratch resistance. However, they are heavy and have poor impact protection. So you’re better off using them for lawns where multiple patches of grass will get in contact with your eyes.

  • Trivex & NXT

The Trivex and NXT material is lightweight and offers great impact resistance. They can get very expensive, so know what lawn operation they’re going to be needed for before buying.

  • Acrylic

You’ll want to use acrylic frame lenses when working with many solvents. This makes it lighter than glass which is good for basic lawn operations. It does have lower durability, so expect to repair these glasses often.

  • Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate glasses have UV Protection and the best impact resistance. It does have a lower optical clarity than glass and NXT. So you’ll have to make sure you’re only using them where light protection is needed.

  • Lens Technology

Some high-end lawn care lenses have high-tech features, which provide an optimal eye protection level. The best glasses made with either Trivex or polycarbonate are used to meet the ANSI Safety standards.

Safety glasses with dark lenses are great when caring for lawns outdoors. You can get them polarized, which protects your eyes from glare and shiny objects throughout the day. Mirrored lenses are suitable for sunny days and give your glasses a more fashionable appearance.

The safety glasses lens technology will depend on the lawn you’re using. If you are in a humid area, you’ll need a pair of fog-resistant lenses. That way, their technology can prevent the humidity from getting into your face.

  • ANSI Explained

The ANSI rating is another important component behind a great pair of safety glasses. Most jobs will want you to buy safety glasses that meet the  ANSI Z87.1 requirements. This means that the glasses were tested, inspected, and passed ANSI’s requirements.

Try to look for glasses with an ANSI rating. This will ensure that you’re getting glasses that are eligible for keeping your eyes safe.

  • Prescription Safety Lenses:

There are prescription safety lenses available for people who have prescriptions for their eyes. When getting prescription safety lenses, always check to see if they meet the ANSI certification guidelines. This will ensure that your glasses are safe and won’t cause any underlying issues with your current medication.

  • Frame Options

After finding the right pair of lenses for your glasses, you should see what options are available. Lenses that have functionality, comfort, and aesthetics will influence your final purchase, and for a good reason.

Remember, when you’re buying safety glasses for lawn care, you’ll want to have glasses that look good but are functional. If your eyeglasses are uncomfortable and unappealing, chances are you won’t wear them as much.

  • Design and Comfort

Comfort is an essential component behind purchasing safety glasses. Look for lightweight glasses that fit your ear without causing any disturbance. There is a myriad of glasses that have been designed to be ergonomic and useful for multiple occurrences. Some comfort features are rubber temples,  ergonomic frames, and soft nosepieces.

  • Lens Tints

The color of your lens will determine your visibility during lawn projects. For light environments, having a white/clear tint is optimal. Shaded lenses are used for sunlight protection and outdoor environments. You can get specialty lenses to aid in light conditions such as arc flash or arc protection.

  • Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are used to improve your safety glasses functionality. For example, anti-fog coatings with clear lenses are the most common. Other lens options include: anti-reflective mirror-coating..

Why Should You Buy Some Safety Glasses?

It can be difficult to focus when multiple dust particles are in your face when you’re working. With the help of safety glasses, you can minimize or greatly reduce this problem altogether. For example a, pair of No Cry Safety glasses are a great tool because their lenses are designed to keep you safe during lawn work.

Without safety glasses, you’ll become more susceptible to eye-related issues. Statistics show that 90% of the problems can have been prevented through the use of safety eyewear.

You’ll want to wear safety glasses that protect your eyes from potential threads that occur during lawn care. For example, the glasses must be protected from gasoline, fertilizer, and bleach. That way, your eyes are harmed when you’re mowing your lawn frequently.


To conclude, these are the best safety glasses for lawn care. If you want some high-end safety glasses, go for the No Cry Safety Glasses or the 3M Safety Glasses. Hate the sun glaring at your face? Go for the ROCK SAFE glasses. No matter what glasses you choose, you’ll have a pair of glasses that will keep you safe and more focused when taking care of your lawn.

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