When To Cut Grass After Overseeding

Without doubt, timing is everything when it comes to having a perfectly balanced lawn that is beautiful to look at. This includes the duration of time that you should allow your lawn to breathe after you overseed it.

Overseeding is one of the most important aspects that you should consider if you intend to have a healthy looking lawn. This is because over seeding will improve the thickness of your lawn and maintain its richness in nutrients. It also enables your lawn to enrichen in colour and look green throughout the year. I mean, you’d literally be staring at your lawn every morning in awe if you actually get this right!

However, you should also be aware that you are not supposed to mow your lawn immediately you overseed it. You should mow your lawn after 14 days in order for the whole process to be successful. This is because lawn mowers are great inventions that enable us to keep our lawns look neat and tidy throughout the year. However, they can also be of harm if you do your timing wrongly.

You are supposed to let your lawn rest a bit and frequently water it after you over seed it in order for the new seeds to settle properly. If you mow your lawn before 14 days you will end up unsettling the seeds and your lawn won’t grow properly as expected.




You should do this from day 1 to day 13


You should do this from day 14 (2 weeks)


After 6 weeks

What to consider in order to know how long you should wait to mow after overseeding

Type of grass

There are various types of grass that you can plant on your lawn depending on what you prefer. Therefore, you should always consider the type of grass that you are overseeding on your lawn in order to know how long you should wait before mowing your lawn. This is because they consist of different heights. Fescue and bluegrass are known to do well during cold seasons. It is best to overseed them on your lawn during this cold seasons so that they are able to grow to their full potential. They have a great height range as they grow from 2.5 inches up to 4 inches.

Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass on the other hand, work well during much warmer seasons. They are not as long as cold season grasses as they grow from 1 inch up to 3 inches height wise. All you have to do is roughly estimate whether your grass has reached its growing potential. If it has, then that means your lawn is ready to be mowed.


The time that you are supposed to wait before you mow your lawn after overseeding depends on the type of grass. However, you shouldn’t mow before 14 days as this is the average number of days that you should wait before mowing.


What should I do after overseeding my lawn?

You should constantly water the grass so that they can receive adequate moisture which is essential for proper growth.

Should I fertilize the lawn after overseeding it?

Yes, however, this should done after about six weeks.

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