Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower under 300

Taking care of your lawn is a big part of a homeowner and in some neighborhoods there are rules on how tidy your grass should be. But even without the rules, having an unkempt lawn makes your house look rundown. The best self-propelled lawn mower under 300$ will help you get the job done with little effort.

It can be very exhausting pushing a lawnmower through the grass, but with a self-propelled lawnmower you don’t have to do a lot of pushing and pulling when mowing your lawn. They’re designed with drive wheels that help to control the wheels like a vehicle. This gives you complete control of both the front and rear wheels and the speed of the mower so you don’t get tired quickly. The type of mower you choose will depend on the terrain you’re mowing.

A front-wheel drive is best for flat surfaces and it makes it easy to maneuver the mower when it’s not moving forward as it’s tipped onto the back wheels. The rear-wheel driver will do great on hilly lawns and you’re able to maintain forward motion once you tip the mower up to turn it around. However, all-wheel drive is more costly than the other two, but you get the best of both and especially if mobility is a challenge for you.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower under 300

Greenworks 40V MO40L410 20-inch cordless lawn mower

This 40V self-propelled lawn mower that has a sleek design with a nice shade of green and is very easy to handle and control. It has a 21-inch steel deck made with very good quality and durable steel material and it has an additional battery compartment for carrying an extra battery. This means you can buy an extra battery to help in making your work easier where you don’t have to wait to recharge the other battery. It also has a 3-in-1 feature that you won’t find in most mowers in this price range. This feature helps you to discharge, mulch, and bag all at the same time while you continue to mow your lawn. This helps you to save a lot of time you would have spent cleaning up after you’ve finished mowing. This lawn mower runs on a 4AH-40V lithium battery with 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels which makes it easy to maneuver it through different types of terrain. It uses innovative smart cut technology that increases the speed of the blade automatically based on the height of the grass you’re cutting. It can mow up to ½ acre with 45 minutes of battery runtime.


  • Vertical pattern storage design
  • 60 pounds
  • Dual battery port
  • 61 x 21 x 41 inches


  • It’s lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver
  • Operates smoothly with little noise
  • The motor is powerful enough to cut thick grass
  • Comes with a dual battery compartment


  • It’s hard to remove the battery
  • The safety bars can pop out of their sockets


A lightweight lawn mower that is very easy to maneuver and is very powerful so you don’t have to use so much energy when cutting grass. The dual battery compartment makes it very convenient to use the mower.

Lawn-boy 17734 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower

This is a lightweight very easy to use a mower that will glide very smoothly on your grass as you cut. It operates on a powerful Kohler engine that starts with just the turn of a key. When using the mower, the rear wheel works to improve on traction which gives you better control of the mower and makes it easier to maneuver. You can easily and quickly adjust the controls according to the height of the grass you’re cutting thanks to the 2 points of deck height. The mower also operates on an all-wheel drive system which means you can use it on flat, hilly, and rough terrains. The mower has an operator-centric design that makes it when it comes to maintenance. It has a large bag that you can use when you need to bag your clippings so you’re able to empty the bag faster and less frequently. Its 3-in-1 discharge feature allows you to choose between bagging, mulching, or side discharge. This mower has certain features that you will find in commercial grade mowers which gives it great durability, performance, and reliability.


  • 3-in-1 discharge ability
  • 40.5 x 2.3 x 37.7 inches
  • 72 pounds
  • 2-year full warranty plus 3-year tru-start commitment


  • Comes with a convenient start engine button
  • It features a 3-in-1 discharge ability that makes your work easier
  • Has a very powerful engine
  • It has features that increase its reliability and efficiency


  • The front wheel design has a flaw


It’s a lightweight lawn mower that is very easy to use and maneuver and it comes with great features that make it more efficient and reliable.

Powersmart DB2322S lawn mower

This is a 3-in-1 gas self-propelled mower that is great at mowing large gardens with ease. It comes with a set of features that make it different from the rest. It’s powered by a 159cc Briggs and Stratton 5 hp engine. It features 3 cutting systems that include a collection rear bag, side discharge, and mulch capability. When it comes to height, this mower has 5 adjustable height settings and this gives you better control because you can cut your grass according to the height you prefer. It also makes it easy to cut the grass with a uniformed height throughout your lawn. If also features a rear wheel drive mode that makes it easy to control and maneuver the mower on rough and uneven terrain. It has a durable steel deck with a deep dome design with solid and sharp blades. The 8-inch wheels are large enough to be able to handle most of your mowing needs.


  • 37 x 25 x 18 inches
  • 93 pounds
  • 3-in-1 discharge option
  • 5 position height adjustment
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Runs on a very powerful engine
  • The height adjustment is great
  • Cuts the grass very well


  • Doesn’t come with a start button
  • The self-propel feature is slow


A gas-powered self-propel lawn mower that is very easy to maneuver in tight corners and the rear wheel drive makes it easy to operate this mower on rough and uneven terrain. It’s a great mower for small yards.

Husqvarna L221A 21-inch mower

This is a front wheel self-propelled mower that runs on a 149cc Kohler engine which makes it very effective at cutting grass. It uses a single speed setting which is sufficient for most of your mowing needs and to compensate for its deficiency in speed, it has the 3-in-1 feature. It also features a 21-inch 15 gauge steel cutting deck which helps to improve its cutting performance and an all-wheel drive which means it can handle all types of terrain. The engineered tire treads provide better traction on different terrain surfaces so you’re able to better control and maneuver the mower. The mower has 8-inch wheels with the rear ones being slightly smaller than the front ones which make it easier to handle the mower.  The mower comes with a 4 point cutting height adjustment that gives you complete control of how long or short you want your grass to be. It’s very easy to assemble and it comes with free oil so you just need to gas it up and you’re ready to go.


  • 61.5 x 21 x 38.5 inches
  • 69.4 pounds
  • All-wheel drive
  • 21-inch cutting width
  • 4 point cutting height adjustment


  • A great mulching mower
  • The engine is powerful to even handle uneven a tough terrain
  • The all-wheel drive works very well
  • Very easy to assemble and use


  • Has only one speed setting


An all-wheel drive mower that you can use in ant terrain with engineered tire treads that provide great traction on all terrains making it very easy to control and maneuver.

Sun Joe iON16LM 40V 160inch cordless lawn mower

This cordless lawn mower is ideal for mowing small lawns. It runs on a 40V battery and a 600W brushless motor that will give you about 40 minutes of non-stop cutting without making any noise. You just need to press a button to start the machine and a safety key to be inserted for it to start. The cutting deck is made of hard plastic with sharp blades underneath that are very effective at cutting the grass of all lengths. You can use the 6 point height adjustment to cut your grass up to the height you want and the 9.25 gallon grass bag will collect all the grass and with the help of the grass indicator window, you’re able to know when the bag is full. The rechargeable 40V battery uses advanced lithium-ion technology and eco-sharp technology to ensure the power doesn’t fade as you use it which helps to maximize its performance. 


  • 48.40 x 17.70 x 42.90 inches
  • 37.30 pounds
  • 6 positing height control
  • 16-inch cutting width
  • 9.25 gallon bag


  • The collector bag id quite big and the indicator is a great help
  • It operates very quietly
  • It’s a very light lawn mower that you can easily control
  • The cordless factor is very convenient


  • The handle doesn’t fold down as much
  • It doesn’t mulch


A great lawn mower for small yards and it operates on 2 batteries which makes it very easy to finish mowing without having to stop when the first battery runs out of power.

Black+decker CM1640 40V cordless lawn mower

This mower uses two 40V MAX 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries that can run up to 30 minutes. It’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver to give you excellent cutting results with very little effort. It can easily cut grass that is 1-3 inches tall and has a single height adjustment that you can use on the 4 wheels simultaneously. The mower has a start button to get it moving and the handle is covered with foam for a more comfortable grip. The cutting deck has a width of 16-inches that has a high cutting efficiency and operates quietly. You can adjust the height of the deck with the 6 cutting levels that will help you cut your grass up to the height you want. This is a great mower for smaller yards. It has a 9.5 gallon grass box that is made with soft fabric which makes it easy for you to lift the bottom to check if it’s full. It doesn’t have a side chute but has a mulching kit under the deck.


  • 28 x 19 x 16 inches
  • 38 pounds
  • 9.5 gallon grass box
  • Two 40V lithium-ion batteries


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • It operates very quietly
  • The batteries have an indicator to show when they’re fully charged
  • The 6 cutting levels are very helpful


  • The batteries run out after 30 minutes
  • Not ideal for large yards


A lightweight and compact mower that has 6 cutting levels, two batteries, and a 9.5 grass box. It’s ideal for smaller yards.

When buying a self-propelled there are a few factors you should consider.

  • Size of your lawn

The size of your yard is the first thing you need to consider before you buy a self-propelled lawn mower. If you have a small yard, a push or reel mower would easily get the job done, but if your yard is medium to large, a self-propelled mower is a better choice so you don’t have to use so much energy mowing your lawn.

  • Cutting heights

This feature is important because most lawn mowers come with a range of different cutting heights. This allows you to tackle grass with different heights and also helps you to give your lawn a customized look.

  • Power source

Lawn mowers use 3 different types of power.

Gas: Gas lawn mowers are the most powerful and very efficient. Most self-propelled lawn mowers use gas so they’re operational as long as you have gas on hand. However, they can be hard to start because they use pull cords and they make a lot of noise which isn’t good for your neighbors and the environment.

Electric: Electric mowers are great because they run the same way as the gas mowers, but the big difference is they don’t produce any emissions. However, because they run on a battery, it doesn’t run for very long. It takes a decent battery about 30-45 minutes before it dies and if your yard has thick or wet grass or your yard is hilly, the battery won’t last very long. So you’ll have to pause for a while after the battery dies to give it time to recharge.

Your energy: Some mowers depend on you to power them which means you have to push them to activate the cutting blades. This is a very exhausting way of cutting grass and you can’t do it for long because you have to take a rest to regain your energy. However, these mowers are the most affordable and they don’t produce any emissions.

  • Width of the mower’s base

How wide the base area of the mower is will dictate how wide the mower will cut your grass at once which will translate to how fast you’ll be able to finish mowing your lawn. If you have a large yard, you will be able to mow your lawn in a shorter time. Although mowers with a wide base will help you finish mowing faster, you should know that these types of mowers tend to be bulky and a bit more expensive.

  • Weight

How much the mower weighs will directly affect your ability to operate it and also its price. Big mowers tend to be heavy and this makes it difficult to control them when you’re mowing. When buying a mower, try picking it up and moving it around to see if you can operate it easily. If it’s heavy when stationary, you will have difficulties controlling it, so you should go for a lighter one.

  • Your lawn’s terrain

A push mower is only effective if you’re using it on a flat surface, but on steep and uneven surfaces, they’re very difficult to use. A self-propelled mower will do a better job on such surfaces because you’ll not need to use a lot of energy pushing and pulling the mower as you mow the yard. This means a self-propelled mower is a better choice for mowing uneven and difficult yards.

  • The front and rear wheel drives

You also need to choose between the front and the rear wheel drivers. Most of the designs for self-propelled mowers are flexible wheel designs that make them able to deal with different terrains. To ensure that you get the best service from your mower, you should consider getting the rear wheel drive self-propelled mower because it’s easy to operate on tough terrains as well as places like hills and trenches where it’s hard to push the mower. However, if your yard has a smooth and even terrain, the front wheel mower is ideal.

  • Speed

Most of the self-propelled mowers available in the market today have varying speed options which give you the option of adjusting the speeds to the one you’re comfortable with depending on how fast or slow you want to mow your lawn. Some of the fastest models have a speed of 3-5 mph which is sufficient for most people’s mowing needs.

  • Noise

Naturally, you want to buy a mower that will produce very little noise when you’re operating it. The level of noise that is comfortable with you will depend on if your neighbors will complain about the noise coming from your mower. When it comes to noise, an electric mower is the best as it makes very little noise compared to gas mowers.

  • Rear tires

The rear tires will determine how well the mower can handle the job. This means a mower with bigger tires will do a better job on the turns and terrains of different sizes. If you have a hilly backyard, you’ll want a lawn mower with sizable rear tires.

Waste management

After cutting the grass, you also need to consider how you’re going to clean it up. Some mowers are a lot cheaper than you can use to cut your grass and weeds, but there are other mowers that will turn all that you’ve cut into mulch which makes it very convenient and beneficial.

  • Efficiency

The reason why you invest in a lawn mower is to maintain your lawn and garden with very little effort. The engine torque, cut height, and width indicates how efficient your mower is. Engine torque is the power of the blades, so the more powerful the rotation of the blades, the easier it will be to cut down stubborn weeds in one go. The cut height is the height of the grass that the mower leaves after cutting which means the shorter the grass left behind, the longer it will take for you to cut the grass again. The cut width refers to how wide the mower will cut your grass in a single pass. So the wider the cut width, the more lawn area you’ll be able to cover with each pass of the mower.


Keeping your lawn neat and well taken care of is very easy if you use the best self-propelled lawn mower under 300$. The Greenworks 40V MO40L410 20-inch cordless lawn mower is a great mower that will ensure your grass is cut evenly using the shortest time possible.

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