Honda Hrx217 Review

The Honda Hrx217 is a highly-end efficient lawnmower and is pretty easy to operate given the infinite speed levels designed to complement the grass level and consequently react to the amount of drag.

They say that you get what you pay for, a fact that applies specifically well to the Honda Hrx217 given that it comes at a high price when compared to other mowers in its category. The unit features some rather wide wheels that will consequently fail to do a good job if you plan to use on very long grass. The mower, however, has some excellent cutting abilities and will achieve an even finish after mowing.

Individuals, who are into commercial mowing or private mowing, will benefit from this model, more especially because it has some special mulching abilities. For mulching, you have, therefore, been provided with special blades that will first cut the grass then proceed to cut the clippings into smaller pieces. The mower is versatile as it allows the users to mulch on wet grass, and can comfortably counter dense grass.

What to expect from the Honda Hrx217

For starters, using the machine doesn’t involve a steep learning curve, and works well when mowing different level grounds; the machine is easy to maneuver considering that it is a self propel system. You can also expect peace and quiet when using the Honda Hrx217.

Set up is pretty easy especially if you incorporate other external components such as the grass bag; the mower has also been established to significantly cut down the mowing time making it a good unit for commercial purposes.

What are the key features?

The Honda Hrx217 originates from the powerful Honda brand that has successfully built other fuel-efficient and effective mowing machines designed to offer the best performance no matter the type of grass or ground that they are working on. The Hrx217 is unique in its own way and below are some of its key features.

4 in 1 Versamow system- if you are to talk about a mower’s versatility then the Honda Hrx217 is your mowing machine. The unit allows users to carry out varied processes without incorporating other external components, you will, therefore, be able to bag, mulch, and shred leaves. And for the above activities, you have been provided with the clip director that comes with varied settings such as the bagging and mulching mode among other important settings.

The Nexite Deck- is a type of deck that not only encourages use, but is easy to clean and durable. It is additionally light in weight making it more maneuverable and allows users to cut the stubborn grass that grows close to the fences, hedges, and walls. The Nexite Deck is a welcome improvement that has raised the competitive bar for mowers that use materials that can attract rust and experience paint peeling such as aluminum and steel.

The Blade brake system- the brake system is still a new technology with very few mowers donning it. Users, therefore, don’t necessarily have to completely switch off the machine when they want to step away for a minute. They can, therefore, turn off the blades and empty the grass catcher,  go back switch on the blades without restarting the whole system, and continue mowing.

Easy to use adjustable handles

Mowing doesn’t have to give you back problems more so if you are using the Honda Hrx217 as it has incorporated adjustable handles suitable for different heights. Most of the operational features have also been packed on the handle, which makes it easy to operate from one point.

Easy to set up, start and use

If you have been using the lawnmowers then you must be familiar with the complexities of getting them to start. For the Hrx217 model, therefore, all you have to do is just pull it out once and you are good to go; we can, therefore, comfortably say that it is a professional unit.

Setting up is also fairly easy and all you have to do is lock the handles into place, proceed to install the bags, and then add the gas and oil.

The Honda Hrx217 is a pretty sturdy unit and will not dig a hole into your bank balance when it comes to maintenance. The above is characteristic of most Honda lawnmowers, and you can expect them to give you long service; additionally, the cost of maintenance is pretty low.

Auto choke system allows easy starting

It goes without saying that the Honda Hrx217 model is a mass of features and one that we cannot fail to recognize is the adjustable throttle control that allows users to adjust the engine speed to idle any time they want to transport the mower or empty the grass bag. And with its mulching capabilities, the machine can efficiently cover a large area before emptying the bag.

3 position adjustable handle

Honda Hrx217 has incorporated up to three positions with which you can adjust the handle for comfort during mowing, the handle is also foldable if you have minimal storage space.

The fuel shut off valve

Whether you want to perform maintenance or shut off the mower for transportation, you have been provided with the easy to use manual fuel shut-off valve.


  • Comes with a five-year residential warranty
  • The mower allows precise speed control
  • Equipped with a powerful GCV200 engine
  • Set up, and users don’t involve a steep learning curve


  • The mower is pretty expensive
  • Making a lot of turns in the yard can be hectic as you will have to disengage and re-engage the clutch after turning.

Final thought

One thing that you can be sure of about the Honda Hrx217 mower is that you are going to pay for all the above key features. The unit is versatile, easy to operate at least when compared to other mowers of its standard; it has been made with sturdy, rust-free material that are also easy to clean. So whether you want to adopt it for commercial or private use, you can be sure that this model will not only achieve a clean finish but will consequently save your time.

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