Gator blades G5 vs. G6 – Which is better? Detailed Comparison

Gator blades are among the best performing mulching blades you can get in the market today – and they tick all the right boxes in terms of their durability and quality, regardless of the specific blade you get.

Whether you use a G5 or G6, there are some common characteristics they share – they are high lift blades, and they have sharp angled teeth. The blade lifts up the grass blades that it is cutting, and then the angled teeth will direct the clippings to the cutting edge in cycles.

The result is that the grass clippings become very fine in quality, which will prove an advantage when you need to increase bagging capacity and promote faster decomposition for a healthier, stronger lawn.

The best part is that Gator blades are very versatile, so they can work well with almost any lawnmower in the business; including Dixie Choppers, Snappers, Husqvarna, Toro, Gravely, and so on.

That brings us to the Gator G5 and G6. What are the differences between them? What makes them unique? If you are wondering whether these two blades are interchangeable, our findings may change your mind on that – because they are not the same blade anyway. The company is also well-known due to their production of high-quality equipment and blades.

What are the differences between Gator G5 and Gator G6?

Gator blade G5

Gator blade G6

Blade thickness

0.203 inches (slightly thinner than the G6)

0.25 inches (slightly thicker than the G5)

Blade length

18 inches

25 inches

Primary usage

Multi-purpose blade

Mulching blade

Gator blade G5

The main aspect that distinguishes the G5 and G6 is that the G5 has a higher air lift, as well as a longer cutting edge. This promotes an enhancement of the mulching performance. In addition, their use of Fusion technology allows the blade to remain sharp for 40% longer time compared to traditional blades.

The result is that the clippings are much finer than what you would expect from a standard set of blades, though you will need to rake or bag the clippings eventually – the only time you do not need to do so is when you are cutting less than ¾ to 1 inch of the grass.

Note: there are some risks associated with using the G5, as it can expose you to the chemical Nickel, which can lead to cancer according to research findings from the State of California.


Comes in a pack of 3

Tungsten carbide is fused ‘in’ the blade, which results in an ultra-hard layer at the cutting edge.

Width of 3 inches, length of 18 inches

Center hole is a 5-point star, air lift height of 1 inch

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Gator blade G6

These are considered as the more heavy-duty blades compared to the G5, because of their increase in both width and thickness. Due to the combination of a longer cutting edge, increased sharpness, and longevity, we consider them as the ultimate mulching blade option.

In fact, these blades work really well even when cutting very thick and wet grass, and they will not leave any residue even after a single pass. This is not the case for most similar blades when you use them for mulching, as we noticed that you will need to do a second pass to achieve the result that the Gator G6 achieves in a single pass.

Thanks to their unique design, the blade seems to be wider and thicker than most, and they also give you a higher lift. Due to this lift, you can suspend the clippings longer in order to cut more efficiently, which results in smaller clippings that decompose much faster.


25-inch length blade

More cutting length improves the efficiency of cutting your grass

Works as a replacement for all major lawnmower brands

The blade has tungsten carbide infusion to enhance the cutting ability of the blade

Width of 3 inches, thickness of 0.25 inches (it is slightly thicker than the G5)

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Comparisons between them

Both the Gator G5 and G6 can handle tough jobs in your gardening, although the G6 is better for mulching and the G5 is better for general purpose use. Both also have a unique feature known as the X-tended Cutting Length, an Oregon Company trademark electro-fusion technology that enables the blades to have some extra thickness and width.

In addition to that, the entire length of the blade is comprised of tungsten material, which will ensure that the blade remains sharper for a longer time, and reduces maintenance costs and time because the sharpening intervals are longer.

Purpose of use

The G6 blades will work well as an aftermarket replacement if you want to replace your standard lawnmower blade, especially if you want to mulch your grass clippings back in your lawn. It has very good side discharging as well, as it incorporates very impressive angles on its cutting edge to enhance the quality of the cut. Additionally, it also has a sharper angle in order to increase the air flow to increase the side discharge or superior bagging.

On the other hand, the G5 blades are considered as an upgrade of the earlier G3 Gator blade, although they are lighter duty compared to the G6, making them more suitable for a variety of gardening tasks other than mulching. Unlike the G3 though, they feature Fusion technology, which is a trademark from the company. It incorporates a hard layer of tungsten carbide on its cutting edges, which ensures that it remains sharper for longer.


There is only one difference between the two blades, and it has to do with their thickness, and consequently their functionality. In the case of the G6, you have a high lift blade that also uses a high lift sail, a longer cutting edge compared to the G5, and a 3-inch width rather than the 2.5-inch width you get in the Gator G5.

Since the G6 blades take on this design, it means that they move much greater amounts of air, so you will find them more useful in mulching and discharge tasks compared to the G5.

Final verdict

The overall impression here is the exceptional design and performance of Gator blades, although we prefer the G6 due to the stronger design and heavy-duty nature that it has, as well as the thickness that allows for more of a mulching result. If you prefer a multipurpose blade though, it is best to go for the G5 instead.

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