Can I hose off my lawn mower

How often do you usually clean your lawn mower? To be honest, there isn’t a specific number of times that you are recommended to wash it but it is also very important to keep it clean.

Grass clippings usually accumulate on the underside of your lawn mower especially if you don’t wash it on a regular or monthly basis. Unfortunately, this grass clippings may contain moisture which will cause the metal blades in the cutting deck to rust. Without doubt, this will prevent the metal components on your lawn mower to serve you reliably for a long time. You’ll also end up spending a lot of money due to frequent replacement costs.

Yes, you can actually use a water hose to wash the underside of your lawn mower as it will not damage anything. If anything, washing your lawn mower on a regular basis will serve as a huge advantage. This is because the cutting deck will always be free of grass clippings that have water which helps to prevent the blades on the cutting deck from corroding. In the long run, this will also prolong the service life of your lawn mower.

Lawn mower part


Cleaning the cutting deck and blades

Ensures that all the grass clippings are not stuck which enables the blades to have an efficient cut.

Cleaning the engine

It allows the engine to run efficiently throughout and also prevents some parts from corrosion.

Cleaning the carburetor

It also helps to prevent the carburetor from rusting which prolongs its service life.

What to consider when cleaning your lawn mower

Cleaning the cutting deck and blades

Some lawn mowers usually come with a deck wash port that allows you to clean the cutting deck with ease. All you have to do is simply stick the water hose in the port and spray water to the underside of the lawn mower. In addition to this, you are also supposed to clean any remaining dirt particles and grass clippings with a brush and hot water. For sure, this helps to prevent any form of corrosion on the mowing deck and enables the blades to have an even cut throughout when you mow your lawn.

Cleaning the engine

You should be very careful when you clean the engine of your lawn mower. Well, your safety is definitely the most important consideration when washing lawn mowers by yourself. The first thing that you should do is first let the engine to cool down and then remove the spark plug which prevents the lawn mower from switching on accidentally. After you have undertaken these steps then you can easily wash the engine of your lawn mower using a water hose and degreaser. A clean engine is a healthy engine and free of particles that may cause damage to the engine. This will enable the engine to operate efficiently every time you head out to cut grass on your lawn.

Cleaning the carburetor

A carburetor is one of the most important parts found in a lawn mower. This is because an efficiently working carburetor helps the engine run smoothly throughout when you mow your lawn. Therefore, you should take good care of the parts when you dismantle them. After separating these parts, you should let them soak in a carburetor cleaner for approximately 60 minutes and then spray them with cold water.  Always remember that you should allow the parts to completely dry up before you assemble them together.


You should always keep in mind that washing your lawn mower will in the long run help you save a lot of money. This is because washing it also count as a mode of good maintenance for your lawn mower. It is highly advisable that you try to maintain your lawn mower to be as clean as possible especially if you use it frequently. It might sound like a hustle but it will definitely prolong the service of life of various parts of your lawn mower such as the cutting deck, blades etc.


Is there a specific hose that I should use to wash my lawn mower?

No, there is no special hose for washing lawn mowers. You can even use the same water hose that you use to wash your car.

Can I clean the carburetor without completely removing it?

Yes you can, but it will not be as effective as cleaning it when you have dismantled it into its parts.

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