Best Sprinkler for Small Lawn

It is usually so satisfying when you actually get to experience a beautiful sunset by your lawn as you read your preferred monthly issue magazine. However, you definitely won’t be able to enjoy as much as you would have if your lawn is not regularly maintained. 

Lawn sprinklers are among the easiest methods that you can use to maintain your lawn without even having to put in a lot of effort. All you have to do is simply just set them up at your most preferred position on your lawn and watch it work them work their magic. A good lawn sprinkler should be able to guarantee you great coverage, durability and at the same time spray water to your grass evenly so as to ensure all the grass on your lawn grows healthily.

Green Mount Lawn Sprinkler 

The Green Mount sprinkler is among the easiest to install and use Lawn sprinkler in the market because of its build design and is best suited for everyone, even if it’s your first time using a sprinkler for your lawn. However, its plastic body is durable but feels cheap.


  • 3 Nozzles.
  • Iron metal base.
  • ABS plastic body.
  • Metal diffuser shield.

This lawn sprinkler is equipped with two sprinklers that enable the sprinkler to work as efficiently as possible. The first one is an impulse sprinkler which is made for heavy duties as is sprays up to 40 feet in diameter and two arm metal sprinklers that sprays up to 24 feet. Without a doubt, this three mounted sprinklers will supply your lawn with enough water throughout without you having to keep on moving the sprinkler from one position to another frequently. Durability is also one of the top considerations that was taken to mind when designing this lawn sprinkler as the metal diffuser shield on the sprinkler enables the high speed jet to consistently spray water to your lawn without wearing out. In addition to this, the body of the sprinkler is made out of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that helps prevent the sprinkler from corrosion which in the long run, enables it to serve you efficiently for a very long time.

I once had a sprinkler that kept on falling especially when it was windy outside and I won’t lie, it got frustrating at some point but not with the Green Mount Lawn Sprinkler. This lawn sprinkler is equipped with a two wheel metal base that adds some weight to the sprinkler which enables it to stand firmly on your lawn throughout even when the jets are spraying water at full thrust. Basically, you won’t have to worry about it constantly falling down on your lawn even when it is a bit windy outside. You can also adjust the spraying distance of this sprinkler easily by just one simple step, twist the cap on the top of the sprinkler until you are satisfied by the distance covered by the spraying jets. Another setting that comes with this lawn sprinkler is that it has a metal pin and friction collars which allow you to set your preferred angle that the jets will be spraying water ensuring that all the grass in your lawn is covered efficiently. 


  • It is very durable.
  • It is stable.
  • Great coverage of your lawn.
  • Easy to use.


  • Sprinkler head stops working efficiently when the sprinkler gets old.


The Green Mount Lawn sprinkler is easily ranked among the best lawn sprinklers in the market because it is very easy to use and install. In addition to this, its build design will also guarantee you great durability and long service life which makes it a good value for your buck.

Melnor XT4200M Oscillating Lawn sprinkler

The Melnor XT4200M lawn sprinkler comes with a very unique design however, its downside is that the plastic components on the sprinkler tube break easily.


  • 20 Nozzles.
  • Twin touch control system.
  • Infinity turbo drive.
  • Zoom control.

I’m pretty sure the first thought that ran through your mind the moment you read the name of this lawn sprinkler was, “wow, that’s such a sophisticated name for just a sprinkler!” Indeed, the build design of this lawn sprinkler matches its sophisticated name as it is equipped with 20 nozzles that spray water efficiently up to 4200 square feet. This is very ideal if you own a small to medium sized lawn as you won’t have to constantly be there moving up and down with the sprinkler in order to cover certain areas of your lawn. In addition to this, the sprinkler also comes with a twin touch control system which allows you to set the range and width in which you’d like the sprinkler to spray water on your lawn. These controls are among the features that show the great concept that this sprinkler is based on as it enables the sprinkler jets to water every single corner of your lawn efficiently and according to your own personal preference.

Another feature that makes this lawn sprinkler stand out is Zoom control, which allows you to zoom in the spray jets which makes them spray water on a smaller concentrated area on your lawn or you can zoom out which will make the jets spray water on a wider surface area on your lawn.  One major benefit about this feature is that it gives you absolute control of the sprinkler allowing you to spray water on your lawn to your absolute liking. The Melnor XT4200M Oscillating lawn sprinkler is also equipped with an infinity turbo drive which enables the spray jets to spray water smoothly and efficiently on your lawn throughout.


  • Great technology that gives you absolute control.
  • Great coverage.
  • Offers good flexibility.
  • Sprays water smoothly.


  • Plastic components break easily.


The Melnor XT4200M oscillating metal lawn sprinkler is a very good choice to consider especially if your yard requires absolute precision for you to be able to cover every single section that’s covered with grass in your compound.

Milemont Garden 360 Degree lawn sprinkler

Lawn sprinkler brands have really stepped up their game when it comes to the design of their sprinklers in order to offer you maximum efficiency. The Milemont Garden sprinkler is not lagging behind either as it comes with an effective 360 degrees rotational design that provides you with great water coverage on your lawn. Unfortunately, this sprinkler does no come with a switch that you can turn off and stop it from rotating.


  • 360 degrees rotational design.
  • 12 nozzles.
  • Adjustable arms.
  • ABS thick plastic.

This lawn sprinkler is equipped with 3 adjustable rotating arms and 3 in- built sprays on each arm that can be rotated which enables it to spray water on your lawn in a 360 degree rotational manner throughout. The combination of the rotational spraying and great force of water dispensed from the jets enables the sprinkler to cover longer distances in your lawn.  All you have to do with this sprinkler is just set it up then go about with you other daily activities as you will always be assured of great water dispensation to your grass every single time you water your lawn.

This sprinkler provides your lawn great coverage as the jets spray up to 3600 square feet efficiently with water pressure of up to 80PSI which guarantees you even water delivery to your grass even on the furthest corners of your lawn. You can also adjust the arms of this sprinkler from 15 degrees up to 45 degrees which grants you great flexibility from a sprinkler as this means that you can actually use this sprinkler for other various purposes other than just watering your grass e.g. irrigating your garden. The Milemont Garden lawn sprinkler also consists of ABS plastic which enhances the durability of the lawn sprinkler, and TPR enclosed sides which allows you to carry on with your irrigation duties on your yard efficiently.


  • It is very durable.
  • It serves multiple purposes.
  • Powerful water pressure.
  • Offers great coverage.


  • It doesn’t have a turn- on/ turn- off switch.


The Milemont Garden sprinkler is a good multi- purpose lawn sprinkler which offers you great flexibility as it allows you to not only water the grass on your lawn evenly, but also effectively irrigate your garden throughout the year.

Orbit Zinc Impact Lawn sprinkler

This lawn sprinkler comes with a tripod stand that gives it absolute stability on your lawn however, it does fall down immediately you switch on the water.


  • Tri- pod stand.
  • Zinc metal body.
  • Anti- backsplash arm.
  • Adjustable deflector shield.

The Orbit Zinc impact lawn sprinkler offers you great water coverage as it actually sprays up to 85 feet which comes to a total of 5670 square feet when it goes through one cycle. This is ideal for you especially if you own a small to medium sized lawn as you won’t have to be worried about frequently moving the sprinkler from one point to another. Another great feature about this lawn sprinkler is that it is made out of Zinc metal that does not rust easily which prolongs its service life. You are definitely assured great durability with this lawn sprinkler.

In addition to this, you can also adjust how the sprinkler jets spray the water either on a specific part of your lawn or cover the whole 360 degree lawn ground around it. And this is not all, as you can also adjust the radius in which the jets spray water from 20 feet up to 42 feet by simply adjusting the deflector shield on the sprinkler.  The Orbit Zinc impact sprinkler is also equipped with an Anti- backsplash arm which enables the sprinkler to spray water to your grass in the same pattern consistently which leaves your lawn looking beautiful and evenly watered. I mean, we all love our lawns looking lovely, don’t we? 


  • It is durable.
  • It doesn’t rust easily.
  • Offers great coverage.
  • Easy to use.


  • Falls down when you immediately turn on the water.


We consider the Orbit Zinc impact lawn sprinkler as among the top performers when it comes to lawn sprinklers for small lawn because it is made out of zinc material which is very durable. This lawn sprinkler will basically serve you efficiently for a very long time without any replacement or maintenance costs.

What to consider when buying a lawn sprinkler for a small lawn.

  • Size of your lawn

You’ll agree with me that it is usually so tiring when you always have to keep an eye on your sprinkler and frequently move it from one position to another in order for your whole lawn to be watered evenly. You can easily avoid this by purchasing a sprinkler that comes with a coverage rating that matches your lawn as any sprinkler that has a rating between 1600- 4200 ft. will be ideal for your small lawn.

  • Shape of your lawn

It is very easy to confuse the size of your lawn with the actual shape of your lawn. To be honest they sound like two similar concepts but they aren’t. Knowing the shape of your lawn will actually help you to determine which type of lawn sprinkler will suit your lawn best as different sprinklers come with different spraying patterns i.e. a sprinkler that sprays water through 360 degrees rotation is best suited for a small circular lawn.

  • Type of sprinkler

There are a number of different sprinklers in the market that all serve the same purpose e.g. impact sprinklers, standing sprinklers etc.  However they do come with a few differences due to the features they are equipped with therefore, it is up to you to choose the type of sprinkler that will suit your lawn needs best.

  • Material

Without a doubt, durability is always key in any gardening tool that is released to the market and it’s no different when it comes to lawn sprinklers. Metal sprinklers are usually very heavy but they have a longer service life than the sprinklers made out of plastic. On the other hand, the plastic sprinklers are much lighter but are prone to breaking easily especially if you have children running all over the place or pets such as dogs that can easily step on them.

  • Nozzle needle

One advantage about having a lawn sprinkler with a nozzle needle is that it will enable you to easily clear out the sprinkler nodes when they clog up.

Final thoughts

These are the top four best lawn sprinklers best suited for small lawn because they all come with features that enable them to spray water to your grass evenly. They also offer great coverage efficiently which means that after each time you water your lawn, you’ll be guaranteed the best overall results and your lawn will always be left looking healthy and beautiful.

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