best lawn mower under 200

Not everyone can afford the popular riding lawn mowers or the self-propelled mowers since you’ll need to save up a lot before you can get one for yourself. But if you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful, you’ll need a great lawn mower and the best lawn mower under $200 will definitely do the trick.

You can get a low budget lawn mower that can serve your basic requirements so you’re able to cut off the grass in your small garden with ease and you don’t need an expensive machine to do it. These lawn mowers are equipped with several useful features that include the coolest mechanism for adjusting its cutting height and decent cutting width, a set of rugged wheels that make it easier to navigate the lawn mower over different terrains and powered by a powerful motor that will help it to work for long hours without any blockage. Also, some come with grass collection bags that make your work easier and use technologies that reduce the noise, fumes, and fuel consumption which improves the performance tremendously.

List of the Best Lawn Mower under 200

Greenworks 20 inch corded electric lawn mower

This is a very affordable corded electric mower that is well-equipped with every single option that you’ll need to keep your lawn well-manicured. It’s a lightweight machine that only weighs less than 25 pounds so you can easily move it around and it comes with a 12 amp motor which is perfect for small lawns and gives you a smooth operation with less noise so you won’t disturb your neighbors. It’s made with a durable 20-inch steel deck, a foldable handle that makes it easier for storage, and doesn’t require any batteries or charging so you have unlimited run time. You use push buttons to operate the machine and it can efficiently cut up to 14 inches of grass.

It has an in-built mulch feature that helps to mulch down the cut grass, a grass collection bag with an indicator so you know when to empty the bag, and a height adjustment using the handle attached to the wheels. This mower has a 3-in-1 feature for mulching, side discharge, and collection in the rear bag. It also comes with 10 rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels which makes it very stable so you can safely use it on hilly lawns. It comes with a 4-year tool warranty but doesn’t include an extension cord.


  • Very convenient and easy to use even by the elderly
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Fairly lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Has a wide range of height settings
  • Quiet and smooth-running motor


  • Tends to overheat with extended use
  • Gets bogged down in overgrown grass


A powerful lawn mower with impressive features that make it easy to use and maneuver it and even store in tight spaces.

Yard machines 132cc 20-inch push gas lawn mower

This is a simple but efficient lawn mower that is powered by a 132cc reliable gas engine that you can use for mowing medium-small sized yards and most types of grass. It has a lightweight design so it’s easy to move around and pick up with 7 inch rear and front wheels that are easy to maneuver giving you better control when mowing. It has a small frame which makes it easy to mow around tight corners and other obstacles on your lawn and a very fuel-efficient engine so you don’t use a lot of gas to get the job done.

It also comes with a sturdy loop handle that provides added comfort and better control and a 20-inch cutting deck with side discharge that allows you to trim a wider area in less time. This mower has 3 cutting height positions that allow you the freedom to choose the height you want to cut your grass down to. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • It’s light so it’s easy to maneuver
  • Comes with adjustable heights
  • Cuts grass very well


  • It’s fairly sluggish
  • Takes a long time to cut rough lawns


A simple but efficient and effective lawn mower that comes with a manual height adjuster for the 3 different mowing heights which make it easy to choose your ideal grass height. The mower is lightweight so you can easily push it around.

Greenworks 16 inch corded electric lawn mower

This lawn mower weighs about 48 pounds so it’s not that heavy to lift it or move it around. It also comes with a set of a 16-inch durable cutting deck that ensures it gets the job done quickly and easily. The 10 amp motor is powerful enough to cut even the toughest grass on your medium to small-sized lawn. It comes with a 2-in-1 feature that includes both mulching and collection in the rear bag which makes your work much easier when it’s time to clean up.

The 7 inch rear wheels and 6-inch front wheels make it easy to control and maneuver through difficult terrains and around obstacles. The foldable handles provide a compact design for storage even in tight spaces. The 5 height adjustments are adjustable in different positions ranging from 5/8 inches to 2 5/8 inches which are perfect for cutting most of the grass. It has a very easy push to start mechanism to get it moving and a 150 feet long cord that is long enough so you don’t have to keep unplugging it when moving.


  • Easy to change the height with one control
  • Provides plenty of power to mow
  • Great for mulching
  • Light with fewer vibrations


  • The 10 amp motor struggles to cut taller grass
  • The level adjustment gets faulty over time


A well-designed mower that is lightweight and easy to maneuver with plenty of power to mow any type of grass and works great for mulching.

Sun Joe MJ403E 17 inch electric lawn mower

This is a powerful lawn mower that can efficiently cut a wide path of 17 inches in one pass. It uses a powerful 13 amp motor that makes mowing any type of grass very easy. With just a push of a button, the mower is ready to start working and it doesn’t need any gas, oil, or tune-ups. It comes with a height you can easily control and with the 7 position adjustment mechanism, this mower can cut different grass heights from 0.98 inches to2.87 inches. This makes cleaning your lawn much easier and you get to choose the ideal height for your grass.

It comes with a 12-gallon collection bag that is big enough to hold a lot of grass so you don’t have to make endless trips to empty the bag and is very quick and easy to detach when you need to empty the grass clippings. You can easily switch your mower from one function to another as you can easily convert it from a mulcher to a mower. This mower can easily mow a yard that is ¼ to ½ acres and with a motor speed of about 3500 rpm, this mower will effortlessly cut loads of grass in no time. It comes pre-equipped with a detachable collection bag and a 2-year warranty.


  • A lightweight mower that is easy to carry
  • The large back wheels make it easy to maneuver
  • The trim height adjustment works great
  • Fairly quiet


  • The handle isn’t flexible
  • When the bag is full it can tip the front of the mower upwards


A decent mower you can use for mowing small lawns and it’s pretty light so it’s very easy to maneuver in tight spots.

Fiskars staysharp 18-inch max reel mower

This reel mower doesn’t use any gas or electricity to cut your grass and is much easier to start and push than most existing lawn mowers. Unlike the traditional reel mowers, this mower comes with a stationary reel that doesn’t make contact and precision-ground blades which increases the sharpness of the blades and makes it easier to mow your lawn. The special inertia drive reel works perfectly for cutting all types of grass and the incorporation of technology allows the mower to deliver double the cutting power and this allows the cutting blades to glide easily in rough terrain.

The cutting process goes smoothly without any unwanted contact which increases the lifespan of the machine. The inset wheels of the mower assist the blades in extending the mower’s cutting width. You can also adjust the height between 1-4 inches which ensures all the unwanted grass gets cut evenly. The reversible grass chute can be positioned so that the clippings are directed forward away from your feet or downward or backward which limits the mess and makes it easier to cut tough grass. This mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • It’s quiet and easier to mow with
  • Very easy to use on hilly yards
  • Gives you clean uniform cut grass
  • Well-built and easy to assemble


  • Can be hard to navigate at times
  • Doesn’t work very well on uneven terrain


A simple reel mower that incorporates the newest technology to boost its cutting power for a smoother and faster mowing process.

Black + Decker electric lawn mower A512CM

This lawn mower comes with many ergonomic features like a grip handle that makes it easy to maneuver the mower and an adjustable handle that gives better control and comfort. It has a 3-in-1 design which makes it easy to convert it from a mower to trimmer to edger. Once you mow your lawn, you detach the mower deck to use as a string trimmer, then lastly rotate the trimmer head so you can use it as an edger. Despite its many functions, it’s a lightweight mower that only weighs 13 pounds. 

It uses a 6.5 amp motor that will give you enough power when trimming overgrown or tough weeds and grass. This mower has an automatic feed spool (AFS) that gives you the freedom to work without having to bump into the cord or stop to adjust it. This is very helpful if you’re working with an extension cord which prevents accidental cord disconnection. You can easily adjust the 6 different height adjustments ranging from 1-3 inches. It has rugged wheels that make it easy to cut tough grass in difficult terrain.


  • Nice and compact design
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight so it’s easy to carry
  • It works great for small lawns
  • The blades are sharp enough to cut through tough grass


  • Doesn’t come with a collection bag for clippings
  • Limited height adjustment


A compact and easy to handle mower that you can use as a mower, trimmer, and edger to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

However, there are some factors you need to consider and different types of lawn mowers to look at before you pick the right mower for your lawn.

Different types of lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers

If you have a large garden with lots of slopes, these mowers will be a great option. They essentially drive themselves but you have to guide and steer them, and they come with a transmission that propels the machine forward so you don’t have to push them around your yard. This makes mowing your lawn much easier and faster even for small yards and the best part is they don’t require any manpower. These mowers will tend to give you a perfectly manicured cut compared to push mowers because they’re able to maintain a constant speed. However, these mowers require more maintenance and can be difficult to repair when they break down. They’re also more expensive than push mowers but they save you the need to manually push the machine.

Push mowers

With these mowers, you need to manually push them across your lawn and they have a motor that turns the cutting blades. They’re very popular because they’re inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to handle. A push mower is very easy to maneuver and allows you to steer it anywhere you want it to go even around obstacles, corners, and in reverse. Being lightweight makes it very easy to lift it if you need to carry it up the steps or uphill or even for transport. Since you’re using your own energy to steer the mower, it can be a great addition to your exercise routine, but not so good if you have health conditions. These mowers are best for flat lawns because pushing it up a hill will be very labor-intensive and not the best when mowing down a hill. They’re also great for small yards because they’re less strenuous, also they don’t produce any noise or emissions which is great for the environment.

Reel mowers

Also called cylinder mowers. They’re environmentally friendly because they’re quiet and don’t use any engine so they don’t require fuel or gas, and because it’s like a push mower you get to benefit from the physical activity. These mowers have a vertical cylindrical blade at the front that cut grass like a pair of scissors. They’re designed to be used on flat lawns and don’t work very well on rough or uneven surfaces and suitable for soft grass types as they can’t cut coarse or long grass very well. They give you a neat cut that works very well if you want to create defined stripes on your lawn which means you’ll need to cut your grass regularly, at least once or twice a week. The blades on these mowers aren’t very accessible which makes it difficult to sharpen them and less adjustable which gives you fewer options when it comes to your grass cutting height. These mowers tend to require the most maintenance and are less common because it’s hard to find replacement parts, but are affordable and efficient with the right type of lawn.

Hover mowers

These mowers hover a few inches above the ground and sit on a cushion of air. Their reduced contact with the ground produces less friction which makes it easy to guide the mower around your lawn. They can move in all directions including side to side which makes it very useful when mowing awkward spots or maneuvering around obstacles like trees and garden features. They also give you more control when mowing the edges of your lawn. These mowers aren’t very expensive which makes them very popular, but they come with some disadvantages with the main one being since they’re electric-powered, they’re not suitable for large-sized lawns.

Riding mowers

These mowers are best suited for massive large lawns. They’re designed with an engine, a seat, and a steering wheel with various controls. The covered front cutting deck hosts the cutting blades and a larger lawn will require a longer cutting deck. These mowers come in two types to make your mowing job manageable; the standard and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. The standard riding mower comes with steering wheels for better maneuverability and added comfort, but it lacks the precision you would get from a walk-behind mower, but they cut your grass very neatly.

The zero-turn riding mower is controlled by lap bars in the front seat that operates the dual hydrostatic transmissions at the rear wheels. They have great maneuverability and give you an all-round cutting performance. Their great steering abilities make these mowers great, especially on lawns with irregular shapes. They also cut the most grass in the shortest time and are the easiest mowers to use.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

  • Size of your lawn

If you have a huge and expansive lawn, you might not want a mower that you’ll push on foot. This means the best choice for you would be a riding lawn mower, however, this mower may be too big and hard to maneuver around a small yard.

  • Cut width

All types of lawn mowers have different cut widths which refers to how wide of a swath the mower can cut at once. You’ll get cut widths that range from 20 inches to over 60 inches with large lawn tractors having a cut width of 136 inches. Using a mower with a large cut width for a large lawn will make your work faster and easier and narrow cut widths for smaller lawns and areas with obstacles.

  • Adjustable height

Most lawn mowers come with an adjustable height feature that allows you to set the correct height for your grass depending on the climate and season to give you a healthy and beautiful lawn. When choosing a mower, make sure you can adjust its height and is made in a user-friendly manner. Some you can change the height using a simple lever, while others you need to adjust the height of the wheels individually, or add or remover spacers under the cutting blades.

  • Terrain type

Different lawn mowers are designed to be used on different terrains. Consider the type of lawn you have. Is it flat and even, flat with obstacles, uneven, hilly with or without obstacles, rough? Once you identify the type of lawn you have, it becomes easier to find the best-suited lawn mower for that specific terrain.

  • Nature of your climate and grass

You need to consider these conditions before choosing your mower because not every mower works well with every type of climate or grass. Do you mow all-year round, is your climate dry or wet, what are the average temperatures? All these factors will help you decide the best mower for you.


It can be pretty challenging to find the best lawn mower under $200 for your garden because you’re bound by a specific budget, but it’s not impossible. Lawn mowers like the Greenworks 20 inch corded electric lawn mower is a very affordable mower that has everything you need to keep your lawn well-manicured.

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