Best High Lift Mower Blades 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve a beautiful well-manicured lawn. With the help of the right lawn mower and the best high lift mower blades, your mower will give your grass a smooth and healthy cut.

Mowing is a regular chore and with time, it can cause the blades in your lawn mower to become dull and this can give your grass the wrong cut which will weaken it and expose it to pests and diseases. When it comes time to replace the blades in your mower, you must get the right ones because only a certain set of blades is designed to fit your mower. This will ensure that they fit properly in your mower’s deck. There are some factors you need to consider before you buy the right blades for your mower.

List of the Best High Lift Mower Blades

Toro 22 inch 131-4547-03 recycler blade

This is a durable and strong blade that you can use with your lawn mower to achieve the precise cut you want to prevent your grass from having unhealthy growth. This blade is very affordable so you won’t have to dig so deep into your pockets to afford it and it’s a very dependable blade. This tooth mulcher blade will easily collect the cut grass and this ensures your lawn isn’t left with any debris. You can also use it as a replacement blade for the 108-9764-03 blade when it gets damaged. The blade has a diameter of 7/16 inches and a wide width of 2 ¼ inches with this blade, your mower will have an easy time cutting through even the tough thick grass in your lawn.


  • Very easy to install
  • Cuts grass very well
  • Great at mulching
  • Good quality blade


  • The blades may arrive blunt


A good quality cutting and a mulching blade that you can depend on to give your lawn that clean even cut you’ve always wanted.

Maxpower 561713XB 42 inch 2-blade set commercial mulching blades

Just like the name suggests, this is a set of two blades that you can easily interchange to get the precise cut you want. These are a set of twin blades that will work well with your lawn mower right from the start. These blades are compatible with a 42-inch craftsman rider and are very easy to install in your mower so you don’t need to pay a professional to install them for you. You can use these blades to replace other kinds of blades including the 127843, 138971, and many others. These blades measure 1.5 inches wide and 21 inches long and you’ll notice the blades come with 5 point holes in the middle. They’re made with durable material that is corrosion resistant so you don’t have to worry about the blades getting rusted.


  • These blades fit well in your lawn mower
  • They give you a precise cut
  • Made with far thicker steel
  • Great blades for mulching


  • May not fit all craftsman lawn mower models


A set of twin blades made with quality thick steel that do a better job of giving you a more constant cut for your lawn.

Maxpower 561714B 42 inch 2-blade set mulching mower blades

These sets of twin blades are made in the US and will provide service to you for many years to come and give your lawn that precise cut you’ve always wanted. These are a set of two mulching blades that you can easily attach to your 42-inch lawn mower. They’re made with durable quality material and rust resistant which means they require very little maintenance and this makes them the ideal blades to use to mow your lawn. With these blades, your lawn will always stay in top condition. Each of these blades measures 21 inches by 2 ¼ inches which means they can effortlessly cut your cut with great precision. These blades are specifically made to be an exact replacement for 134149 and 532134149 models.


  • Nice and sharp blades
  • A set of good replacement blades
  • Can easily cut tall grass and a bit wet grass
  • Thick and quality blades


  • Slightly loud with a bit more vibration


Strong and thick high lift blades that will cut your grass with ease and work great as replacements for specific mower models.

Maxpower 561713B 2-blade set 42-inch mower blades

These are strong blades that are made with high-quality material that will help to enhance their durability so they can continue to cut the grass in your lawn for many years. These blades are very easy to install in your lawn mower so you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. These are very versatile blades and will come in handy when you want to replace your worn out blades. They’re specifically made to be compatible with OEM no. 138971×431, 138498, and many other models. They’re excellent blades for cutting your grass effortlessly and you can continue using them for a long time without worrying about them getting damaged.


  • They cut tall and thick grass very easily
  • They’re thick and strong
  • They’re high lift blades that throw the clippings very well
  • Great replacement blades


  • They might not be well balanced


Strong twin blades that are very easy to install and can cut your grass very easily. They’re durable so you don’t have to go back to the store often to get a replacement.

Poulan 42 inch high lift lawn mower blade

These high lift blades are made of great quality and although they’re a bit slimmer than other blades, that doesn’t mean they won’t give your lawn a nice clean cut. Due to the thin nature of the blades try to avoid mowing places with stones and rocks because it will bend the blade. It’s very easy to install this blade in your mower. You just need to tighten the screws and you’re set to go. This way you don’t spend a lot of time under your mower fixing the blades. You can use these blades to collect the grass clippings and even mulch. Thanks to their high-quality heavy-duty material, these blades will also do great at not only mowing your small yard, but also large gardens without any problems.


  • Well balanced blades
  • Very effective in high lift suction
  • Sharp thin blades that cut grass with precision
  • Very easy to install


  • Can bend easily if they hit a rock or stone
  • Can’t use them on certain types of lawn mowers


High quality and durable blades that you can use for all your regular lawn mowing jobs and even a large lawn. You can also use them to bag the clippings and mulch which makes your work easier.

Rotary blades for deck

These are high lift blades that you can use to throw the clippings in the collection bag and mulching. These 3 blades are tough and made with high-quality materials so they will last for a long time before you can replace them. They’re sharp right off the box so you just need to install them on your mower. They’re very easy to install, but you have to be careful not to install them upside down because they won’t cut your grass the way you want. The cool thing about these blades is that you can use them for mulching and even bagging your grass. You can also use them with different types of mowers, but you need to ensure the blades are the right size. They’re tough and don’t easily bend or break when mowing in areas with rocks and tough ground.


  • Very easy to install
  • They’re super heavy and quality thick
  • They’re great for bagging
  • They’re durable blades


  • They might not be well balanced


3 tough and quality thick blades that you can use to bag and mulch the grass clippings after mowing. You can also use them on most of the lawn mowers.

What are high lift mower blades?

Lawn mower blades come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, and while some are straighter, others are slightly curved. Lift refers to how much a blade will curve upwards at the ends. How high the blade is will determine how well they can pull the cut grass into your mower’s deck and push it to the chute or collection bag. This helps to keep the grass clippings under the deck. Some blades are designed to have either a higher or lower lift, where the higher lift blades are more efficient in cutting grass, but use more power from your mower and this limits the mowers that can use them. Even if the motor in your mower can use high lift blades, it adds an extra load on your mower which puts a lot of stress and strain on your engine. With time it will lead to more wear and tear that will need more repairs and maintenance.

Types of lawn mower blades

Apart from the lift, you’ll find lawn mower blades in different styles. The type of blade in your mower will determine what it will do with the grass.

  • Standard or low lift blades

 Also called 2-in-1 blades because they can either bag the clippings or discharge them. These blades can cut grass and then push the clippings into the mower’s collection bag or discharge them on the side of your lawn.

  • High lift blades

These blades measure between 1-inch to 1 3/16 inches and have a more pronounced angle at the corner that creates the lift. Because of this design, these blades can lift the grass and create a clean fresh cut, however, you need to use more horsepower, especially when you’re cutting dense and tall grass. You should avoid using this blade in dusty or sandy soil because it will get stuck in the deck which will wear out the blades faster.

  • Mulching blades

These 3-in-1 blades can bag clippings, discharge them to the side, and mulch. You can also use them with a mower that doesn’t have a collection bag. These blades are very different from the high and low lift blades. They come in two cutting planes instead of one full plane and they don’t curve up as much on the side as the high lift blades. These two blades cut the grass and push the clippings up which allows them to cut the clippings further into smaller pieces that you can leave in your lawn to decompose without bagging them.

Factors to consider when buying the best high lift mower blades

  • Size, length, and width

Different types of lawn mowers come in different sizes and they will fit different sizes of blades. That’s why you need to measure your mower blades to make sure you buy the correct ones. Focus on the length of the blades as most blades are between 18-22 inches but some are longer. Blades that are too long or too big won’t fit under the deck and if they’re smaller they won’t cut all the grass you pass over. Your lawn will end up with patches of tall and short grass.

  • Shape

Blades come in different shapes where some have single blades and others have three blades. There are also straight and curved ones. Some mowers can use any shape while others only use a specific shape.

  • Blade holes

Blade holes are unique with each manufacturer so you need to find the blade with the exact holes as the ones on your mower. Also, make sure to measure the diameter of the holes as some blades will have the same number of holes but different diameters.

  • Manufacturer number and durability

Blades have the manufacturer’s number inscribed on the side which makes it easy for you when you’re buying a replacement blade for your mower. All you need to do is pick the exact model number that will work with your mower.


Buying a replacement blade for your mower can be challenging because you need to get the right fit. However, the best high lift mower blades like the Toro 22 inch 131-4547-03 recycler blade will not only help you cut your grass with ease since they can cut and collect at the same time, they will also keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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