Best Grass Seed for Sandy Soil 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

It can be hard trying to grow grass on your lawn if you have sandy soil. This can limit the options of seeds that are available for growing good grass on your lawn, but with the best grass seed for sandy soil, you can get a lawn with full green grass.

Some fruit trees and perennial plants grow very well in sandy soil, but growing grass can be very tricky because it contains irregular round particles that have air pockets in the soil. This makes it impossible for the soil to retain valuable water, nutrients, and mineral content that the grass needs to grow. The water drains out very quickly and doesn’t give the roots time to absorb it which makes it hard to maintain a green lawn and also sandy soil isn’t very stable to hold the roots.

List of the best Grass Seed For Sandy Soil

Zenith zoysia grass seed

Zoysia grass main characteristic is its ability to withstand heat, drought, and other harsh climates. This grass can thrive in porous sandy soil because it grows deep roots that can penetrate the ground to keep it stable. This grass seed germinates into the grass with dark green leaves with a medium texture and it’s a low maintenance grass that is commonly used in both residential and commercial properties including parks, golf courses, sports fields, and even your lawn.

It’s a lawn grass that is dense and slow-growing that can withstand high foot traffic and tolerate extreme hot and cold conditions and it can widely adapt to exposure to both enough sunlight and a bit of shade, but it thrives best in cooler weather. This grass seed is resistant to both weeds and drought and has an improved germination rate. The best time to sow this seed is in mid-spring before the first frost in the fall. This will give it time to germinate and become hardy so it can withstand the harsh conditions in the fall and winter months. This seed will sprout in 14-21 days and can cover up to 2000 sq. feet.


  • Produces a very nice and soft turf
  • Has fast-spreading roots
  • Grows into a beautiful lush green lawn
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance


  • It’s a slow-growing grass


Grass seed that will give you a dense dark green lawn with deep roots and can withstand heat, drought, and extreme weather conditions.

TifBlair centipede grass seed

This centipede grass seed has a fast germination process so it can quickly provide coverage so it’s ideal for large landscapes, private and public parks, your lawn, and roadsides. This type of grass requires very low maintenance and needs less watering and attention for it to grow into a thick grass on your lawn. This warm-season grass reaches its peak growth during late spring and summer and can tolerate winter in the middle to lower South. It has a high tolerance towards heat, cold, and drought and has relatively shallow roots compared to other warm-season grasses which mean the best time to plant it is during the low rainfall season.

This seed is coated to improve its germination which allows it to spread fast to cover up to 4000 sq. feet. It grows in a way you can easily mow but doesn’t require frequent mowing. This grass has the lowest fertility requirement of all the lawn grasses and can even grow in poor soil.


  • Capable of withstanding drought
  • Germinates quickly
  • Spreads fast to provide great coverage
  • It’s easy to mow and less frequently


  • It takes a long time to grow


A fast germinating grass seed that provides quick coverage and requires little to no fertilizer and infrequent mowing.

TifBlair senti-seed

This is a top-quality centipede grass seed that has been used to establish beautiful lush lawns around South Virginia and East Texas. This warm-season grass is environmentally friendly and provides a fast germination process that will cover a large area in a very short time. It’s able to tolerate the harsh winter months so you will have a covered lawn all seasons, both in the warm and cold seasons.

This grass has very impressive characteristics that will make it perfect for your lawn including low maintenance requirements, low fertility requirements, less mowing and easier to mow,  drought resistant and recovers fast after lacking water for a while. These grass seeds are super wrapped which makes it easier when spreading and because it doesn’t need the nutrients in the soil to grow, this makes it the best grass seed to plant in sandy soil.


  • It spreads well
  • It’s drought resistant
  • It’s low maintenance
  • Requires infrequent mowing


  • It’s a bit expensive


A warm-season grass seed with a fast germination process that will easily spread to provide excellent coverage and doesn’t require any fertilizer to grow.

Scotts Turf builder Kentucky bluegrass mix

This Kentucky bluegrass seed mix has been formulated to allow this grass to grow both in sun areas and under light shade to give you a thick durable lawn. This grass will continuously self-repair which means it can recover from drought, heat, and high traffic damage. It can also tolerate the cold climate which makes it ideal for all seasons. These seeds are coated with WaterSmart Plus technology that allows the seeds to absorb more water and nutrients than other uncoated seeds and this helps to boost the growth process and protect the seedlings from diseases.

To achieve a thicker, greener lawn, it’s best to plant the grass seeds in the fall or spring and water at least twice daily for about 3 weeks. This will allow the grass to achieve strong and deep roots that can withstand the winter season.


  • The seeds germinate quickly
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Can withstand the wear and tear


  • Doesn’t grow on some soil types


A grass seed mix that is designed to grow under the sun and in light shade and is specially coated to absorb 2x more water and nutrients than other uncoated seeds which helps to improve its growth process.

WaterSaver lawn seed mix

This tall fescue grass seed mix is designed to self-repair and uses rhizomes to quickly spread out underground filling all the bare places in your lawn as well as repair itself. It provides excellent coverage to create a thick even lawn that will grow well whether in the sun or the shade. This fescue grass creates a strong root system that doesn’t require much watering or maintenance to keep your lawn looking nice and healthy.

This grass can withstand harsh weather conditions and still maintain its rich green color which means you’ll have a green lawn all seasons through and it’s resistant to both the wear and tear of high traffic and drought. This grass doesn’t need a lot of water or maintenance to keep it looking good and this allows you to mow close to the turf to achieve a clean neat lawn. With this grass, you don’t have to worry about insects, diseases, or weeds.


  • Has a fine dense texture with an amazing deep green color
  • Has a really strong root system
  • Can work well under the sun or shade
  • Doesn’t need much water


  • It grows slowly
  • It’s expensive


A nice blend of tall fescue grass seed that has a strong root system that will spread to give you good coverage of a thick and lush green carpet of grass for your lawn.

Centipede grass seed and mulch

This centipede grass seed and mulch combination is specially formulated to help you achieve a beautiful green lawn that is low maintenance. It will grow to be thick and uniformed grass with a medium to light green color. This grass can thrive in sandy, acidic soils, and sunny areas, but can also tolerate some shade.

This warm-season grass grows best in warm temperatures so the best time to plant it would be in mid-spring after the last frost to early summer. This will give the grass time to grow a strong root system that can withstand the winter. This grass seed will provide you with a medium bladed texture that is drought resistant and will spread quickly to cover an area of about 2000 sq. feet.


  • It spreads nicely
  • The combination of the two is effective
  • Has a thick green color
  • Thrives in the sun and moderate shade


  • It’s expensive
  • May have a lot of filler


A combination of grass seed and mulch that will help your grass grow into a thick green color that will spread uniformly on your lawn.

Jonathan green black beauty ultra grass seed mix

This grass seed mix contains 3 varieties of grass that include the tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass to produce a rich dark green color for your lawn. This quality mix is specially formulated to allow the seeds to germinate quickly to provide excellent coverage for your entire lawn. This grass thrives in clay soil, sandy soil, sunny areas, and relatively shady areas. It also has a deep root system with its roots growing up to 4 inches deep and this helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions and even thrive in loose, sandy soil.

These grass seeds are covered with an invisible wax coating that makes it easier to spread for germination and helps the seedlings to retain moisture in its leaves which helps the grass to survive during the drought and also protects it from diseases. It’s also naturally resistant to insects and this allows it to thrive in different weather conditions.


  • It’s resistant to diseases and insects
  • Grows quickly and evenly
  • Has a nice dark green color
  • Works well in the sun and the shade


  • A bit costly


A good combination of different varieties of grass seeds that will thrive in sandy, clay, and sunny areas. It’s coated with wax to help retain moisture and protect the seeds from diseases.

Scotts tall fescue EZ seed

This is a combination of seed, mulch, and fertilizer. The mulch can absorb 6x its weight in water which makes it expand like a sponge and surround the seed providing a moist protective layer. This high performing grass seed mix is formulated to thrive in the sun, under the shade, on sloppy areas, and high foot traffic areas. The fertilizer helps to boost the growth of the seedlings and the formula also includes a tackifier that helps to keep the seeds in place, especially if you’re planting on the sloppy ground so that they don’t easily wash away. 

This seed mix will provide all that the seeds need to grow healthy and strong into a thick beautiful grass for your lawn. These seeds will germinate best during the daytime in warm temperatures and only needs to be watered twice a day for 3 weeks to grow.


  • Grows in the sun and shade
  • The mulch helps the seeds retain moisture
  • The seeds germinate very fast
  • Doesn’t require a lot of water


  • Customers have complained of getting weeds for seeds


A 3-in-1 product that contains seeds, fertilizer, and mulch to ensure the grass seeds have all they need to grow quickly and spread fast on your lawn.

Which is the best grass for sandy soil?

There are some grass types that you can use if you have sandy soil. These grasses require less water, fewer nutrients, and you don’t have to frequently mow them. The many different species of grass are categorized into 2 groups; the warm-season and cold-season grasses.

  • Bermuda grass

This is thick and adaptable grass that can handle high traffic and is mostly used for pasture, sports fields, lawns, golf courses, and parks. It does well on well-drained soils including sandy soil that has less water content because it’s warm-season grass. It’s a very fast-growing grass that is very thick and has a dark green shade that can survive seasons of low rainfall and flooding. It requires constant sun exposure to thrive, but it can’t survive in the shade. During dormancy, it changes color to straw color.

  • Zoysia grass

This is a dark green grass that does well in porous sandy soil like on or around beaches and it has slow-growing deep roots that make it drought-tolerant and it doesn’t need a lot of water to thrive. This deep root system makes this grass to be less dependent on the fertility of the soil to get its nutrients. It’s ideal for lawns that have heavy traffic and needs full sun exposure to grow but can also grow in the shade. It develops a thick, beautiful green turf for a long time, but during the cold season it has a golden brown color that also looks good, and it bounces back when the weather becomes warmer. Although it doesn’t require a lot of water, if it’s not watered properly, it will become dormant.

  • Centipede grass

Just like the name suggests, this grass resembles the centipede insect in appearance. It’s a slow-growing grass with coarse texture with a light green color that spreads using stolons. Stolons are horizontal creeping stems that branch to form new plants by spreading over the ground and taking root anywhere they touch the soil. It does well in acidic and sandy soils and requires very little fertilizer to grow. Once it sprouts, this aggressive grass can even choke out weeds and other grasses, but it has shallow roots and doesn’t do well in drought climate. This grass should only be watered when stressed and requires infrequent mowing. It can tolerate some shade and limited traffic, but can’t stand soil with a high pH.

  • Bahiagrass

This grass doesn’t need a lot of water to grow, but if it doesn’t get water for a long period, its color will start to turn brown. It’s deep-rooted and adapts very well to different types of soils and conditions and requires very little maintenance. It’s good for sandy soil, but it’s not a very attractive grass for your lawn since it has a dull color, has an open growth pattern, and isn’t as dense as other grasses like Bermuda. This grass will not do well in the shade, in acidic soils, places with high foot traffic, or around salty water. It has short coarse light green leaves that are prone to diseases. This grass can grow in very poorly drained soils, but it will die in the shade.

  • Buffalo grass

This is a tough grass that is both cold and drought-resistant and doesn’t need a lot of water so it’s low maintenance. It has a dark green color with blades that are slightly curled at the tips. Unlike other warm-season grasses that are thick, buffalo grass is not so it’s vulnerable to weeds. It grows very well in mid-spring and this gives it time to grow in the summer.

  • Cold season fescue

This grass is drought resistant, has the deepest rot system of all the cold season grasses, and can thrive in some chemical soil conditions. This grass can grow in both the sun and the shade, but it will grow faster in the shade. There are 3 varieties of this grass and each has its own unique features and all will grow into thick grass that can easily fill patches in your yard.

  1. Creeping red fescue. This variety of grass grows very fast and can fill your yard in no time. It spreads using both stolons and rhizomes underground, it thrives very well in slightly acidic soils, it’s low maintenance, and is common along the sea coast where there’s a lot of gravel and pebbles.
  2. Tall fescue. This grass is known for its rich color and deep root system which makes it a great option for your sandy lawn and the best part is it can grow in shady conditions. This bunching grass can fill your yard very well if you spread its seeds densely.
  3. Hard fescue. This grass is known to be low maintenance, grows slowly, and needs less frequent mowing. However, it can’t survive in high temperatures which limits the areas you can plant it.
  • Perennial ryegrass

This is the most versatile cold season grass because you can use it for your lawn, high foot traffic areas, garden and for pasture, since it grows very fast, has a long growing season, and rejuvenates quickly after getting damaged. It thrives in cool places for turf and pasture and has a longer lifespan. This grass can be used for preventing soil erosion because of how fast it germinates.


If you have sandy soil in your area, it can be difficult to grow a thick beautiful lawn. However, with the best grass seed for sandy soil, you can quickly grow a dense and thick grass that will be the envy of your neighbors. With grass seeds like Zenith zoysia grass seed, it can withstand drought, heat, and other harsh weather conditions. It needs very little attention and doesn’t need much water, and can also thrive in the sun and the shade.

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