4 Best Grass for Clay Soil 2020 – Buying Guide and Review

You have probably gone through all the necessary steps to make your lawn stand out from your neighbours’ but it still doesn’t look as good as you expected. Well, did you know that the type of grass you choose for the soil on your lawn also plays a key role in this?

For sure, a beautiful looking lawn does entail proper maintenance throughout the year. However, there are different types of grass seeds that do well in different types of soil.

Therefore, randomly picking grass seeds may not be the best thing to do for your lawn. Clay soil is quite heavy and usually retains a lot of water hence not all grass seeds will thrive when planted on this particular soil. You should ensure that you get grass that have deep roots with great water absorption in order for them to grow properly once you plant them. Here are some of the grass seeds that are best suited for clay soil.


Weight of bag



Zenith Zoysia Grass seed


2000 Sq. Ft

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Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass seed


10000 Sq. Ft

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Scotts Turf Builder grass seed


1200 Sq. Ft

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Canadian Green Grass Seed


3000 Sq. Ft

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Zenith Zoysia Grass seed – It is tolerant to extreme weather conditions

Do you live in an area where there is minimal shade with unforgiving direct sunlight? Well, this is nothing to worry about if you decide to get yourself the Zenith Zoysia Grass seed. This is because this grass seed is made of good quality and still maintains its rich green colour even when constantly exposed to full sun. However, it may give you difficulty to germinate especially if you don’t follow the right process.


  • Coverage of 1 bag- 2000 square feet.
  • Weight of bag- 2lbs.
  • Dark green in colour.
  • 100% pure seed and no mulch.

As we all know, clay soil usually retains a lot of warmth which is pretty ideal for this grass seed as it will enable it to grow at a much faster rate. This grass seed will begin to sprout and start emerging from the soil in just 10 to 14 days which is pretty impressive. Gone will be the days when you have to wait for a really long time to start seeing results. Another key feature that comes with this grass seed is that it also has high tolerance. Therefore, there won’t be any issue when your kids keep on stepping on it even when it is growing as human traffic doesn’t affect its growth. In addition to this, a bag covers up to 2000 Square feet which is great coverage especially if you intend to grow them on a small sized lawn.


  • It grows well in all- weather conditions.
  • Its bag offers great coverage.
  • Grows quickly.
  • It requires very little care and maintenance.


  • Difficult to germinate if you don’t follow the right process.


The Zenith Zoysia Grass seed is among the best grass seed for your lawn because it works well with the constantly retained warmth in clay soil. It is also tolerant even in harsh weather conditions making it a good pick.

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass seed– It offers great coverage on the planting area

This is one of the most recommended grass seeds in the market and it is of no surprise that it has graced our top 4 list. Well, the Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass seed comes with a mixture of grass species that include Kentucky bluegrass, Black beauty Fescues and Rye grass. This mixture not only gives this grass seed a beautiful dark green colour, but it also helps it to grow faster than most grass seeds in the market today. Unfortunately, its fescues grow a bit too tall and it can be really time consuming to hand pull them from your lawn.


  • Weight of bag- 25lbs.
  • Coverage- 10000 square feet.
  • Wax coating.
  • Mixture of grass types.

One of the interesting yet very useful feature that comes with this grass seed is that it comes with a wax coating. Yes that’s right! This coat helps the grass to retain all the moisture it gets from the clay soil and even when you water it. Without doubt, this is a very essential feature as it helps the grass grow normally even when there is drought. In addition to this, the coat also helps to protect the grass from diseases. Aside from this, it comes in a 25lbs bag which is able to cover up to 10000 square feet especially if you are reseeding. It may cover slightly less if you are seeding for the first time.


  • It is highly resistant to drought.
  • It offers great coverage.
  • Rich dark green colour.
  • Wax coating helps prevent diseases.


  • Fescues grow a bit too tall and its time consuming removing them.


This grass seed is not your average grass seed as it comes with a mixture of different grass types, which enables it to have an advantage over most grass seeds. The Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass seed is not only tolerant to drought, but also offers great coverage making it a good choice to consider. 

Scotts Turf Builder Grass seed– It has great spreading ability

Here, we have another grass seed that still grows exceptionally well even when your lawn is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. Scotts Turf Builder grass seed is not affected even when your lawn is too shady which is a huge plus as it makes it suitable to all kinds of lawns. However, one downside that comes with this grass seed is that it takes more time to grow as compared other grass seeds.


  • WaterSmart PLUS coating.
  • Coverage- 1200 square feet.
  • Weight of the bag- 3lbs.
  • Rich shade of green.

This grass seed also comes with WaterSmart PLUS coating which is a pretty unique feature. It is also very effective as it enables the grass to absorb water from the clay soil constantly which enables healthy growth throughout. In addition to this, it also acts as a protective barrier as it protects the grass from diseases. Another important feature with this grass seed is that its packet consists of instructions on how to use it. This is very essential especially for first timers as you’ll be able to know the correct way of planting this seed by simply reading the instructions. Aside from this, you can also close the bag and store the remaining seeds in the event you don’t use all of them. For sure, this enhances easy storage.


  • It grows well in all weather conditions.
  • Has a protective coating that also enhances water absorption.
  • Has great spreading ability.
  • Comes with instructions.


  • It takes more time to grow as compared to other grass seeds.


Without doubt the Scotts turf builder grass seed is among the best seeds for clay soil because it grows well on soil that contains a lot of moisture. In addition to this, it also has great spreading ability which will enable your lawn to look well levelled and healthy throughout.

Canadian Green Grass Seed– It is highly resistant to weeds and bugs

This grass seed is also one of the best grass seeds you can get for clay soil in the market today. This is because the Canadian Green Grass Seed consists of features that enable it to be resistant to weeds and bugs, making it one of the most sort after grass seed by gardeners. Unfortunately, its mixture may not be as accurate as advertised.


  • Coverage- 3000 square feet.
  • Consists of Blue Grass and Red flower.
  • Lush shade of green
  • Weight of bag- 6lbs.

This grass seed also consists of Blue Grass and Red flower which enable the grass to grow in a healthy manner throughout. And this is not all, as this mixture also helps the grass to attain a very rich shade of green which will leave your lawn looking beautiful. In addition to this, the Canadian Green Grass seed also comes with great spreading ability which enhances a levelled lawn as soon as the grass starts growing. I mean, who wouldn’t want a lawn that looks neat and tidy throughout? A bag of this grass seed can cover up to 3000 square feet which is also great coverage and will enable you to save on purchase costs for extra bags.


  • It is highly resistant to weeds and bugs.
  • Has great spreading ability.
  • Grass consists of a rich shade of green.
  • It ensures a well levelled lawn throughout.


  • Its mixture might not be as accurate as advertised.


You’ll agree with me that weeds can be a real pain to deal with especially if you love taking good care of your grass. Well, you won’t have to worry about this anymore as Canada Green Grass seed is resistant to frequent attacks by weeds making it a good pick as well.

What to consider when buying grass seed for clay soil

Type of seeds

There are two different types of grass seeds which includes straight seed and mixed seed. Well, they both serve the same purpose however, each has its own benefit. Straight seed consists of only one type of grass and is ideal for you if you want a uniform look on your lawn. The mixed seed on the other hand, comes with different types of grass which gives you great variety. It also consists of features that enable it to be durable and drought resistant making it a slightly better option as compared to straight seed.


Most of us have 8-5 jobs which means that we only have early mornings and the weekends to take care of our lawns properly. Therefore you should consider buying a grass seed that doesn’t require too much care and attention for it to grow properly. Otherwise, the grass may not grow as properly as intended if you purchase a grass seed that requires constant attention and you fail to do so.

Sun vs shade

This is also one of the most important considerations that you should have at the back of your mind when buying grass seed. You should be aware of the weather conditions of your area and whether your lawn is constantly under shade or it is always exposed to direct sunlight. This is because some grass seeds do well under direct sunlight while some do well when the area you plant them on is constantly under shade.

Final thoughts

As you have seen, these are 4 of the best grass seeds for clay soil because of the features they come with. This is because they not only offer your lawn with great coverage, but are also resistant to diseases which means that you won’t face any difficulties when growing them. In addition to this, they all have a rich green colour once the grass sprouts which will enable your lawn to look beautiful throughout.

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