Best Gas Can for Lawn Mower

There are few experiences that are more frustrating than using a lawn mower, and then suddenly stopping because of the lack of fuel in the tank while getting into the heat of your gardening tasks. You have two options here: either postpone the job, or get a good gas can to use for your mower and avoid the problem.

Making a decision on the gas can you will use is essential, and all the choices we list below emphasize on both safety and practicality. There are plenty of more considerations to keep in mind though than what you may initially assume, and it is always important to go for the ones with the strongest design to reduce any wasteful spillage, as well as giving a safe storage area for the gas.

There are additionally some units that include extra features, which include self-closure lids, pressure relief features, and flame arresters. All these considerations might make the process of selecting the gas can difficult, but the good news is that it does not need to be that way, and it is not impossible to get the best you can afford.

Gas Can model

Capacity (gallons)

Type of can

Surecan galvanized gas can

2.2 gallons


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Eagle UI-50-FS galvanized safety can

5 gallons


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No-Spill poly gas can 1405

2.5 gallons


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Justrite 5-gallon gas can

5 gallons


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No-Spill poly gas can 1415

1.25 gallons


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Best gas can for lawn mower reviews

Surecan fuel gas – best mid-size can

If you are searching for a good small-capacity gas can, then you can check this out. It is a mid-size can with a capacity of 2.2 gallons, and is comprised of plastic that is easy to use, compact, and lightweight.


  • Flexible spout, which can fit any machine that you need to fill, also self-venting
  • Can accommodate pressure up to 60 PSI, and a temperature of -40OF
  • Its hand grips make it easier to fill your machine without spillage
  • Child proof capping to protect against young children and pets
  • Thumb trigger to give greater control during pouring

This gas can increases its safety rating due to a variety of features, with the most notable being its advanced spill-proof technology. This is specifically patented, and uses a thumb trigger in combination with a rotating nozzle. This will allow the dispensing of fuel to be gravity-led, making it easier to fill your mower tank.

The design of the can makes it very easy to use, as you do not need to tip the can to empty it. It also prevents dribbling and spillage, as it gives you more control on how and where you want the dispensing of the fuel.


  • The can is comprised of high-quality polyurethane, which is highly durable
  • No need to bend the can in order to dispense the fuel
  • Very easy, simple, and safe to use
  • Adheres to CARB standards
  • It uses innovative technology to reduce spills


  • Quite costly compared to other plastic cans
  • It is difficult to know when you are done refilling the can


SureCan products such as this one are great, even when self-ventilating, which means the pressure inside it is minimal and increases your overall safety. It also incorporates a thumb trigger that releases built-up pressure, and the vapor is also separate from its spout to reduce accidents.

Eagle UI-50-FS gasoline safety can – best for heavy users

This can is among the best options you can get, and is large enough to accommodate a significant quantity of fuel as it measures 5 gallons.


  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and quite easy to use
  • Has a poly yellow funnel, capacity of 5 gallons
  • Adheres to FM and ULC standards, 100% leak tested
  • Red baking on its powder coat finish, while the main body is comprised of galvanized steel
  • Flame arrestor screen
  • Patented comfort grip
  • Fixed handle, spring closing lid, and trigger release

The can is primarily comprised of hot dipped galvanized steel, which increases its rust resistance and durability due to the 24-gauge design. In many ways, this could be the first gas can to embrace deep-drawn technology in manufacturing use.

The coat is made from baked-on powder, which lends it a professional appearance and protects the metal from the elements. It also has plenty of elegance due to the red color, and this also serves to remind you of the dangers of mishandling flammable and explosive materials.

It is also important to mention the lid of the can, as it uses a spring closure mechanism, and also has a neoprene gasket that vents the internal pressure once it reaches 5 PSI. It also includes a pour spout and flame arrester for extra safety. It is not easy to keep carrying a 5-gallon can, but this does not have that issue because its handle has an ergonomic design, as well as its comfort grip trigger.


  • It has a large capacity
  • Meets the strict requirements of both NFPA and OSHA
  • Prevents gas leakages because of the spill-proof funnel
  • It has a no-weld bottom that is very durable


  • The lid has numerous features that make it frustrating to open
  • Might be too heavy for a small-framed person


This gas can is a type 1 safety can, as it meets all the regulatory standards, such as the NFPA Code 30 and OSHA. It can store more flammables as well, since it is ULC and UL listed, and approved by FM.

No-Spill poly 1405 gas can – best in user control

This can is meant to remove all chances of wasteful spillage, which is a problem that is common to the ordinary jerry can.


  • User-friendly design
  • Unique thumb spout button gives extra control
  • Funnel spout measures 7/8 inches
  • 20 mesh stainless steel screen and a dust cover

After some research, we eventually come to know it is among the best products you will find on the market. The main feature is the thumb button on the spout, which gives you greater control – you simply tip the can in a vertical position, insert the spout in the opening of the mower tank, and then press the control button to release the fuel.

The nozzle also stops immediately when you let go of the button, which makes pouring easier for you. You can also purchase the flex spout extension if you want to fill the fuel in hard-to-reach vessels, like your automobile.


  • Greater convenience through the automatic flow stops
  • Stops the chances of wastage
  • Incorporates professional quality construction
  • Knowing refilling times is easy due to the level view strips on the sides


  • Might leak if you handle it poorly
  • Continuously pressing the push button can prove tricky


This No-Spill 1405 can is very easy to use and maintain, and has a high speed during pouring (3 gallons per minute), making it among the most convenient cans. 

Justrite 5-gallon can – our choice

We consider the Justrite can to be a great accessory to get for your lawnmower. Since it comes in a capacity of 5 gallons, you can use it to store enough fuel and reduce the frustration of run-outs of gas.


  • Stainless steel body with a capacity of 5 gallons
  • The flame arrester is comprised of stainless steel as well, preventing flashback ignition
  • Color coding serves to eliminate the chances of accidents
  • It has 2 openings – one for easy filling (this has an ergonomically designed lift lever), and another for targeted pouring
  • Meets the requirements of NFPA and OSHA, as well as TUV, ULC/UV, and FM

Among the special features is the large ID zone, which will allow you to label its contents and avoid misuse. Along with this, you can also get the can in different color coded forms to help you know instantly, in case you want to store different fuels: green (for storing oil), blue (for kerosene), and yellow (for diesel).

The can is very durable and strong, as the material is galvanized steel. It also includes a stainless steel flame arrestor that eliminates any chances of flashback ignition due to its resistance to corrosion.

In addition, the can is versatile enough to store a variety of liquids, without the worry of contamination if you do not want any other gas cans for this purpose. In order to Use it, simply empty and clean the can, then fill the new fuel.

One feature we really like is the ergonomic offset port that also includes a comfort lift lever to make its filling much easier. The safe squeeze trigger also gives you greater control when you dispense the fuel. Other than that, the can includes a self-close lid that improves its efficiency and safety, because it reduces spillage and controls vapor, while the can also has a flexible metallic hose measuring 9 inches by 1 inch to reach smaller openings.


  • Very easy to operate, and comfortable to handle
  • Resistant to leakage and dents
  • The material that makes up the can is lead-free and durable
  • Very high safety levels
  • Has a very effective flame arrestor


  • Its price is relatively higher
  • Its handle might break off when you handle it carelessly


With this metallic can, you will not need to worry too much about your safety, as it meets the strict requirements of the NFPA, OSHA, and other regulations from FM and UL.

No-Spill poly 1415 gas can – best for budget buyers

This might not be the largest can on this list, but it definitely packs quite the punch. Even though its capacity is only 1.25 gallons, and is quite small, it is still a great choice if you want an excellent gas can on a budget.


  • Compliant with EPA and CARB standards
  • Thumb button control to help in accurate pouring
  • The funnel fills smaller equipment, as it measures 7/8 inches
  • An integrated 20-mesh stainless steel screen
  • It keeps your spout clean through its attached dust cover

The build has all the features you would want in the No-Spill line of models. In fact, its most impressive feature is the spout that you can control easily, which removes the chances of overflows and spilling – whether you do it after or before pouring. The unique point here is that the spout nozzle is the only one we see that you can control through the thumb button, which means that you will not need to push the neck of your mower tank filler downwards when filling it.

It also includes a quick-pouring nozzle, which achieves a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute at the highest. Note that this nozzle is detachable, and will stop pouring automatically when you let go of the thumb button. If you want to make pouring easier, you can buy the 6-inch spout extension (which is sold separately).


  • The innovative spout design removes all chances of overflows and spillage
  • You can save time because of the fast pouring rate
  • Greater convenience due to the automatic flow stoppage
  • Very easy to use and lightweight
  • It has safety certifications from ASTM and CARB, among others


  • Its black cap spoils the aesthetic design of the can
  • Challenging for first-time users because of hidden instructions


This can has plenty of advantages, such as a high-quality composition, and is resistant to denting and scratching due to its low permeation.

The gas cans we do not recommend

Midwest 1200 gas can – lacks a no-spill spout, which increases wastage

While this model is good for general use and does not have numerous problems associated with it, we do not like the lack of a no-spill spout. This forces you to buy a funnel separately in order to use it without spillage.

One of the positive aspects is the child safety feature, which helps to keep it steady even if you are experiencing some minor distractions. The price is also quite affordable, as it comes as a pack of 4 to allow for some extra storage.


  • It includes child safety features
  • Affordable


  • Lacks a no-spillage feature
  • Tends to leak frequently, unless you check for fastenings at its bottom
  • Challenging to use especially for beginners


When it comes to this model, you are actually better off spending your money on another gas can. This is because it tends to leak very frequently, as well as lacking a non-spill feature or funnel to protect against wastage.

Do you need to buy a gas can?

Even if you are a mowing enthusiast, the last thing you probably want is having your lawnmower breaking down in the middle of a mowing session because the gas ran out. It is even worse if the area you are mowing is very large, or the nearest gas station is so far away.

This makes the gas can come in handy for these kinds of situations, because it allows you to store any extra fuel for emergency purposes, and there are specific aspects that they have to help them in this task. A gas can should also offer a convenient, reliable and secure way of storing a flammable liquid such as diesel or gasoline away from pets and children.

Types of gas cans

Plastic cans

These cans are comprised of hard plastic, which is usually HDPE (high density polyethylene). This makes them resistant to corrosion and denting, and they also meet all the requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

These cans are some of the most common, as they are durable and very affordable. They are also very easy to use, portable, and lightweight, in addition to handling impact very well. However, their drawback is the lack of biodegradability and non-recyclability, which is a major deal breaker if environmental conservation is a priority for you.

Metal cans

These types of gas cans are usually heavier and more compact compared to the plastic cans, which makes them more costly. Stainless steel comprises most of them, although you will occasionally find other metals in their composition.

Since they are comprised of metal, they are very durable and strong. Even though they are generally heavier, the modern models are relatively lightweight. You can also recycle them unlike the plastic cans, although the disadvantage is the tendency of metal to rust over time – especially if they are not stainless steel.

What you should consider when buying a gas can

The use you want to do with it

A major question to answer is your intended use of the gas can. In other words, are you using the can to store fuel for additional vehicles and equipment, or are you using it solely for the lawn mower?

The answer to this will determine the capacity of the can you will choose. Most cans will have a capacity of 2.5 gallons (minimum) to 5 gallons (maximum). The bigger the capacity, the more you can store, and the heavier the can is.

Other than that, you need to also consider the durability and overall strength of the can. Even though the can is lightweight, it needs to be strong, and ideally have a low profile to allow for easier portability.

Whether you want a metal or plastic can

The gas cans are of two types, as we have described – metal and plastic, and each has its own disadvantages and advantages.

As a general rule, plastic is more affordable, which will work for you if you need a gas can on a budget, and they are also more lightweight. On the other hand, the metallic cans are more durable, although they have lower capacity and tend to be heavier.

The fuels the can will handle

Not all lawnmowers use gasoline, and additional lawn equipment you own might use other types of fuel like diesel. Therefore, it is always important to go for a gas can that allows for storage and movement of different fuels other than gasoline.

Some very good cans only store gasoline, while others can additionally store liquid propane or diesel. With that said, you will need to be careful if your intention is using a single gas can to store a variety of fuels at different times, because mixing fuels can prove dangerous or risk damaging your lawn equipment.

How frequently you will use it

The choice you make will also depend on how frequently you use the can, so it is important to know whether you will use the can occasionally or frequently. If you are only using the can occasionally, you can go for a model of medium capacity, like 2 gallons. If you are a heavy user, then go for a bigger can.

The safety features present

Because you are dealing with flammable liquids, it is very important to ensure your safety – any fumes or spillage will lead to accidental fires. In the instance of using a metallic can, for instance, any heat conditions will create and increase pressure inside the can, which can increase the risk of a deadly explosion occurring.

Always select a gas can that has plenty of safety features that will prevent accidents like these, regardless of whether you are planning to buy a plastic or metallic can. Among these safety aspects are flame arresters, self-closing lid, and pressure relief. Additionally, make sure the can has OSHA certification, as well as fulfilling other regulations regarding disposal, storage, and usage of dangerous materials.

The efficiency of using it

You likely know that gas does not come cheap, and you want to use it as efficiently as possible. Therefore, make sure that the gas can you select does not waste or spill it everywhere. Gasoline is also a very volatile liquid like all other fuels, so you need a can that has a high efficiency rating because you care about the long term expenses of purchasing it.

Check out the trigger mechanism and spout, as these should reduce chances of dribbling and spillage of the fuel as you are pouring it into the lawn mower. The reason why elimination of spillage might not entirely work is due to the design of the spout, although it should reduce wastage when it is properly designed. Ensure that you also check the can’s pouring mechanism, and see whether it is efficient enough for you.

Final thoughts

It is important to invest in the best gas can for your mower, as it will give you sufficient fuel to carry out your lawn maintenance tasks. Hopefully, the 5 best cans we have reviewed will give you a good starting point, as they have plenty of safety and efficiency features.

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